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I worked at Ross for a little over 3 years. I started out as an store associate and then moved up to a higher postion once I finished college. I must say, I will NEVER subject ANYONE to working with this company. They make stupid choices about the way the stores should be ran. Often put the least important things first and throwing the things that matter out the window. Also, the Store Manager at this store location is the BIGGEST PUSH-OVER I HAVE EVER MET! He has no back-bone at all. That's the only bright side to working there, I could walk all over him. When a DM says jumps, not only does he Jump but he ask "How High?" while doing so. He's one of the store managers that thinks he does all of the work and will claim any idea to be his own, even if he had no clue in the first place. The DM's are another story. They take their job way to serious. They are a DM of a DISCOUNT STORE! Not Wal-Mart, Target, or even Baby Gap. They are the lowest of DM's on the totem pole. Better yet, they are the dirt on the ground. The store I worked at, will say the strive for Customer Service, yet as soon as a customer with a problem turns away, the management crew would normally roll their eyes. It's funny to look at the foundtion of this company. I seriously dont see how they have turned into the size it is. When I worked there, I seriously considered going to the doctor and see if I was depressed. I HATED WORKING FOR ROSS! I mean when I say that I will NEVER SUBJECT ANYONE TO WORK/SHOP AT ROSS! I know they may have good deals, but honestly, most of the crap that came into the store I worked at is either normally missing piece's or SOAKED in water, shampoo, body wash, loation, etc. OR, they are sized completely wrong or Highly Irregular. I just can't express my true position on this Company. I HATE THIS COMPANY WITH THE DEEPEST DARKEST PITS IN MY STOMACH. SO PLEASE, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT WORK FOR ROSS! They treat their employee's like trash. They post the new schedule 1-2 days before the beginning of the new week. They can't budget payroll to save their life and often have to result in cutting employee hours, even Full Time Hours even though Full Time is suppose to get a Minimum of 37.5 hours a week. They cheat everyone except store managers out of their rasies. They give you $0.10 and a pat on the back for working, how should I say, like a Slave! They put off all the work on to the hardest working people while other associates get away with falling asleep on Promo Lawn Chairs (This Really Did Happen), sitting down in front of both customers and Management staff. If you want to work for Ross, you should re-think your options. I must say personally, I would rather flip burgers because atleast I would make more than $8.55 an Hour (After 3 years with 2 raises and a promotion) and get more respect. If you have a set schedule you can work you can forget it. All of their paper work is always messed up. They never have ANY idea what they are talking about and their facts are never right. Just do yourself a favor, and be Homeless instead of working for Ross.

Also, just because I know how Ross can be, the above statement is in my own opinion and in no way is affiliated with Ross Dress For Less.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jul 19, 2022 11:41 pm EDT

I have been working for Ross since April and I'm thinking of leaving. The hours are so unstable. I have 9 hrs this week and next. I need at least 15 and was promised that when hired. The timed tasks are impossible and seeing that others are not losing hours while myself and several others are. They continue to hire more and more and don't have the payroll to accommodate that so we lose hours. I love my co workers but seeing the reviews and seeing that the favoritism seems to rum rampant business wide is not good. I feel management doesn't care and we have to get permission to leave (even though our shift has ended).

Feb 08, 2022 3:11 am EST

I basically worked at Ross for 2 days. My first day was computer training and my second day was actually working the cash register. What a joke that was.

The managers lock themselves in a room and watch the cameras constantly or there standing around doing absolutely nothing talking among themselves.

My second day they gave me a headphone set and put me behind the register. They had me doing 10 things at once while the managers are constantly in your ear telling you what your doing wrong. I basically tuned them out lol..

I had 30 minutes left of my shift and that’s when they decided to let me take a 15 min break. I come back and the manager said I can not leave till all the to go backs, hangers and such are put away. An hour later I left! I will not be retuning to Ross! You don’t treat associates like a slave!

I worked as a manger for 7 years at a different company and I worked with the employees not against them.

Jun 13, 2017 7:43 pm EDT

My question is why did y'all work so long for ross? My hubby figured this [censor] out in about 30 days... just sayin

Jul 10, 2015 2:59 am EDT

I agree Ross is terrible to work for. I am currently an SPS and I hate it. I'm supposed to do loss prevention and all I do is greet customers. It's a joke dude, I am looking to leave and get a better job.

Oct 24, 2014 9:45 pm EDT

i could not agree more with your post i also worked at ross for 5 years and it was the worst experience! My store manager was extremly catty and constantly threatened my job. Anytime something went wrong in stockroom she told me as the stockroom lead this is your fault even when an associate didnt show up to work! I also overheard managment in the office gossping about the employees! Needless to say i am happy i made the descision to leave that horrible company

Nov 28, 2012 12:43 am EST

The more I read the more I realize I will probably never see my 7 hours orientation pay., let alone any schedule in Nov or Dec. Employment at Ross is a joke. Why ask for 24/7 availability when the store (East Bay, CA) has no means to pay for extra workers?! Now, it all make sense...why most people on the posted schedule have only 3 days/ week...and why the SM keep dragging the new hiring paperwork.Thanks everyone here on ComplaintsBoard. Otherwise, I will end up with empty hopes and no money by the end of Dec. When I fist heard 8 bucks a hour, I was like "G! This company is cheap!" After learning all the required duties of 4 positions, I was like "Slavery!" Now, I just hope Ross rotting in Hell.

Nov 08, 2012 7:21 am EST

Ross is terrible. I currently am an FES at a new store that just opened. All I can say is HOOOLLYY SHIIITTT! What a misguided crock of ###. Seriously, if you happen to enjoy working under consantly stressful conditions (stressful in the sense that they will have you working the jobs of 3 positions simultaneously in order to save payroll, stressful in the sense that if you don't complete all assignments you WILL be written up and have your job continually threatened, stressful in the sense that schedule changes occur at last minute with no warning or phone call, stressful in the sense that entitled customers will literally curse at you for not having the item in that they want, stressful in the sense that the pecking order is ridiculous they are Taylorized to the core, and finally, the most stressful part is being on a checkstand or any timed position (( YES ROSS TIMES YOU AT WORK)) and their biggest fundamental flaw is the check stands, if a customer is digging for change after you press total, you're getting marked down and you can actually be fired due to SLOW ### customers taking their time) The only ONLY nice thing about working for Ross is you can push them around. Because they deny workers right's to bargain wages and prohibit Unions (which is how they keep this slave system going) you can call in sick as much as you like, you can miss shifts and just claim you mis-read the schedule, just remember this, ROSS will do ANYTHING to not fire you, because then they have to pay unemployment. So they will allow you to miss as much time as you want and will allow it everytime, the only way you can lose this job is if you quit. So, when you are tired of it, and want them to fire you, just continually [censored]tier and [censored]tier work and just ignore management, they will get so angry they will cut your hours to nothing, just continue working, soon the firing will happen and you will have unemployment until you can find a REAL job.

Ross is disgusting, knowing that the total annual overhead for the ENTIRE corporation is just under 500 million, and finding out that they rake in over 6 BILLION annually, toss their CEO and corporate ### hats bonuses of up to 15.5 MILLION dollars a year, yet they pay American workers less money than migrant field workers make under the table. It's ### and hopefully places like this will not exist when my children enter the workforce.

Dec 12, 2016 1:31 am EST

Probably another reason why Ross keeps no shows and deadbeat staff on, and on end takes their sorry cases back. Doesn't help any other associate there. Sad.

Jul 31, 2022 6:33 am EDT

You are 100%! Thank you for posting this.

Jul 23, 2011 1:37 pm EDT

Do you really think if Ross is too spineless to prosecute shoplifters, they're going to get you for talking trash online? Highly unlikely.

Dec 12, 2016 1:29 am EST
Replying to comment of Lysh

lol! Ross has a MAJOR LP problem. One late creepy nite two crazy profane dudes actually ran a pole-free cart fu! of loot out the doors. I didn't know if the law was called but no one ever came. Amazing. Right in front of everyone.

Jun 15, 2011 10:49 pm EDT

Totally agree...only the lowest of low savages shop here. Hope you like shopping for merchandise on the floor.

Jun 11, 2011 9:04 pm EDT

I wish I would have read this beforw I applyed...and before I got the job.


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