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At 12am on Tuesday morning, January 20th. A plow/bobcat was racing around the parking lot. Revving it'...


On 11/19/08, I stop by my local Rite Aid and waited in line about 5 minutes with one cashier in front Named...

bad place 2008

well lets see here 3 years with them and they promised me a high up job lied whole time. cuts hours because of last weeks sales NOT OUR PROBLEMS RITE AID. so 40 hours to 16hours then they cut peoples insurance and vacation time to cut cost. higher prices so no one can bye things. with the jobs being slim I have to stay for now. oh and certain managers call workers stupid and slow and retarted. btw they cut my manager status down because of a error in system and wants to cut my pay because the error with me moving from another Rite aid. do not work here nor shop there its a bad place. also gay music is played which makes you wanna hurt someone you know that 70s screechy music like ehhh ehhh ehhhhhh like come on people what year is it now GROW UP. I hate rite aid and wish it go bankrupt and fast.

  • Am
    amymanda Jun 18, 2010

    I hope rite aid dies in a pile of its own gorge-induced flaming mess of putrid puke. "Harrassment shall not be tolerated?" Yah right. They'll let anyone harrass workers so long as they slam a buck down on the counter in the process. Rite aid is the devil, and CUSTOMERS are his minions.

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  • Fr
    Francis Buck Aug 30, 2010

    They dont' treat their employees well here.

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terrible quality product

After working out @ the gym i went shopping with my 7yr old son, then we stop & got ice cream we then walked over to riteaid to get a product i had paid 4. It was damaged so i was to get another but forgot 2, got home then i remembered i called & was told 2 come back & get my item. While i was shopping @ the riteaid the manager was watching me looking @ me suspiciously i then asked to get my item the manager was unprofessional, rude was talking to the employees in very disrespectful voice tone manner he then kicked me & my son out the store for no reason.

  • Ma
    maureen catalanotto Nov 07, 2008

    I dont know about other Rite Aids but the one on main street in Huntington is a cheap poorly run store. gave me once again the wrong medication. But 99 % of the time, I go to get a re fill on my medications and told they are out and i would have to wait to 3 pm the next day.

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poor customer service / clueless pharmacists

We used to have an Eckerd's. It was clean, organized. The staff was customer-oriented. Service wa...

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they don't know what there doing

This store needs serious help. All there new employees are very unfriendly and a bunch of idiots. This store made a bad decision when they got rid of there old help. They need them back and several people in Colquitt are swithching to the other pharmacy in that town because who wants to shop at a store where all the employees are dumb as a box of rocks.

  • Ki
    kittykitty Sep 10, 2008

    I totally agree with that! They have lost there minds!

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  • Sw
    sweetypie Sep 11, 2008

    I know, Rite Aid in Colquitt is going down fast. I hate the new employees. I agree they need to hire back there old help or either close the store for good.

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  • Me
    megan99 Sep 11, 2008

    I honestly think that Rite Aid is racist. I went in that store the other day and it looks like they fired all there white employees and kept the black ones. I'm not racist, Please don't be offended by my reply, but I think everyone should be treated fairly.

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  • Di
    Dimitrios Kousoulas Sep 12, 2008

    I would like to contact all owners of stores leased by RITE AID.
    The management is totally incompetent and will drive the company to a ditch. The other two companies, CVS and Welgreen, with a comparable number of stores, the same kind of merchandise, the same price range, make ten times more money per year. The top management of RITE AID Is clearly incapable of running the company. From advertisement to store policies, they do an extremely poor job.
    OWNERS we have invested our life savings in those stores. We have a big stake on this, bigger than the shareholders who can sell their shares with just a phone call (and they are doing so in droves.)

    Call me at 301-229-5559, or fax at 301-229-4080, or e-mail at
    [email protected], or write to:
    Dr. D. G. Kousoulas
    6252 Clearwood Road
    Bethesda. Maryland 20817

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  • Ki
    kittykitty Sep 24, 2008

    This store is getting worse and worse. I really dislike all the employees and I've moved all my business elsewhere. The pharmacy never has your prescriptions ready on time and the employees act like there all on drugs.

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rude employees

I will never shop at Rite Aid again. The cashier I believe her name was Stephanie, thats what it said on her name tag. She totally ignored me and was talking on her cell phone behind the counter. When she finally come to ring me up she never put her phone down. She never asked how I was doing or nothing. That store needs to fire her.

  • Sw
    sweetypie Sep 11, 2008

    She donr the same thing to me the other day. What is wrong with that girl and why do they let her get away with it. If Amy was still the manager she wouldn't let her get away with it.

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  • Ki
    kittykitty Sep 11, 2008

    I used to work there and I don't know how she gets away with it. She's had so many complaints and she's still there. They suspended me for a stupid reason and I never had any complaints on me. I guess its just who you are. They are totally unfair! NEVER WORK FOR RITE AID!

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  • Ki
    kittykitty Sep 24, 2008

    Listen everyone they moved her to Donalsonville maybe the next move will be out the door for good.

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a very unpleasant experiance

I've been a loyal customer of Rite Aid, but I had a very unpleasant experience with one of your stores today, which makes me feel offended and insulted.

Today I went to Rite Aid store# 6233, 776 Market Street San Francisco to retune a merchandiser. With no greeting, this lady asked me "why you took so long" in a very unfriendly way. I told her this was purchased on 7/11 and today is 8/2. It's in 30 days and this merchandiser is unused. I was asked why I wanted to return it and I told her I didn't like the flavor. She went to check if this was a rebate item for about 5 minutes and came back confirming it was not. And then she claimed that I wanted to return it because I took the wrong rebate item. She also indicated that I was not being "honest", in a very offensive way. I asked what her name and her work ID but she refused to gave that to me. She also looked at my receipt and read out loud my name to the other 2 cashiers and asked them to "remember my name". So I told her I would like to complain to the store manager and she gave me the "go ahead there's nothing you can do" gesture. On the way out, I asked the security who the manager was and he said that lady was the manager (supervisor).

As a consumer, I have my right to return any merchandiser based on your return policy. I do not mind being questioned but I believe everybody would prefer in a friendly way. Your company claimed Rite Aid is a place where customers are treated with respect and they feel appreciated and welcome. However, I didn't feel respected by being called "not honest" and with my name read out loud. This is very unprofessional.

This lady refused to give me her name and work ID. She was about 5'6"-5'7" tall, mid 40's, Spanish looking.

I'd like to hear what Rite Aid would like to treat their customers with respect. I was insulted and offended today and it definitely affect my future purchasing at Rite Aid.

bad service

Last month I had a prescription filled ($215.99) I take 2 pills 2 times daily (4 pills per day). My prescription is for 30 days so that would be 120 pills.

When I got home there were 40 pills in the bottle, but I did not think I could do anything about it. Today I had my prescription filled again. As soon as i got home I counted the pills and there were 106 pills. I immediately called the pharmacy who said they would count their remaining inventory and call me back. Of course when they called back, they said that their inventory was correct so they would do nothing about it. That meant that I would have to go for sometime without my medication, until the 30 days was up and I could again fill my prescription. I take Focalin 10mg and although there is a generic that my insurance would cover, Rite Aid says that their supplier cannot get the generic, so the $215.99 comes out of my Social Security monthly payment of $749. Please advise other people of Rite Aid's prescription shortage policy.

  • Rx
    RXgurl Dec 18, 2008

    Next time have them count it there at the pharmacy BEFORE you leave. They will probably be busy but with this being a control substance the law is very strict on this. ALso read the quantity dispensed amout on your bottle. Sometimes even though the doc wrote for a 30 day supply your insurance may not cover it. The pharmacy is suppose to notify you of this to give you an option of filling it for whatever the covered amount is or pay out of pocket

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  • Fa
    FamousFarker Sep 14, 2009

    That is almost an impossibility. First off with highly controlled substances like that, the pills are counted twice. Secondly their inventory is kept very up to date. Half of a missing pill or extra pill can get you in an assload of trouble. Thirdly, the description you made is very common for those who abuse control medication or who want extra quantities of the amount. Now I'm not accusing you of being an abuser of drug, but from my knowledge of standard pharmacy procedure, if what you describe is true, then either someone in the pharmacy is stealing from your bottle, or your complaint is a flat out lie. And theft or accusations of theft pertaining to prescriptions drugs can be considered felonious and may involve the DEA as well as your local law enforcement.

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  • Pa
    Pathogen Oct 03, 2009

    The first time your were shorted 80 pills, and said nothing about it because you thought you couldn't do anything about it. The next time your script is short 14 pills, and you bring it to their attention at once. Something in your story sounds wrong. I agree with FamousFarker- this is almost an impossibility with this type of medication.

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  • Re
    RealityCheck4U Oct 27, 2009

    oh look another controlled substance drug user saying they were shorted pills... why am I not surprised.

    Vicodin, Oxycontin, Focalin, Ritalin, Adderall, Acetaminophen with Codeine, Lortab... I can go on and on... people who take these drugs almost ALWAYS SAY THEY WERE SHORTED. Lies!!!

    We double count controlled substances, mostly all pharmacies do.

    Stop trying to get more drugs to feed your addiction!!

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  • 3r
    3ruptureddisk Dec 28, 2009

    Just last week I left my prescription at drive thru to be filled, came back in about 25 minutes and picked up at window. I then drove home got setteled, set down opened my bag infront of my husband and daughter for the first time. They put it in 2 bottles because they had to use 2 different brands to get the 135 quanity it was written for. So I open them and I respond by saying out loud that it did not look like enough pills. So I counted and there was only a total of 102 pills, so each bottle was short. I called cvs and after discussion I drove back, went inside spoke to 2 different people.I was treated very ugly and I left without my proper amount, but its not over because I called the corp. office, the police and I am filing a complaint with the state pharmacy board. I may never get the missing pills owed to me but I will cause the true vilian to be discovered. So before you judge people who have to have pain medicine to work and live a farely normal life you need to walk in our shoes. Infact you people who are so closed minded or judgemental your probably some of the ones stealing our medicines for a profit or a quick high, your just trying to sound like some fine upstanding employee of a drug store or someone in the medical feild. You see anyone can be a thief or addicted to drugs even if they are in charge of dispensing the medicines. 3ruptureddisk

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  • On
    OncoDude Feb 25, 2010

    [email protected] This is David Stanley Monroe a pharmacist with Rite-Aid. Email him your complaint as he has corporate's ear.

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  • Ar
    arenko82 Aug 10, 2010

    While this story seems unlikely, I've known Rite Aid employees to do stupid things like hand out prescriptions like Fentanyl to people who don't have the prescription for them because they were placed in wrong bag. It's happened twice to me. Once I was suppose to be picking up my fathers heart medicine and I was given Fentanyl pills and the next time I was suppose to be picking up my daughters asthma inhaler and they gave me 10 Fentanyl patches. Both times I didn't even get to the front door before turning around and requesting the proper medications. My point is that while the laws are strict on all controlled substances, they cannot fully control the stupidity of employees.

    I should also add that when I return the first mixed up medicine, the Pharmacist looked at me and said, "Oh, we've been looking for that for three hours!"

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presciption errors

Rite Aid used to be Brooks Pharmacy. The pharmacy staff was wonderful, helpful and consistantly professional...

terrible service

I went to Rite Aid today and I was not pleased with Hayley's service she gave to me. I went to school with her so I know her name. She was really rude to me. She didn't greet me when i came in, I asked her a question and she walked away, then I was ready to check out and it took her ten mins. to get to me, she didn't say sorry for taking so long, matter of fact she didn't say anything to me while I was up there. She didn't tell me my total, if I found what I needed, she just stood there like she owned the place. Plus, she didn't say have a good day either. I hate getting rude service. SHE JUST NEEDS TO BE FIRED. SHE IS ALWAYS LIKE THAT EVERY TIME I GO IN THAT STORE. E MAIL NOT!!!

  • Le
    leftfield101010 Jul 20, 2008

    Hmmm... What was your relationship like with her when you were in school? My guess is, not good. And it has carried over. Maybe she has a right to not like you. Maybe you were a bully.

    I know if my ex-wife came into my store, I would tell her to shove off. In fact, it is more common than you think. Figure your life out before you start making personal attacks on others.

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  • Ma
    mamdouheldakhakhny Mar 20, 2009

    Yes, the service is awful.A cashier decided that a man came before me and told me that she was going to serve him firs, despite the fact that it wasn't true.I am not going to go there anymore .

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  • Ki
    kikimags Sep 23, 2010

    Sounds like a personal problem to me.

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don't take your sons into a saginaw, mi rite aid

I used to work at the Rite AID in Saginaw MI. I was fired because the manager thought I was talking to the police about her sleeping with another employee’s 14 year old son. That’s rape here in Michigan. I was turned into Loss Prevention as a thief, but it was the manager and her friends who were doing the stealing and blaming other innocent employee’s. As with our District Manager (Frank M.) and Loss Prevention (Brad S.) they took the managers (Becky) side, and I was fired for cash shortages on my till. Becky and her friend Connie (the mother of the 14yr old boy) did all my checkouts and I didn’t know anything was wrong until they confronted me and fired me. You bet I’m pissed, I will call the police and local news agencies to get the word out to as many people as I can! Don’t take your sons into a Saginaw Mi. Rite Aid!

  • Li
    LivinHard Mar 14, 2009

    Pretty sad isn't it, that Becca didn't get anything for staturoy rape.? At least she no longer works for the company.

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terrible customer service!

I used to work for this Rite Aid, and believe me when I tell you that it was horrible. First of all, I wa...

rx error

On [protected] metronidazole 250 mg tab was prescribed by doctor flanagan, an error was made by rite aid by...

lost prescription

I put in 2 requests at the pharmacy: one was a refill and the other was new prescription. The intake person...