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I was in the store last week I had ask the manager for some help. That's when her cell phone stared blasting music. She answered and started going off. First of all if you are going to have your phone on at work atlaest cut it to vibrate. Second if you are with a costermer do not answer. I mean if it was not for the costermers she would not have a job. I think that if you get a complaint i think you should be wrote up and after 3 you should be gone. I come to a stor e to be treated like someone not to be treated like my business means nothing. Do not forget about mystery shoppers . They are going to be really upset hen i turn your service in .Thank You, Connie Brown

employee mistreatment/slander

So my wife was working for this rite aid for about 5 years. She started as a cashier and after 3 years worked...


Hello, i am an avid rite aid shopper. I purchase almost all of my bath, cleaning, medicine and some food supply there, and i have been for years. I have a wellness card and also decided to take advantage of the weekly coupons i get in the mail. I spent a lot of time reading the catalogue and cutting out coupons. Unfortunately, i ended up wasting a lot of time and expending too much energy and frustration. I shopped and gathered my "sale" items for about an hour and waited on a long line because there weren't enough workers tending to the registers. I got to the register and found that almost all of my supposed "sale" items were actually full priced. The coupons were completely wrong. I still have the receipt to prove it. The catalogue said things like, buy one get one free for certain body washes, kitty litter, rite gaurd deodarant etc. Some items were "2 for $4" such as gillete shaving cream and febreeze. Turns out none of these things were on sale and i had to put everything back. Also, i had my doctor write me a prescription for rite aid instead of walgreens so i could take advantage of the $25 giftcard. Once again, the gift card was only for nj residents over age 65. This was not written in the fine print. I also have that coupon to prove it. I am very frustrated and annoyed that i wasted so much time doing these things and got nothing out of it except frustration. Can someone please explain to me why this happened? Thank you. My email is [protected]

  • Ra
    Randolph ware Oct 03, 2014
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    Verified customer

    I bought a moneypak card for 210$ dollars now the money is not there and i never used it

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  • Mk
    MkStItCh Oct 03, 2014

    I still don't understand why people use these things???

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racist shift supervisor

So I went to several Rite Aids today.. and after two that didn't have what I wanted in stock, finally...

rude pharmacist

Back in May I went through drive through of the local Rite Aid. My daughter was with me. I ordered a...

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horrible cashiers!!

I was verbally assaulted by a Rite Aid cashier on the evening of 08/14/2010 at store # 1430 in Belpre...

don't honor coupons, rude

They're rude and they don't honor their own coupons. Rite Aid has coupons that allow you to TRANSFER a drug prescription to their store from another drug store and get a $25 gift card. However, they don't honor this coupon. They hide behind some excuse or other to not give you the $25 gift card once you transfer the script.

In my case, they claimed that they only gave the gift card if the prescription had been filled before at another drug store. I explained that their coupon doesn't say that; therefore, they should honor what the coupon DOES SAY. Nowhere on the coupon does it say that it is only valid on refills. I explained that once a prescription is only able to be filled at their store, and not the store where the prescription was dropped off, then that prescription has been TRANSFERRED. If they are interested in changing the English language so that "transfer" means "refill, " then they have bigger problems than printing false coupons and pissing off half their customers.

Both the pharmacist and his assistant laughed in my wife's face and snapped at her and me rudely as if we were doing something wrong and not they. When we left in utter disgust, I called the pharmacist and he was a bigger idiot on the phone than he was in person.

I called their customer service department and talked to "Bob" (yeah, right!) and I explained what happened. He reiterated that the company policy was a shift in the English language whereby RiteAid considers "refills" to be "transfers." I explained the tenants of the English language to him, and asked him if he cared that his coupons were stating a bald-faced lie to every RiteAid customer. He flatly stated that he did not care, so I laughed at him and hung up on him.

My recommendation is that every person who reads this email steal from RiteAid every time they walk in the store. I mean, you can change the word "theft" to "purchased, " because RiteAid is in favor of applying the standard definition of one word to another, completely different word. I'm sure they would approve since they do the same thing.

RiteAid doesn't deserve to be business. They hire complete ###s who can't figure out that the blame lays with their own company printing false coupons and not their customers. I say we all work together to shut these idiots down. How do we do this? Tell your stories and the others you've read about. Tell every person you know. Don't visit their stores unless you can do it so that it's a complete loss to their bottom line. In any way you can think of, chip away at their pretense of business power. Do something, and then do something else. Do something tangible every single day to undermine and weaken RiteAid's structure.

  • Fr
    Francis Buck Aug 30, 2010

    You're an idiot for telling people to steal from the stores. Depending on what management is working, these people mainly do only what they are told. If they are told they can't give it to you then they wont. Not everyone who works there is a ###. They are people with a ### job just trying to get through the miserable day where the policies make people like you mad who in turn try to make the worker's day miserable right back. It's not the employee's fault if they were told to deny it. They're just obeying the people who can fire them and make them go broke.

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  • Ki
    kikimags Sep 23, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Are you for real? Everyone knows transferring means taking something FROM somewhere and bringing it TO somewhere else. Grow up. The people were rude to you because you're a pompous ###.

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  • Ph
    pharmer Jan 04, 2011

    That "rule" is to keep people like you from dropping off your rx at Pharmacy A, have them either fill the rx or file it, both taking time out of their day, then you trying to "transfer" an rx that has NEVER been filled! Filled means filled and picked up...quit trying to rip off every pharmacy you shop at.

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short tempered manager

I was in the store today trying to return an Item and the cashier ( which was new) tried paging the manager to no avail. When he did finally come to the counter, he was very abrupt and short with the cashier in front of all the customers. I know it made her feel bad. I was angry for having to wait such a long time. This manager needs to learn how to control his anger and frustration in front of customers. He also needs to learn how to respect his employees and talk to them decently with out snapping at them. This is not the first time I have seen this reaction in regards to the Manager. I do not want to have to deal directly with him again.

rude employees


  • Mo
    montez Nov 30, 2010

    Monday I asked Terry to get me two bundles of ones she said is that all you need, I said yes and she came behind the counter and made me do a no-sale which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place, took out some money and came back with a slew of fives that I did not ask for or need at the time which made my drawer stuffed and sloppy. Awhile later I called Terry for a 'pick-up' only she did the pick-up and took money out of my drawer, I said no I didn't ask for change only a pick-up she ignored and came back with money that I did not ask for. I understand the kill two birds with one stone thing, but would you please ask your shift supervisor's and store managers to listen to what the cashier is asking for to keep our drawer from being over stuffed and raggedy and it is frustrating to tell someone what you want and have them tell you what you are going to get. Stormie M store #00268

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unfair hiring practices

This rite-aid store have been in this location for over 11 years and have only hired 2- african american...

selling expired cards

I live on a campus and my parents bought me a 60 minute card as a present one day. I typed in the code and was disappointed to get a message sent to my phone saying that the code failed and that I had to call customer service. I did so and spent a good while getting transferred from one person to the next, and when I was finally given an answer, I was told that the code wasn't in their systems because the card was actually two years old. The represenitive then told me that I could not get my money back, but had to take the card back to the store I had bought it from (Rite Aid).

Of course, doing so was impossible since I'm stuck on campus and only see my parents on weekends. So sadly they wasted a good 20 bucks buying me minutes. I'm unsure if this is the fault of TracFone sending out expired cards or Rite Aid for not restocking, but either way, be careful about buying TracFone cards! You could end up wasting your cash!

  • Fr
    Francis Buck Aug 30, 2010

    That's true of almost any store. I was two years into my work there before I even knew the cards COULD expire.

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misleading sales

I was recently perusing the endcaps in my local Rite-Aid Pharmacy. This is where the store traditionally put...


Rite-Aid Bakersfield CA
In Dec 2008 around 7PM I was at a recently opened Rite-Aid Location in California and upon exiting the store, stepping from a very brightly lit store into a very dark walk way and parking lot, I tripped over an unmarked curb and fell. First off I was very lucky that I “only” injured my right ankle and my pride, because even after people pointed out to employees that there was someone hurt laying in walkway, Rite-Aid employees huddled in the doorway just gawking. I am in my sixties and they had no idea whether I was having a heart attack, fell or what happened, G-d forbid they should have come outside and checked. Now about 5-7 minutes had gone by, my right ankle was the size of a cantaloupe and throbbing. My friend, inside the store, had finally completed her purchases, saw me and came rushing over, grabbing for her cell phone. About the same time a very sweet couple stopped, as luck would have it she was an ortho nurse, took one look at my ankle and insisted her husband scoop me up off the walkway and they drove me to the hospital. Rite-Aid employees waited till I was in the truck before one of them gingerly approached with clipboard in hand to take down information.
I was appalled by the lack of concern shown by Rite-Aid employees and the time it took to come to the aid of an injured customer. Rite-Aid is a national company surely they must have policies in place and employee training on how to handle accidents and injuries sustained by customers. If that’s it, I am not impressed and it does not say much for Rite-Aid.
As it turned out I did not break my right ankle (which actually would have been better in the long run) but literally shredded the ligaments around the ankle bones. Eventually it required 6 month of physical therapy to get some range of motion back, when you are on your sixties you don’t heal as well and I still have residual effects of the injury. It has altered many aspects of my life, I am no longer able to run, still walk every day but cannot go the distance because my right ankle becomes painfully inflamed. It has certainly has altered the way I approach my yoga training, certain poses have become too painful and I am either not able to do them or have to compensate. Driving has become increasingly difficult and painful.
Now comes the good part: Rite-Aid told my attorney (I think I made a bad choice there, too) they would settle for $4, 500.00 (that is four thousand five hundred dollars), which does not even cover my medical expenses even without the attorney’s cut taken out.
Due to my husband’s long term illness and medical expenses, I had lost my home, car……….everything. I was living in a shelter, going back to school to finish my degree and I had just interviewed for a position as a live-in assistant that could be worked around my classes. Because of this injury I had to withdraw from the position and had to modify my class schedule to accommodate physical therapy sessions. I am about two semesters behind with classes, still stuck in the shelter and Rite-Aid does not even want to pay my medical bills. Yes, Rite-Aid certainly cares about seniors………………… as long as they get your money first you could die outside their store and they will just huddle and watch……….

  • Ki
    KixStar Jun 19, 2010

    Are you not covered under Medicare?

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  • Ki
    kikimags Sep 23, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is awful that you were injured and very unlucky for you. But don't blame the employees of Rite Aid for any of that. First of all, what is an "unmarked" curb? Do we have to put a sign 10' in front of curbs? Does that mean we have to put signs in front of sidewalks, too?? We're getting a little ridiculous here.

    Secondly, when you fell and hurt your ankle, did you stay lying flat on the ground with your eyes closed? Is that why the employees should have thought you might be having a heart attack? I am sure they weren't allowed to touch you. They probably should have yelled something to you and called an ambulance, but then again, Rite Aid only hires people who will accept mimimum wage, so they were probably teenagers who have no idea what to do in that instance.

    Third, I imagine you do have some sort of insurance. If you didn't, you would not be allowed to walk inside a physical therapy center.

    Fourth, you mentioned "due to my husband's long term illness..." you had lost your home. While that's very unfortunate, it has nothing to do with Rite Aid. You shouldn't be suing them for other problems you have. And as my son had PT for a while, I know how accomodating they are with their hours. Surely they could have worked around your work and class schedule so you didn't have to give up your job.

    It sounds like a lot of exaggeration here to get more money.

    p.s. I'm not so sure I believe the walkway and parking lot were "very dark" either. But if they were, that could account for why nobody came out to help you for 5-7 minutes; maybe they didn't see you.

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  • Dr
    drift13b Nov 29, 2011

    I have work a few retail jobs. Employees are not suppose to help hurt people do much of anything. We are not even allowed to break up fist fights in the store because then the store becomes involved in the ordeal. Sorry to hear about your ankle, but the store is not at fault.

    If you want sympathy you shouldn't look at someone who makes minimum wage to do so. They do not want to be there, let alone get involved with some one who may have hurt themselves.

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made me sick

I came in contact with a cashier (name tag Lisa) at Rite Aid on High St. in Somersworth, NH. Lisa wa...

6 comments Somersworth Drug Stores

wants personal info

I have enjoyed shopping at (Thrifty) Rite Aid for almost half a century. If I am unable take advantage of sale prices due to not having a wellness rewards card, I will make all my future drugstore purchases at CVS. They require a card also, however no personal information is required to receive one. I refuse to supply personal information in order to get a sale price. If this is the only way you can avoid bankruptcy, I will sadly be forced to contribute to your demise by ceasing to shop at Rite Aid. Maybe your employees can find jobs at CVS.

  • Fr
    Francis Buck Aug 30, 2010

    Did you know that people have invented machines that can scan your cards when they pass you on the street? Will you just carry cash everywhere you go?

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  • Ad
    ad1983 Jan 02, 2011

    I work at a Rite Aid pharmacy in NC and to let you know when you fill out the forms for the wellness card you don't have to put your phone number or birthday if that is the personal information you are talking about. Just remember if you get the card and we scan it everytime you come in to the store and you didn't put your number on the form we will ask you for your number or if you lose the card we cant find it for you in the system and you will have to get a new card. We can get fired for scanning a card and letting you get a discount without filling out a form. So keep in mind that none of your information is shared. Your birthdate is to let them know you are old enough to have the card. We see that your old enough but corporate cannot. Someone should have explain these things to you. But everyone takes information like this on there forms and be nice to the cashiers when you go into places that have cards to where you have to have it to get the sale price. It wasn't our idea so don't get angry at us. Just passing on some information. Thanks.

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rude customer service from supervisor, and very offensive

today, the 16th of April, I dropped my 6 year old off at school this morning and went to go get some hair products in the Rite Aid by his school, which I go in that store often. At least, once a week.
I had just woken up about a half hour or so beforehand, having to take my son to school, and I have Hodgkin's Lymphoma, so I was feeling too ill to style my hair. I threw on some flip flops and went out the door.
Upon arriving in the store, I noticed every isle I went down, a woman would stand literally 2 feet next to me. So I had a question about a vitamin and asked do they come in 60 rather than 30. Right next to me was a woman doing inventory, which I didn't think this supervisor who was following me was concerned about me, because why would I do anything in front of another Rite Aid employee if I had intentions of wrongdoing.
Then I went to the hair products. The woman followed right behind me, then proceeded to stand about 4, 5 feet away from me as I looked at the hair syling products. I then went to the next isle, more hair products. along, she came. I did not think for one minute that she thought I had intentions of wrongdoing, so I said to her, "If I didn't know better, I'd think you were following me." and then I laughed. Very rudly, she said, "I am allowed to walk around any part of this store I want to and do what I want." I then was so taken back, I said, oh I'm sorry. I was only joking. It then hit me, she thought I was trying to steal. So I wanted to find out for sure. I went to the pet isle, and along she came. I then got very, very offended, having never been in trouble in my life, and never having stolen anything but a pack of gum when I was 5. I said to her I wanted to speak to the supervisor. Well, she was the supervisor. I said you are following me and standing behind me everywhere I go. I have a carry cart, I am putting my items in it. I told her it seems to me you think I have intentions of stealing. She said, "I am allowed anywhere in this store I want." I then got very offended. I told her, listen, I know I may not look too good right now, my hair not being styled, I have Hodgkin's Lymphoma and did not have strength to get dolled up this morning. She then said If I was not happy with her following me, then I could go elsewhere to shop. I showed her that I had 400.00 cash in my wallet in hundred dollar bills and I never stole in my life. I then asked her for the number of the regional supervisor that I could call to speak to and complain about this because I was so, so offended. She said, ok, and gave me the number. I left the store, proceeded to drive home, called the number, and guess what... it was the Rite aid washington twp store, the one I was just at. I drove back and asked her why she would do that to me? That I shouldn't have even been out shopping feeling so ill and she made me drive all the way down the road, call the number, and realize it was her picking up the phone. I then asked please give me the number of who I can make a complaint to and she said there is no one. I was upset. I cried and I left.
I am a court stenographer in Philadelphia. I am a notary public. This was very, very offensive and all the times I've been in that Rite aid store, I have never seen her there. and I mentioned that to her, that the cashiers all new me from being in the store often (I actually was in yesterday, the day before). and I never saw this supervisor in my life.
She was very rude and very offensive and I'd like to make a complaint to someone higher at rite aid, but she said I cannot.

  • Re
    RestlessHeart Apr 16, 2010

    UNLESS you were blatantly accused of shoplifting or some such crime...I dont understand the big hoo haaa? I dont get why you're filing a complaint...what did the clerk or manager do that was wrong?

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  • Ax
    AxiaLady Apr 21, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think the point you made about they know you because you shop there all the time is the thing that speaks the loudest. As a past manager of a retail pharmacy I would only follow the customers that have been thought to shoplift in the past, otherwise I would not waste my time.

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  • Wr
    writerant123 May 16, 2010

    The supervisor at Rite Aid in Washington Township is a nasty evil individual. She hates her life so she tries to make everyone else in the world miserable. Don't take it personally, she treats everyone with contempt and disrespect.

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missing pills from prescription

My father droppped off a Prescription Feb 27, 2010. They gave him 30 pills. He went back for his refill the...

won't honor their own sale policy

Rite Aid won't honor their own sales flyers in New York City. Because some stores in Manhattan are small and don't carry all the sales items, they use a smaller sales flyer for Manhattan. I have no problem with them not honoring their sale price on items that these smaller stores don't stock, but my local store, at least, does stock *some* of the items omitted in the Manhattan flyer, but they won't honor the sales price. Rite Aid phone customer service says they should. The district manager says they should, if I print out the sales from their full east coast flyer. But a succession of store managers have refused to. At first the district manager would make things right and make sure that I was able to buy items on sale at Rite Aid at the sale price. But after managers moved on and new ones again refused to honor Rite Aid's sale prices, the district manager no longer would help me. I assume he thought it was easier to label me a trouble maker than to make sure his managers knew what Rite Aid policy was.

I have never been rude or abusive and have always regarded Rite Aid customer service as my ally when store managers acted against store policy.

Now I find myself getting everyone I speak with in the company to agree that the store manager should sell me sale items at the price presented in the store flyer on the web site, but nobody willing to actually get the store to sell me these items at the right price.

When there is no problem, Rite Aid has great sale prices and many "free after rebate" items. When there is a problem, Rite Aid, at least in my case, is unresponsive, unhelpful, and absolutely frustrating.

  • Ne
    newyorkjerry Apr 02, 2010

    Within hours of me posting here, the district manager called and apologized for not getting back to me sooner. Problem solved, I'm happy to report. Thanks complainsboard!

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  • Ra
    ragon Feb 20, 2012

    Complaintsboard had nothing to do with it dumbass.

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illegal workers


  • Jo
    john shane Mar 25, 2010

    Food Fare‎- more info »
    55 Chobham Road, Ascot, SL5 0DT‎

    illegal workers on this premises...

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  • Sa
    Sam paul Apr 03, 2010

    This is true that alot of people do not have legal residence card but they are working in RITE AID. It should be ruled that every employee has to be legal papers. Many illegal people are hiered by Rite Aid. this unfair for the legal people they do not get job. Authority should check about illegal matters and need to maintain legally job rules. They don't hire legal people. I think this company may be illegal, that's why they do illegal behaved.

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  • Mo
    morlock Mar 19, 2011

    Funny how the two of you who are complaining about non-English-speaking illegal immigrants are both unable to write coherently.

    Also, how do you know these people are illegal immigrants? Did you ask to see their papers? Are you from the INS? I think you're just upset because Rite Aid hires brown people, and that conflicts with your twisted racist worldview. You say that these people aren't Americans - again, how do you know? Is it because they aren't white?

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2 rude pharmacists, and a 3rd more pleasant

On January 25th at approx 4 p.m. in the Rite-Aid store on Pitman Street in Providence RI, I experienced an unpleasant situation with two of your pharmacists. It was a dreadful day of almost monsoon conditions, and I had a prescription for Lipitor that I was picking up.

A young black female pharmacist got the prescription for me and asked for $45. I had a new Lipitor discount card from my doctor and she pointed out to me that it required that I had to call it in to register it. I went out to my car to use my cellphone and learned that the new card was not necessary, that my 2009 discount (which they've had on record since last year) was still in tact, and that they had been extended to 2011.

When I returned with this information, this woman avoided me, but a very sweet young woman took care of it and told me I was still on record for the discount. (I did not need the new card I'd picked up, at this point). This latter woman told me the co-pay was $30. The black woman had asked for $45 earlier.

As I stood waiting for the latter woman's research, a riled customer came up to another window and complained someone had rolled her eyes at her and she wanted to bypass her. I looked around, saw nobody else, and assumed she was talking about me. When she walked away, I asked the black woman pharmacist had the woman been referring to me, because if she was, I was going apologize if I'd given her that impression. The pharmacist sarcastically assured me that it was not me she had been talking about.

What my annoyance with this is that another pharmacist sitting at the end of the area asked the black woman what I had said, and she scowled as the black woman turned her back to me and muttered something critical.

Call me paranoid, but the whole situation struck me as very unprofessional and catty. Ordinarily, I don't give credence to such behavior, but this is about the fourth time I have experienced rudeness from your employees in this store. I do about $4, 000 worth of business a year in the store, and I am offended by the lack of respect for the customers. I also have been charged full price for advertised on-sale items at least a half dozen times. When this was Brooks Pharmacy, it was run more efficiently and the quality of personnel was much more superior.

I am fed up with their treatment of customers and will be taking my business elsewhere.

  • Ak
    aksme Mar 17, 2010

    I totally agree with you and you should transfer all your prescriptions to either walgreens or CVS as Rite Aid might a history in near future

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  • Je
    jenne r doe Feb 12, 2012

    yes i do agree with the comments coz i m been facing this situation like more than that coustomer coz its the only drug store near my house bt i hate being direspected now

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