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Date: 3&4 May 2018
Complaint to : RHB KLCC Branch Manager: Ms. Rimawati Abdul Rahman

I visited RHB KLCC Branch on 3 May 2018 to ask about oversea huge amount (1 million) fund transfer concern. I showed my intention to the consultant and got a queue number, I also asked whether they can find a staff to serve me by using Chinese due to lack of speaking English. I waited for around 10-15 mins, and one local Malay lady staff saw me and tried to ask me some questions, after she knew my concern, she reported to her branch manager - Ms. Rimawati and asked me to directly talk with her. Then I went into her office and told my case, Ms. Rimawati was very excited and said they can receive this money, but for my part, how to transfer money out from my country, she just said it is my problem need to settle it myself, then she became to promote their saving plans to me.

Actually, it is my first time to make oversea fund transfer with huge amount, so i have no idea with the process and requirements, that's why I came and consulted with professional bankers. As my request, they found a staff that able to speak Chinese to translate for me after so that I can ask some details of process and requirements, but the staff was very lazy without any spirit, and at that time I could feel Ms. Rimawati's impatience, so i didn't continually consult and left.

After I left I tried to contact with the bank in my country, and then i called her in her working hours and wanted to ask some question by the number showing in her name card she passed to me earlier. She didn't answer the call, then i tried to send message to her, also no reply.

For better understanding, I asked one of my friend to go together with me to RHB KLCC Branch on 4 May 2018. We told the consultant we would like to see Branch Manager - Ms. Rimawati about oversea fund transfer concern, and the consultant said she was in her office and we can meet her there by the moment. Then we walked in front of her office, but saw her was talking in phone, so that we just stood outside and waited, she went out of her office when she saw us, and without any greet. We thought she maybe was busy, so we just left and decided to visit later. And after around 30 mins, we came back and saw her seemed free, so we knocked the door and got her permission to enter her office. When I showed my purpose - ask one more question for oversea fund transfer, she immediately showed a very impatient look, and said: I had explained clearly to you yesterday. It is your part problem, not us...If you want to talk to me you have to make appointment. I was shocked by her words, and when I tried to say something, she just interrupted me by raising her volume and said a lot to me with complaining. The most annoying thing was that she said that if I don't understand the bank's transfer process, i can go back home to google it first myself.

Due to she couldn't control her emotions and kept on yelling to us, we decided to leave, when we went out her office, we saw all bank staffs and customers standed up and looked to us, we felt that our dignity has been seriously hurt.

I am utterly disappointed with RHB as so far I have not encounter with such issues before and this is the very first time I encounter such a rude and impolite "customer service officer". To be honest, I don't think she suits for the designation as her attitude and way she reply her customer has totally compromise what a "customer service officer" should offer to their client.


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