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RHB Bank - asb loans - increase monthly installments without informing me in writing and improperly.

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Date: 9.4.2018 and 13.4.2018, respectively.
Contact Number: +[protected]
Description: Please be informed that I have subscribed to ASB loan with RHB Bank Berhad in December 2017. (a copy of offer letter can't be attached here as pdf).

According to the letter of offer given, my monthly payment is RM269.00, I have paid according to the stipulated monthly until March 2018.

Later, I received a call from RHB Bank Berhad several times for me to pay the outstanding of RM6.00 because the monthly installment changes have increased at the request of the National Bank to all Banks.

Unfortunately, I disagree with the increased installment value due to: -

1) I do not receive any notice/letter/email regarding this monthly installment, this is informally and I can not pay with the prescribed amount by the Bank without my knowledge;

2) I have experienced making ASB loans with other banks for many years without problems. Therefore, I have asked other bank advice on this matter, I was told even though the National Bank had raised BR but the bank did not raise the monthly installment, it remained as agreed in the market schedule during the ASB's recruitment;

3) Please note that before I decided to make an ASB loan with RHB due to RHB officers had been present at our office to promote the schedule during the monthly payment and I was attracted to the promotion of the current month and according to my ability. With this increase, it is beyond my ability and I consider it a persecution against me because it is not emphasized that monthly installments can be changed by the bank although it may be written in the letter of offer as told by RHB. Additionally, your RHB officer who was present to our office requested us (I and my officemate) to sign up immediately without us reading in full. I signed because I am trust of this subscribe due to I have experience with more than 5 years with other banks and this is unexpected;

4) My friend also took RHB loan with me, but she did not receive any problems like me. It found that the RHB bank system was not systematic and unfair to me who always received call interruption due to the outstanding that not from me, I'm paying like what I'm offered;

4) Through telephone conversations between me and the RHB who frequently contacted me to collect the outstanding loan, I have complained about this but they only advise me to contact RHB's customer service hotline. However, I have tried several times to call on the line but it's difficult to reachable. This makes inconvenience caused because I don't have time to attend this matter every day.

In addition, I have received a message from the bank to pay another RM10.00 for a penalty late which I am paying on time, the penalty charge because of your increment that without formally informed.

Resolution: Hence, I would like to request you to look into my case and help me the following resolve way at the earliest and oblige.

a) Set the installment monthly same as mentioned in the offer letter I signed; or

b) Please cancel this ASB loan without any penalties as I also have the right as a customer who is unable to pay according to your lack of customer service.

Your immediate attention is greatly appreciated.

Please contact me at [protected] or +[protected].

Thank you.

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