Rent A Center. Store # 04050bed set... or lack there of

R Oct 16, 2018

I called the store today to ask about the bed I order two weeks ago. (The time they said it would take to get in) It was a new girl girl (2months new) who said she needed to call someone and would call me back. 2pm rolls around still no phone call, so I call again. Megan told me the new girl was on the phone with them right now and she would call me back in 5 mins with info regardless if the new girl was off the phone yet or not. It is now 515 and I called them back. A Male answered the phone and asked what I was calling about and I told him I ordered a bed and was trying to figure out when it would be in. He laughed. Then put megan back on the phone. She told me she instructed the new girl to call me because she was going to lunch. But no one ever did. They have no info on my bed. Not where it is, how long, just that its enroute. And could not give me any info because the place was already closed. Was it closed at 1115 when I called? Was it closed at 2pm when I called? The lack of communication between employees and employees is terrible and the lack of communication between a buisness and costumers is appalling. I was hesitant to even use Rent a Center because I have heard rumors. But the bed I order is amazing and I really want it still. I even paid in full a extra night stand. I would still like to have the things I have already paid for. But I dont know who what where when why... I dont know nothing and between the extra night stand, bed set that comes with a night stand dresser and mirror, and the mattress I had to prepay almost 500 just for them to even order it. I'm extremely disappointed and if they cant get me any info on my bed I will have to ask for money back. And I really dont want to. I'm in love with the set I order I just dont see the store actually getting it to me.

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