Rent-A-Centercustomer service

A Aug 04, 2018

This is most definitely not a company that I will ever recommend anyone to. This has been the absolute worst experience, at any given moment a person's life situation can change, literally at the blink of an eye. This company makes bad times 10x's worse, I've offered payments numerous times and have gotten the run around. One guy calls, I explain to him when I get paid and that I will have a payment then, that guy says OK. The next guy calls...the next day mind you... Nowhere near my payday and then when I tell him I already made arrangements with the other guy he tell me I can't make a payment... I've done alot of reading about this company and I now know that I was suppose to pick my payment schedule, not the salesmen. I also know that I never even received the the items that I put money down on... Again y'all took it upon yourselves to break my merchandise and replace it with items you picked out yourselves and then never talk to me about it not have me sign anything. Yet I'm being treated like I've done something wrong... I've threatened with theft charges, I didn't steal anything! I've tried to pay you people even though I didn't receive the items I wanted. Yet im still being treated as a criminal. I just spoke with someone in person and again... Not 30 minutes later my phone is ringing...this is literally insane! I'm sick of being threatened and harassed! Y'all get your money from me nomatter what... Y'all really need to change how you do business and most definitely the way you treat your customers.

  • Updated by Angelnacole88 · Aug 06, 2018

    Y'all have now cost me my [censored]ing job! They said your constant harrassent at my work place was an inconvenience and was a distraction! DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN! LEAVE ME ALONE!

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