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my brother had recently been released from state prison, so when he came out he stayed with my mother in law to help him get back on his feet. He finally got a job, wanted to purchase a T.V. but he did not have credit nor the full amount so he decided to go with RAC. He did not have stability at my mother in laws address nor any mail under his name with my mother in laws address. So RAC advise him to tell my MIL to come in to sign a form that will verify he lives there. He moved out after receiving the merchandise and has defaulted on the contract. Will my MIL is getting calls from RAC advising her she signed the contract and is responsible for the merchandise, my mil has explained to RAC that the RAC employee advise her it was just to verify the her son lived there at her current address. These so called professional are constanly harassing her and telling her they are going to file charges and what not. I tried to speak with them to let them know RAC employee would not listen and he said what he had to say and hung. RAC employees call from a private #. HELP


  • So
    someguy Apr 15, 2009

    Its your MIL's fault for letting him leave with the TV or even allowing him to get it in the first place. Good'll need it.

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  • Go
    GoOrioles Apr 15, 2009

    before she can even begin to fight back (if necessary), you need to see whatever paper it is that your MIL signed.
    Is it some kind of co-signer agreement? If it is, she should be prepared to pay up.

    Maybe co-signing for an ex-con isn't the smartest move she could have made. But that doesn't mean Rent-A-Center should be the one to take the loss..

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  • So
    sonny Jun 14, 2009

    your mother in law signed the agreement. she is just as financially liable as he is. the only difference is that he has the tv and she doesnt. go orioles is right on wasnt the smartest move she could make

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