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So my husband and i went to rent a center, only because we had bought my fathers house and had it fully furnished with our furniture, and rented it out and the women who was living there we were evicting, so she stole all of our furniture, but thats another story, so anyway we go to rent a center, get our household items and think that everything is fine, we go in every saturday to make the payment, then saturdays were not working for us so we pay the extra to switch it to Mondays, well we were 3 days late on te payment rent a center had called us on all 3 phones 8 times on each, we are at work it is not neccesarry to call anyone that much, so then we atart getting calls from the people that are are refferences, there calling them now, again and again and again, so we let them know that we would not be available to come down there till the weekend as we had to leave the state for an emergency, as we left our children at home with a babysitter, GUESS WHO SHOWS UP ... RENT A CENTER. Funny after we told them that we were not avail any way the baby sitter answers the door and they say that they nbeed to come in the house right now to remove our items, she said what no you are not, he then proceeds to try to push her out of the way and enter our home, WHAT???????? she says that we are not home and they are not allowed to come in, the rent a center employee then starts peeking in the windows and asking who was sitting on the couch and questioning the baby sitter, so she calls me and i tell her to shut and lock the door and call the police, i call rent a center and tell them that they are doing illegal things and they are no longer allowed to come to my house they said thats fine we will just take this to court you have 2 options were coming now to pick up the stuff or we will see you in court i said fine take me to court, so in the mean time the police go to my house to the frightened baby sitter and say that what they are doing is very illegal and let them know that, i call rent a center again and want to give them my credit card number and he said no we will not except anymore payments from you, i just hung up, then the next day they are banging on my door again and calliong again with a proposal to solve the problem, since then they call every day 18 times a day and stop by all the time i refuse to talk to them and to open the door sometimes it is me and just 2 small children at home and i am afraid that they are just going to enter, every time that they come they see if the door is unlocked and one time they even went to the back door, im am afraid as my husband works noghts and the scarier thing is is that they park down the street so you dont know that they are there. WTF??????? so 3 days ago we got served with a small claims action against us, now since being served why the hell are they calling 29 times a day and stopping by. I am going to let the judge know that this is pure and total harrassment, we have now made 3 reports with the police. Is this ok, or has this happened to you???? Please let me know...
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  • An
    Angela Haynoski Feb 02, 2018

    My name is Angela H. And I was looking to right a review about Rent A Center but instead I found this page. And for as much negativity that i see i believe this to be a perfect spot for some positive remarks. I have used the serves at Rent A center in Bradford, Pa for a little over ten years on and off. And as far as service goes it has always been one of the best experiences I have had in a service industry. As anyone I have had several hard times come and go causing financial difficulty where stuff would need to be repossessed but they were always so helpful and caring in making arrangements so as to be able to restore me with there products. Being a single mother with no vehicle they will always pick my payment up for me. And today 2-2-18 Johnny A even took the time to look at and fix the problem with my washer. I have bought several couches, a fridge, and my washed dryers and tvs through them. The prices are always fair and the service remarkable. As with any appliance especially used I have had my share of breakdowns and need to be fixed. And have never had to wait long for maintance or repairs. I love this company because of these employees.

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  • Li
    Lindsy Jan 07, 2009

    Someone has to get a handle on Rent a Center. I rented a couch set from Rent a Center and my sister rented a computer, I was current and on time with my payments, the first time they showed up at my door and told me I had to pay the rest of my sisters account or they were going to take it out of my payment and make me late on MY account. At the time I didn't understand how RAC worked so I went ahead and paid off her computer and kept my account current. Just recently I fell behind on my weekly payments, the first time i fell behind I was two days late when the RAC manager called my job seven times when I couldn't get on the phone with them, I had 11 missed calls on my cell phone from RAC, when my cell phone wasn't answered they came to my second job looking for me. After doing all of that to get a hold of me I was intimidated to go back to pay my bill so I sent a friend to pay it for me.

    I have been late on my payments and am currently late, but not because I don't have the money to pay but because each time they have come to my house (every day) they bully, harass, and threaten, my 16 year old son, my roommate my sons friends and anyone else who opens the front door. When they show up at my house I hide in my room, I need to make my payment but I am scared to go the RAC store. There has got to be a law against a company coming to your place of employment and calling you 50 times a day where you work, I don't know what to do next.

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  • Ne
    never again Mar 13, 2011

    Guess I was just lucky. I never had any problems with RAC, except for as I was getting close to paying off the items in less than 90 days, they tried to talk me into buying more stuff that I didn't need. I paid off my stuff the day before my 90 days was up, and Im glad that I did cause otherwise I would have paid 4 times the price. Oh, and I inspected ALL the cracks and crevices with a strong flashlight to avoid bedbugs, and all you folks out there would be wise to do the same.

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  • Sa
    sammey621 May 26, 2011

    We went on 5/21 to check out the deal of the rent a center. We waited b/c they were busy making phone calls to remind people their payments were due or answering phone calls of customers returning calls that their bill was due. Finally one guy helped us but he seemed a little uncertain of the information we wanted. Finally after an hr and half we were signing paperwork for a bedroom set and mattress. He stated the delievery date would be 5/26 between 1 and 5 pm. well its 6:40p and no delievery. Not even a curtousy call to say they would be late. I called at 5p and some nasty guy answered and stated with an attitude they will be there shortly and hung up on me. 6:30p my husband called and wanted to speak with a manager and he could not give us an answer but after 10 minutes on hold said within a half hour. Understandably this is a business for those who really can't afford to go to regular places and pay out right but no one has to be treated this way. My husband took off for what? I will never use this company again and will tell everyone. UNPROFESSIONAL, RUDE AND JUST PLAIN STUPID...

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  • Ja
    James Hawk Feb 11, 2009

    To try to get those without credit to "rent to own" and use the current economic situation as a reason to do so, is the most irresponsible advertising I have ever seen. I am disgusted with this company! Do not do it! Do not do it. If you do not have the money or credit to make purchases through normal channels (cash, bank loans, credit cards) you will only make your situation worse by overextending yourself further. This is absolutely crazy! There is a clearly defined line between wants and needs. Be sure that you are only covering your NEEDS during this time.

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  • An
    Angeleyerosie99 Feb 01, 2011

    Well to the "proud RAC" worker maybe u should instill your workmanship on over to the employees in Sacramento. I rented a tv last Fri, didn't recieve it till the next Thurs 3 1/2hrs later than promised time. The delivery guys forgot the bolts or something, said first thing the next am he'll hook it up. I called them at noon, said it won't be till 1pm...waited and waited. Called a few times, nothing but it is 10:30pm and no fricken tv for me n my family to watch!! They want me to be ontime with my payments, maybe they should be ontime with their 100% satisfaction guarantee promise! Fricken Troy Aikmen said it himself LMAO...

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  • Ld
    L.D.Mitchell Jan 19, 2009

    I contacted Rent-A-Center located in Watertown, New York on November 1, 2008 regarding a replacement for a leather dinning room bench chair that was still under warranty as. Please note that i have made all payments monthly totaling $234.00 and they didn't even have the decency to contact me regarding the status of the replacement for a two month period. I had to call them in order to receive updated information. Today i am frustrated and bothered beyond belief. Today is January 19, 2009 and i just received the wrong item, so now they expect me to continue making payments as well as wait another two months for the right replacement. I am so serious, this place must be crazy as hell if they think i will EVER do business with them ever again after this. I also will not make another payment until services are rendered and i dare them to come to my house and think they are going to remove anything from my house since i have invested too much in this purchase.

    I also have contacted Corporate Office in regards to this matter, so i am expecting a call back from them.

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  • St
    Strike74 Apr 13, 2011

    I went to rentacenter to purchase a new bedroom set..made my initial payment...on the day that they were supposed to deliver...they called and said that the set would not fit my bed(i asked this b4 signing up)...then I chose another set and when it arrived it was used...the old used set is just 3 bucks cheaper than the new one...why cause they are scam artists...i tried to get my prices adjusted, but they were rude and told me that they would be happy to come get money back...PISSED

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  • Valerie Jul 18, 2008

    I have been doing business for a few years at rac in Princeton West Virginia. Had always had friendly and helpful employees in this store until the last couple of years. Especially the manager the new lady manager has been very rude since day one that she transferred here.

    Arguing with customers about what they want and being very untruthful if had any problems with items she would not even try to help.

    As I said before had been a very good customer in past had purchased most of my major appliances from rac never late on payments and did a lot of referring. But since have had so much unpleasantness will not buy anything else here again, and will also never referrer another person to them.

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  • Ch
    Charles Jun 13, 2016

    On several occasions RentaCenter called third parties and volunteered information about the contract that is current and the status of the monetary value of the contract. They have gone as far as to contact employers about the collections of a contract that is not past due. This is a direct violation of the Federal Trade Commisions Fair Dept and Credit Reporting Act.

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  • An
    angelique fratanduono Jun 03, 2016


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  • Lo
    Lottie Brand Talley Oct 27, 2008

    I entered the Roxboro store on Sept 11, 2008 I saw the suit and said I wanted it, but didn"t put any money on it cause I knew I couldn't get the suit until the next month, cause I had to get rid of mines.OK the agreement was drawn up I received the suit on the 3rd of october I was given a months free because I've bought so much stuff from the Roxboro store. and is always on time. OK so oneday the week of the 23rd of oct. I recieved the first phone call that my bill was late, and again this morning the 27th of oct. and as I tried to explain I was given a months free and that my bill shouldn't be due until the 3rd of Nov. As in the pass I've had no problems in the paying my bill. But if I was given a months free than if I received my suit on Oct3rd than a month fron Oct 3rd is Nov 3rd but please excuse me if Iam wrong on this I just want this to be straighten out. I don't wanna walk in this store with a lotta tension facing me . Thanks Please fix this.

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  • St
    Starfinder Nov 19, 2009

    It began when they delivered the wrong stuff And its been a nightmare! since. no customer satisfaction from this company! gave me a burrow with three legs! put it in the corner. they dont tell you about the one sided mattresses! that cost you a fortune. oh the hidden late fee which isnt on the balance its per item!and the its outta my control attitude when it comes to customer service. im really busy an ive had enough! I just paid three payments and found out it went too sum phantom bill! WHAT!!! An now they dont know who processed my payment!!! and now the threats!

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  • Br
    Brutally Honest 1 Jan 11, 2013

    To keep a long 50 complaints short I'll tell you briefly why I will never ever refer them nor use them again.Especially this location.
    1.)My family member had been paying on a laptop an thought at first they were nice so me being on the market for one, I went there to get one for my son.I paid extra for insurance coverage on it.About halfway through paying the screen smashed when it was dropped.I was just going to take it to a repair shop but figured it would be best to check with the store if I need to take it to them to get repaired.Well, as soon as I said to the associate who answered the phone that the screen smashed he yelled at me that he best get his money .Lol, I couldn't believe how either slow or just plain trashy his attitude was.

    2.)They will call you like they are deranged even if you already spoke to an associate that day and let them know you will be in to pay.

    3.)My family member's laptop had 8 more payments because his was a better name and mine had 2 left.Well, I went in to pay it off and mine had 8 payments left and my family member's was paid off.So I don't know if they were entering payments wrong or prison didn't prepare the associates with enough basic skills.I tried to tell them it was a mistake and so did my relative and to both of our surprise they said, "no way that could have happened."

    4.)THIS IS THE ULTIMATE REASON RIGHT HERE TO NEVER GO THERE!!! My boyfriend/reference will usually stop there to make my payment because it saves me a trip because he works right next to them.I had a change in income so I asked an associate to change me from weekly to bi weekly and of course he told me no and to pay late fees each every day from the weekly payment date to the date I get paid they call daily like they have a case of amnesia and forgot I explained that I will have to be late because they refuse to change my payments.Well, one day they actually went to my boyfriends place of employment to collect payment off of him.HIS NAME IS NOT EVEN ON THE ACCOUNT!!!They knew where he worked from him stopping in for me at times because of his work shirt.His employer called paged him to the front for these ###s!!!He told them to never, ever come to his job.So beware they will show up at a references job or home and embarrass the ### out of you both. Hey, maybe they will even get someone fired or written up that has absolutely no responsibility for the account or payments.

    5.)I was told my Tv was brand new (2012 model) it was paid off there and broke so I looked up the model sn to ask the manufacturer questions and found out it was a model from 2009.So I know for a fact they lie right to your face, I get it they overcharge for garbage because they must figure you are a stupid ### that can't go anywhere else.Whatever, but why lie???Just wrong period.


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  • It
    itsthepitts Sep 05, 2014

    People listen up... they can have you arrested for theft of property so says my local police department(which are a bunch of nut jobs). They can harass you as they are not a debt collector(cannot call and leave message more than once per day) meaning they can call u a million trillion times a day. They can use the path to walk to your door and knock on your door. However, they cannot snoop around your yard or look in your windows or push their way in. That is stalking and trespassing so feel free to have these POS's arrested and as soon as you see them off your property when they start getting out of the truck, may I suggest video taping off your phone. I always paid mine and paid it the 90 days same as cash and would still get numerous phone calls because they didn't make their quota to try to get me to rent to own more crap. When I do rent it's on my terms and I wont rent from the jackasses in my own. I have the next town over deliver to my mother in laws in that town and then call them and tell them I moved so they don't bother her... not that I would be late on my payment. So the word of advice is make sure u can pay for what u want or don't get it. You do get a decent break when u pay it off in 90 days and do make sure you request a new never used merchandise. Why pay for old if the new price the same anyway. If you think you will fall behind... return it!

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  • Le
    lenora barnes Mar 08, 2014

    me and my sister been with company for more than twenty years for me they dont never have stuff to rent at at reasonable rate iam on a set income then on top of that they never offer me nothing free my sister having problem with them fixing stuff i think its unfair to us because we pay our bill on time anthey treat us this way

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  • Do
    Domascos Sep 28, 2009

    I entered into a contract for the television with terms 90 days. I understood that I was given two weeks free and was to receive a gift certificate toward another television. Note that I have not received the gift certificate.

    My records show that while I’ve been late on some payments, I’ve paid 90 days. One of the representatives now informs me that I have an additional 90 days because of the late payments and my choices are either to make the payments, return the television, or there will be a warrant out for my arrest.

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  • Valerie Jun 13, 2016

    I have rented from rent a cent, for more than a year now, I make my payments before they are do, If you rent from rent a center it is because you don"t have the money to by it cash just like me bad credit and no money yes we by at your own risk but you have no other options so if you can't pay for it call them to pick it up stop b*ll sh**** about it and if you don't than don't complain about them hunting you down. That's there job.

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  • Bl
    Bluebonbon Oct 11, 2010

    I know, I know, spending money renting things from rentacenter is expensive but for many years I choose to deal with them. Yes, I did use the 90 day same as cash pay off for several items. I did go past the 90 days on other items but I was dealing with a very sick hubby and only working part-time so it was the easy thing for me, at that time.

    Fast forward to this past spring. I finally paid off everything, owned it all. And thought, ok, end of the endless phone calls, and other annoying habits of rentacenter employees. Then my computer went on the blink and I went back to rentacenter to get another one. Ok, then I added a digal video camera, and was 2 days from finishing paying it off. Yes, I know, but the new manager is just an a hole and insulted me. I "should be able to make a 2 week payment". I can pay once a week, but they insist that thee only good day to bring in my payment is Sat. which is my busiest work day. The one day they close early. So since I didn't have the money to pay for two weeks I gave everything back. Oh, I had my weekly payment, and I will admit it was late, but hey, I work long hours and their customer service phone attitude can really rub me the wrong way. I will be on the phone explaining why I can't come in (i am at work, and can't leave until after they are closed) and as soon as I hang up, a different employee will call, demanding to know when I am coming in! Didn't I just speak to someone who is in the SAME building as you, at the next desk, don't they share the same data base. That is why, they can't figure out how to tell the other person working there, that they just spoke to you and so the next one calls, and then the next one calls, and with each call, I am getting more and more annoyed. Nope, save your money, buy it used, or go without, but don't, I repeat, don't rent it at rentacenter. The whole corp. attitude is their customer, me, you, are all a bunch of lazy no gooders who can't do any better then to rent from them and should be treated like thugs or thiefs if we are a day or two late. Oh, and I really do wonder if they actually pay the state all that resale "tax" they charge each and every week. How much to they put in their pockets?

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  • Bu
    Bubbasister Mar 03, 2011

    Went to RAC for two items. I was in an auto accident and waiting for settlement monies. I made the payments on time. Never late...called in October 2010 and asked for the payoff. Was told $900. I asked is this the total exactly? Yes. I again asked if I made my $50 payment I would subtract and owe them $850. Yes. I was talking to the store manager. So I called on December 23, 2010 and was told the payoff was $400. Again, confirmed by the store manager. I then again asked to make my $50 payment I would owe $350.

    So, January 3rd I called and said I want to pay off the $350 I owe. Oh, I was told, the new store manager is here. So he comes on the phone and tells me the old store manager was wrong and I owe $800! I said no, I was told a week ago, I owed $350. Sorry I was told pay the $800 or they would come and get the merchandise. I also asked for an itemized breakdown and was denied a statement of my account.

    So, I paid it off. Plan to file with the SC Attorney General. Rent a Center is a scam!!

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  • Ni
    Niagaraguy Apr 26, 2013

    They are the same all over. It must be the way they do business. Getting rich off the poor or non wealthy and having fun harassing you during your contract. Not a fun way to buy or have furniture. They receive 3 to 4 times the value of the furniture by the time you pay for the furniture or they manage to get it back after you get fed up with their poor service harassment and just stat making money on your item all over again. what a scam

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  • Ed
    edie-neptune Jan 22, 2013

    Like Hell try Aaron's they are just as bad or not worse then them. Don't do it better try layaway!

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  • Ja
    Jana W. Jan 16, 2013

    Hi – I work at RAC and I regret to hear about the issues you’ve had at RAC. We’d really like to talk to you more about this and try to fix this. If you’d please give us a call at 1-800-422-8186, we can chat with you more to see how we can best help. Thanks.

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  • Ik
    ikeea Dec 18, 2012

    They can call and come by your home but its a small claims issue so don't worry about it plus its insured any way so they will get there money any who but you just won't be able to rent any thing from them again.

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  • Ni
    nilima sultana Aug 11, 2012

    i went rent a car in castle hill Bronx..i went there look for coffee table.and i was found one i told one of employee that i want to buy this coffee table .he said okay .coffee table was on sale $ i was ready to pay for coffee table.suddenly one employee come and she said i cant get this coffee table for $59.99. sale was three tables one is big and two one was she said that i just can buy one big and on small for $59.99.then i was agree with her that i gonna buy two..when i went to the counter she said i cant buy two for $59.99.i have to buy three about $95.00...after that i was get mad ..she was playing games with i doubt something going wrong over there.and she told the other guy that if i buy it take cash from me..Bcoz those table out of inventory ...and her customer service was horrible..i cant explain that the way she talked to me.she's nasty .i going to call main office and complain about her..she doesn't know run good business..

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