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S Jul 04, 2019

so i had an open account with rent a center on an apartment size dryer a friend of mine was looking at stoves so the next day that same friend went in to the store in ukiah calif and told them to put this new stove on my account and they did. I never gave her or any employees permission to do so the store never called mne to verify or get authorization from me. so my payee is sending the monthly payments on time which the got on the third of every month it was due on the fifth of the month. So im making payment after payment and its taking a long time to pay it off so i go into the store and the empolyees are explaing to me that they took my payment and applied it accordingly so i said what do u mean.Well they inform me the stove payments late so applied youre payment to that. um excuse me i dont have a stove payment so this is how i find out that they let this person go into the store and add a stove on my account without talking to me or getting permission to do this.So i snap of course cause thats just telling me that any tom dick or harry can walk into the store and say add this to so and sos account and they do. without authorization. so thats not the worst part its taking me longer to pay off my dryer because of this, i finally get it paid and forgot to tell my payee to stop making payments for two months and rent a center collected two more payments of 93.50 on a closed account are refusing to refund me, this is so not the way to do buisness bad store so im sewing the company

  • Updated by stupid employees · Jul 04, 2019

    the corprate office stil has not contacted me

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