Regus Groupsuspended account yet still charge me money.

E Dec 25, 2019

Beware of using their service for the virtual addresses.

Charge me although my Account was suspended.

My account in Regus, I can't find any transaction history.

Previously my account was overcharged, and they did return my "mislook charge back to my account." So I was a little wary and thus looking for a new place to change my address. Now, this issue happened, I think I will not use their services anymore.

I just emailed them about it, will see if I can even get back my refund.

Below are the documents.

Regus Group
Regus Group
Regus Group

  • Regus Group Customer Care's Response · Dec 27, 2019

    Dear Edward,
    Singapore Digital Marketing’s account is 9955095, which is different to the one you show a $0 balance below.
    The balance of this account is overdue, and we invite you to pay it via the payment reminders sent to [protected] or via, using the same email for your login.
    Since some invoices are pending for payment, your account has been handed over to our collectors. We are sorry if this came as a surprise and will therefore ask an agent from our Account Helpdesk to contact you as soon as possible. They will take your through your online account, explain why some invoices are outstanding and help you rectify the situation.
    Please note that we take all possible steps to assist bringing an account up to date before contracting any third party. This includes courtesy emails and several contacts from our internal team.
    Regus takes customer service extremely seriously and we are committed to resolving this matter. Should you have additional information to share, please do not hesitate to contact us at account.[protected] We look forward to speaking with you. All the best.

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