Regus Groupinternet and phone disconnection

I Dec 22, 2019

Office number 2946, name of the company IMA consultancy Co .
Dear sir
I am sending you this big complaint about regus bahrain specially the way they communicate with their clients and i am one of them, i would like to mention how did it start
In last summer in July and august we have sent an email to find way of paying off the office rent as we will be away for vacation unfortunately there some people who are setting behind their desks and have some texts to copy and paste not to solve the issue, i came back from vacation and settled three months as we were out and suddenly penalty was added to on of the invoices
We have informed the regus to provide our auditor with legal term approved by government of bahrain that allows you to add penalty and disconnect all the services due not to pay penalty !!! We have contact the sales managers and front desk who suppose to be helpers but unfortunately they are helpless in addition that our business correspondences and contacts were all blocked and internet is too slow and no access for other appliances, , , , the main issue is that we don't get any answer except follow the terms and condition and pay off or we will show the big price of not doing that knowing that all rents are paid ... we are here setting in country and rules of government should be applied as we approached to avoid the mentioned but copying texts and no solutions will start taking feedback about regus down to earth specially in businesses environments employees here don't care about that, as long as they are fine and satisfied so who cares about our satisfaction !!! We will consider this an official complaint about the center, services and treatments and the way of communication and emails from debts after all what mentioned above threatening us of going into legal action because of the penalty and from our side if regus high management is not taking any serious action we will go in the same and make regus compensate for all of our deals lost due to disconnections of our phone and no more business environment to work as internet is not working as well

  • Regus Group Customer Care's Response · Dec 23, 2019

    Dear ‘IMA Consultancy’,
    We are very sorry to hear that our payment terms have caused confusion. Our aim is to provide all our customers with clear, efficient, yet simple procedures.
    Our invoices are due and payable upon receipt, but no later than the 15th of the month, as clearly displayed on them.
    We do understand that it can take some time to organise payment and get it applied to your account, so we ask that you pay them as soon as you receive them.
    You can save some precious time by arranging automated payments, and this way avoiding late fees.
    Transparency is key to us, so of course, you will still have time to review your invoice and if needed, ask for clarification, before payment is automatically taken.
    Setting up a direct debit or credit card payment is extremely easy. Simply log onto your online account or the App and go to the Accounts / Payment method section. It is that simple.
    Should there be anything further we can assist you with then please do not hesitate to contact us at account.[protected]
    Thank you; we appreciate your business.

  • Updated by IMA Consultancy · Dec 23, 2019

    thanks for your reply

    As starting from yesterday will settle all needed but we are not recommending business with you in the future so we will wait until we end of the contract with you . because of two main reasons which is that you and team are not supportive at all and all you are controlled by your non flexible system and does not suit market conditions in Bahrain, we will refer to the Bahrain government to check if you are eligible to add penalty and collect and claim for it and you got approval for it otherwise nothing will be paid except the rent amount. i see that it is useless to communicate with you anymore if you still one of those who are copy paste the terms and conditions. not trying to solve our issue which was in applying the penalty and disconnect all services for not paying as we asked for legal terms that covers your side under the government of Bahrain laws . we will do it from our side and we will wait to find better option for our businesses to grow up not to be affected and penalized .

    have good day and no need to reply if you see that you will fullfil again the TC of the agreement

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