Regus Groupfraud in billing

N Jan 03, 2020

I cancelled my contract with Regus at this location over a year ago but every few months they bill me random charges for things at locations I have never been to (e.g., recently they billed me $17 for something in Little Rock AR but there was not explanation of what it was). Now they are sending me emails threatening to turn me over to collection for $50 in bogus charges they have made to my account in the last year and half.

  • Regus Group Customer Care's Response · Jan 06, 2020

    Dear ncioll,
    We are sorry to read your dissatisfaction and would like to help clarify any concern. However how can we do so if you don’t provide your “location” or account details? Would you please email us at account.[protected] with more information so we can have a chance to investigate and explain? Thank you; we appreciate your cooperation. Transparency is absolutely key to us so we would always make sure that any queries or discrepancies have been clarified before the signature of your agreement. Our contracts are business commitments and they cannot be cancelled. We do offer flexibility to all our customers, but your agreement will end when due, and you should confirm it according to your previous notice. Please understand that we have to know your plans in advance, as we base our business on signed commitments from our customers.
    Ending your agreement is easy: simply log into your online account (e.g. and go to the Accounts / End agreement section. Your termination will then be automatically confirmed with an email.
    We are sorry if you weren’t aware of this functionality and look forward to being able to assist you. All the best.

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