Regions Financial Corporationcheck fraud?

I cannot get in touch with anyone on the phone about this matter. I sold some items on Postmark a couple of weeks ago and the girl that I spoke to through both phone and email was sincere and personal. I got the check in the mail through fedex with a tracking number and everything. I deposited the check for $1310.00 in my bank account and it cleared 3 days later. I purchased groceries and gas and normal things and 2 days later the check was recanted and left my bank account -$500.97!!! My paycheck gets automatically deposited into this account. I filed a police report for check fraud against the lady. When I called regions the person I spoke to said it was my responsibility to pay it off because ultimately I am responsible for what I deposit in my account?!!! IT CLEARED THE BANK. How the heck is this my fault when it cleared. I had no idea they were going to take it back or why it was reversed. I asked if I had fraudulent check protection on my account and was told again that I was responsible. I have filed a police report and I am really sad to see my relationship likely end this way with regions bank. I have been with them since I was a college student.

Oct 07, 2019

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