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+34 900 323 232 (Customer Service)
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+34 914 353 028 (Business Customer Care)
+34 902 157 235 (Business Customer Care)
+34 935 829 809 (Loss/ theft of cards)
+34 935 917 910 (ATM Assistance)
+34 935 829 801 (Línea Abierta Support)
+34 902 242 242 (SegurCaixa)
+1 646 367 8241 (United States)
+44 207 398 0140 (United Kingdom)
+213 23 531 501 (Algeria)
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CaixaBank Complaints & Reviews


en nuestras vacaciones quieramos sacar dinero en la caja automática en
Benalup-casas viejas.
Pero no funciona.por un técnico error .
Eran 150, 00 Euro.
Pero si banco me han quitaron el dinero de me banco del Crédito.
Por favor me volveré ese dinero.
Yo pongo las fotos de ese error.
53757 Sankt Augustin


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    CaixaBankCaixaRent, [protected]@caixabankpc.com

    I returned my VW Polo rental car as agreed on July 8, 2021 after a 4 year rental contract and collected my new car, a Skoda. An exercise that you would think is quite straight forward; Return, check mileage, sign papers for the new one, pay deposit for the new, get refund for the old one etc. But no. When on July 26 (mail from Rafaela Furlan) you asked me about the mileage of the VW the first alarm bell rang. You ask the client for this!? Luckily I had made a note of it when I returned the car.

    Then on August 12 €299, 88 + €357, 43 was taken from my account without any notification/invoice. I got hold of David Ruiz from my branch in Mijas Costa who helped me and found out that you had made a mistake and that the money would be returned in a couple of days. The money was returned on August 16 but without any communication, let alone apology. I consider this action a theft. What gives you the right to just take money from a client's account? It's totally unacceptable as far as I'm concerned. And to be able to pay my bills and taxes I had to transfer money from a saving account which is very lucky that I had. And then it went on and on with demands sent by SMS, e-mails and phone calls and there were never any information/details or amount what they wanted from me. I had no idea what the demands were all about?! And most importantly, I want to share how offensive the communication was, almost a bit threatening and made me feel like I had done something really wrong. I felt chased for no reason.

    We are now in mid September and this saga is still going on. I get demands more or less every day and I reply that I don't know what you are talking about and please can you explain. But my questions are basically ignored. And ironically, as far as I'm concerned you owe me money for unused mileage and July rental fee after I had returned the car.

    How difficult can it be to administrate a task like this? It's unbelievable that a company of this size and significance can make such a mess of something so simple AND treat a client like this. At the end of the day you are nothing without your clients. I trust that someone will react to this and make sure that other clients won't be treated as badly as I have been.

    Charlotte Jones Sievers
    9027 Calypso, Mijas

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      CaixaBanklocked account - no customer friendly help or realistic solution proposed since 3 months


      My locked account at CAixa bank = ES81 [protected]

      I am writing to you once again regarding the problems I have been facing with my account at your Caixa bank since the beginning of June.

      I have already written to you and to my branch in the Plaza de España about my confusion and my request to find a solution to regularise my blocked account.

      We know that the reason why you have blocked my account is that my wife Sylvie Vermast should come personally to the bank branch to update and sign bank documents related to the account.
      I explained to you that my wife is not allowed, for medical reasons and Covid-19, to travel. Therefore she cannot go to the bank branch in Valencia to solve this problem.

      I suggested that you send us the documents to be signed by post or by email. I never got a concrete answer.

      Last week I myself flew to Valencia especially to try to find a solution for my bank account with your employee of the branch in the Spanish square.

      I had some cash with me to put into the account so that the automatic monthly payments could be debited over the next year until my wife could come and sign the documents. The current balance is very low. Your employee refused to pay the money into the account.

      I also suggested to the agency employee that she open an account in my sole name and then transfer the automatic payment orders to ensure continuity.

      Your employee was willing to accept this solution on the sole condition that I agreed to take out insurance only with you.
      I explained to her that I already had all the necessary insurances (I myself was a bank manager in Belgium at the Belfius bank), and moreover deontologically and professionally I found her proposal very dubious.

      I myself was a bank manager in Belgium. If an employee had made such an unprofessional proposal to a client, he would have received a serious warning.

      As your employee did not want to help me and I could neither pay my cash nor open a new account in my own name, I went to various other branches of the Caixa bank in Valencia.

      In all the branches I received the same negative answer every time: we cannot help you, you have to go to your branch in the Spanish Plaza. Your contact person is Ana Maria Iranzo.

      So I am in a dead end: my account is blocked, my wife can't fly from Belgium to Valencia and come to CAixa bank to sign the documents, you don't accept a transfer from Belgium, you don't accept cash at the branch, you don't accept the opening of a new account in my name, the contact person only wants to help me if I accept to take out insurance at CAixa bank, I can't transfer my account to another branch of Caixa Bank, this problem has been going on for more than 3 months. I don't know what to do anymore, I feel a clear arrogance and a lack of help to the customer despite all your slogans to the contrary.

      So this email is a complaint - because the branch refuses me any help or realistic solution - and a request for help.

      Thank you in advance for your response, which I hope will be constructive.

      Sincerely, Didier Eeman.

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        CaixaBankAccount keeps getting blocked


        My name is George Mackal, I am a client of Caixa bank in Valencia Sapin.

        My NIE is Y4026117G

        I understand all banks need to comply with measures to combat fraud, money laundering and so on, I agree and am on board with this. KYC they call it.

        My problem started last year during the long lock downs worldwide, unable to travel and so on. Our account was blocked because we couldn't provide some information and we weren't in Spain. We eventually got to Spain went to the bank, problem sorted. Not really. 3 months later blocked again, more information required, again not in Spain. Got to Spain in December, went to the bank again, provided the same information, account unlocked. Problem sorted? Not really. As soon as we left Spain back to work in Africa, surprise surprise, more information required regarding foreign bank account statements because of recent transfer, supplied to the bank immediately. Problem sorted? Nope. Without a grace period I received a notification to supply tax documents and until I do, deposits will be blocked. As we work for the UN, I supplied the necessary info that we are exempt from paying income tax on our salaries. Problem solved? Nope. Without notification I checked online, they now require a salary slip, attached the document over a week ago. Problem solved? Nope. Just got back to Spain yesterday, went to the bank, explained to them that all the information they keep asking for has been supplied over and over again, so I wanted to know what is the problem really, is it human error, a technical glitch, what? I asked the lady to please ask whoever is responsible for this, to please give us a list from A -Z what they want from us, we'll provide it, then all we ask is to be left alone and if they for some reason then still need more information, let us know in time, give us a grace period, be reasonable, check if they don't already have the information required, try to understand that we are not always in Spain, we try our best with the language difference, we don't monitor our account 24/7 for hidden notifications, calls us, email us, talk to us, we are not unreasonable.

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          The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

          • CaixaBank's response · Sep 03, 2021

            Dear Mr. Mackal,

            Thanks for contacting us. After verifying you have sent all the necessary documents to comply with the KYC standards required by the money laundering regulations. We are pleased to inform you that the operating restrictions on your account have been lifted and you are now able to operate.

            Kind regards,

            International Customer Dept.
            CAIXABANK S.A.U.

          CaixaBankRefusing to cancel home insurance policy and continuing to take funds

          Since December 2020 I have sent 8 emails to the Ibiza branch of Caixabank regarding cancelling the home insurance which is still running on a property that I have not had possession of since 28th November 2020. Antonio Ramon insisted that I provide an 'Exit Agreement' to the property. My solicitor wrote to Antonio Ramon in January of this year confirming that the property was returned to the owner on 28th November 2020 and that no Exit Agreement was signed.
          But despite having legal confirmation Caixabank has refused to cancel the policy and return my money, furthermore, Caixabank continues to take monthly payments from my account illegally.
          After months of persuasion the landlord has finally given me the exit agreement that Antonio insisted on. I sent this to Antonio Ramon but again I have received no response from him or anyone at the branch and the bank has still not cancelled the policy and has not returned my money to me.
          This is now urgent.
          This must not continue and must be resolved with immediate affect.
          Here is the list of people I have emailed in the branch, all of them have ignored my emails which I can see because I enabled read receipts.

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            Nov 23, 2020

            CaixaBank — Unauthorized selling of shares

            Our late father died 14th November 2019. His account was held at La Caixa bank El Verger Spain. My late...

            CaixaBankletter query

            Received letter reference CASWALL LEWISTON BROWNE 02785/00 not known at this address
            22 Bulrush Close, Brownhills
            West Midlands

            Letter in Spanish translated best of my abilities. Nothing to do with us.

            We purchased house in 2014 and we know that there were 2 previous owners.

            I can supply details if needed.

            Also there is a record of a Cecile Theresa Browne uk director on https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/

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              CaixaBankmy account was blocked without a prior warning

              I am not sure when my account was blocked. I foundout only on 26 September 2019 from Natwest Bank UK when my attempt to pay 1000 Euros in to my Caixa Bank account no: ES [protected] 7310 was rejected by Caixa Bank. Rojales Branch where my account is held.

              I was not given any kind of warning, either written or verbal by Caixa. This has caused me considerable difficulty as my Direct Debits to pay the bills from Iberdrola, Hidraqua, Suma, Mattfre and Barbera - Valero were stopped. I contacted the bank to be informed that my wife and I will have to visit the bank to answer questions and sign papers before the account can be unblocked. I was also told that there was no alternative to our visit to the bank as a precaution to prevent Money laundering. They could have warned me of this procedure a few weeks ago so that we could have followed the procedure to avoid this inconvenience and anxiety to us. My wife and I are old age pensioners. I had to go online to the web sites of the various utility providers to pay the outstanding bills with funds from the UK to avoid the discontinuance of the essential services such as water, electricity and council services and face legal motices. I am extremely disappointed and my wife and I demand compensation from Caixa for the anxiety and inconvenience caused to us.

              Dr Sudhakar Khandavalli and Mrs Pramila Khandavalli

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                CaixaBankmy account

                Please help me. I am trying to access my account funds to pay my rent.
                I have a joint account with my fiancé and we don't have a card and only I have mobile banking. My fiance was never given mobile banking login details.
                I need to withdraw money or transfer money to another Caixa bank account to pay for my house rent. And I will be evicted tomorrow if I do not pay.
                My fiance went to Dubai for a short time for work but now has to stay in Dubai and will not be returning to Spain.
                She has called the branch and the customer service number to get mobile banking login details so she can authorize me to withdraw money but the branch says she can only get these by going to the branch to get them.
                She is not returning to Spain and we need to obtain our money. Please help us.
                We have tried everything.
                All I want to do is have access to the money that is legally ours.
                I do not want to take legal matters to do this.
                Please contact me today.

                Andrew Deakin

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                  CaixaBankOnline transfer

                  account ES [protected] 399
                  Agency 6941
                  N.i.E. Y319 7050 H
                  I have transferred on my own accout from Germany 6 of august 950€ and 15 of august 650€ and haven´t any amount credited on my account. Since 1 week i try to get an answer from the agency without any information. pdf was sent to agency
                  I would appreciate your help.

                  Guenter Roth

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                    Caixa Bank, Spainunauthorized credit card charges

                    I am a Malaysian. I came to Spain for a Medical Conference. I arrived at Barcelona Airport on 26th June 2018. I was robbed at the airport and lodged a police report at the airport (police report as attached). The thief managed to do cash withdrawal amounting Euros 8, 500. There were 4 bank cards involved which are RHB, UOB, CIMB and HLB. However, only UOB Bank managed to get the amount disputed. The other 3 banks said that they did perform cash back from Caixa Bank but was unable to get the money refunded. I would like to know why is it so. Attached are some of the documents related, kindly contact me at +[protected] or email address : [protected]@yahoo.com. Thank You.

                    unauthorized credit card charges
                    unauthorized credit card charges
                    unauthorized credit card charges
                    unauthorized credit card charges

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                      • Updated by Dr Siti Aishah Abdullah · Aug 15, 2019

                        I'm a Malaysian arrived at Barcelona Airport on 26th June 2018. I was robbed and lodged police report (as attached). They managed to do cash withdrawals from all the 4 cards amounting Euro 8500. Out of the 4 banks involved which are UOB, RHB, CIMB, and HLB. Out of the four, only UOB managed to do the dispute. The other 3 banks couldn't even though they said that they have performed chargeback against Caixa Bank but was claimed to be unsuccessful. Hence, I would like to know why is it so. Why should I pay for something that I didn't take? I hope Caixa Bank would take this into consideration in helping victimized people like me. Thank you.

                      • Updated by Dr Siti Aishah Abdullah · Aug 15, 2019

                        I'm contactable at [email protected] Thank you

                      CaixaBankI have been trying to download a form for 2 days to your web site

                      I have an account in caixa bank. I was requested to complete a questionaire. KYC. I tried to do this but it was rejected. The message stated a difference in residencia. Last week I sent a message to your help line NEO. I never got a reply. Yesterday after being on the telephone (international call) for over 2 hours a lady helped me and the KYC was completed. She then asked me to attach an identification document. We spent 40 minutes and we could not get the attachment to go on your web site. I have been telephoning since 07.00 uk time and have not been able to speak with any one The telephone number [protected] has never been answered in the last 9 HOURS. YES 9 hours. Terrible service. In desperation I have just called your complaints board. At this moment someone said they will call back. I sent 3100Euros last week and I have been told the money cannot be put in my account until I have completed the documents section on your web site. As I said earlier it is impossible as it doesn't work. I took my PC to an engineer 3 hours ago and he told me my PC was ok.

                      I have wasted almost two days and all I want is to put money in my account.
                      My account is [protected]. 6521
                      Email [protected]@hotmail.co.uk
                      Tel. UK. [protected] mov [protected]

                      Please get someone to transfer the money to my account NOW. I presume I will be entitled to some compensation for this

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                        Feb 14, 2019

                        Caixa Bank — inflexible approach to customer needs linked with bad information

                        Account No ES02 [protected] Howard and Danna Trevette I have been a customer for three years with...

                        CaixaBank — staff at marbella branch - on av. richardo soriano 27, marbella

                        I walked into the bank on the 27th of March 2018 - A taller blond Spanish employee asked me what I wanted - I...


                        CaixaBank — My 1000000 check cant get it from the bank i just have check copy not original copy and certefecate proof the chech

                        i want my money . you are great bank answer to me. no or yes what exact you need to finish it its acheck and...

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