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Reebok Shoesreebok commercial

I cannot believe this Reebok Commercial is actually running on TV- and no one is complaining!!! This is absolutely insane. This commercial has a women completely disrespected and disrespecting herself- by showing her voice saying how she wants people looking at her privates/ breats/ ###.
what kind of commercial is this? I thought reebok was a respectable company. I have no respect for them now.


  • Di
    Disgusted with Reebok Nov 23, 2009

    The new Reebok commercial is terrible and offensive. That commercial is not suitable for young children. I am offended and do not like seeing a women’s body plus privates shown like that on TV. I was shocked the first time I saw it on TV. I feel it should be removed. I am a young woman myself and think that any women that is willing to take money to do a commercial like that has no respect for herself. She may be pretty and have a great body but not everybody wants to see it. I think it's geared to get men’s attention. I would be shocked if a man actually complained. Maybe if he had young kids. Overall, it's terrible and do not plan on purchasing Reebok merchandise after that. I do not want to support there disgusting ideas for a commercial and business ideals. P.S. There is absolutely no way a shoe can make a women’s body look that anyways.

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  • I annot believe Reebok is still airing the offensive commercial where the young pornagraphic model continously talks about her but. To naive young people this may seem cool but to women of my age bracket (60-65yrs) who helped baze the trail for my any of the equal rights and privileges women now enjoy is an insult and a slap in the face. What is so disturbing is that the women in Reebok markteting and executive positions didn't speak up. And if this piece of pornographic, scatterbrain, demoralizing, sexist trash was conceived and approved by women then they should be fired.

    I use to purchase two to three pairs of Reebok sneakers a year along with other items in the Reebok clothing line. As a result of this offensive commercial I am not buy anything else Reebock and I am urging my coworkers (male and female) to do the same.

    By the way I am asking the truth in advertising people to look into your claim that your sneakers do anymore toward muscular toning than other sneaker in the same price point. Further, I'm hoping that several women's rights organization to get involved. You'll be surprised of how many of your female customers find this kind of advertisment offensive.

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  • Am
    amelia2b Nov 30, 2009

    I emailed [protected], they did respond saying some people like it!!! Probably just adolescent boys...we need to start a campaign to get it off the air, everyone should email and let them know.

    Women will know they have equality when they advertise men talking about their privates while wearing Reeboks.

    This is the lowest form of advertising and the exec really don't care as long as people are talking about it. Until their sales are impacted and they just can't figure it out...
    They should fire anyone that was associated with making and approving this campaign.
    How does this happen in this day and age.

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  • Pa
    paquita Dec 01, 2009

    I also complained at but still have not recieved a response. I have 2 young boys and this commercial comes on the family channel during family movies and I always turn. I have talked to several parents and they all dislike the commercial. We can complain to them or the network I know I will no longer think about buying a pair of reebok anything.

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  • Kj
    kjirstin Dec 05, 2009

    This commercial is degrading to women and inappropriately targeted... are they selling the model in question or the shoes? From the amount of time that they spend on-camera, I doubt it's the latter. (Aside--if we were looking at a person actually endowed with the assets that she's bragging about, it might be a little less confusing, if not less offensive...) As it is, I feel that, as a woman who might have been interested in the concept of these shoes, I am only repulsed by the company who has so utterly misidentified their target audience.

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  • Je
    jennybones Dec 06, 2009

    Are they selling these shoes to men? I'm a 23 year old woman and far from a prude. I really don't see how these ads would appeal to any woman. confused... :-/ The shoes are ugly too. They missed the mark for real.

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  • Co
    CorporateGal Dec 12, 2009

    The Reebok commercial campaign regarding the "better butt" is tasteless, disrespectful and promotes the sexualization of women. I have seen at least two versions of these commercials (one where the "boobs" are "jealous" and the other where the camera keeps training on the spokesmodels' butt). They border on porn and they will serve to repel me and most other women from Reebok products. Stupid, ineffective advertising campaign.

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  • Re
    Reebokhater Dec 15, 2009

    I was horrified when I first saw this commercial. I was in a room with my fiance, his brothers, and his parents. We were watching football. I turned bright red. Luckily, no one else in the room paid much attention to the ad. Now when I talk about this ad, I want to be clear. I'm not jealous of that melanoma-spotted, dry-skinned, flat-assed woman. I am 22 years old, and I have a great body. I'm not a prude either. However, that ad shocked me so much that I haven't even reached the offended stages yet.

    Before I saw the ads, I was contemplating buying a pair of these shoes just to see. I'm very busy, but I walk a lot in between daily activities. After seeing those ads, I will NEVER buy Reebok ever again. Not shoes, not clothing - nothing. When I have children someday, I will not buy reebok for them. I would craft moccasins out of deer hide if Reebok were the last company on earth that sold shoes.

    Part of my college major is focused on marketing. According to everything I learned there, this ad is a total failure. IF this ad is targeting men, and they think "oh, I'll go buy this for my girlfriend/wife/whatever" they're dead men as far as that wife/girlfriend/whatever goes. If my fiance bought these for me, I'd say "what's next, you want me to get a boob job for your next Christmas present? Maybe I should bind my feet as well."

    If they were targeting women, they were WAY off the mark. #1, many women who might want some toning are probably those with children (generalizing here). If they have children, much of their tv time is probably spent with their children. Most parents (and maybe I'm generalizing again?) DON'T want their kids to see that kind of filth. Most parents don't want their little girls to become a trophy or plaything for a man. Most parents don't want their little boys to grow up and disrespect women. #2 - for me at least, seeing REAL looking women is beneficial. Seeing a Gisele or Marissa Miller wannabe is not gonna make me want that product. I want to see someone like my mother - hard working, confident, etc. - who gets benefits from a product like those shoes. I want to see before and after pictures. I want to see HOW the product works. I don't want to see some whore on a bed begging for it in the a$$. I don't want to see some glorified sex kitten. Dove has it right. Nike is close too. #3 - for younger women without kids, this ad just says "you aren't good enough as you are." Even if those shoes work for you, you will still not be a melanoma-spotted, dry-skinned commercial whore. You'll still just be you, with one less ### dimple.

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  • Jo
    JoeSoap Dec 28, 2009

    Oh cheesus woman, grow up FFS. Did you get ripped off? Did you lose money? Were you swindeled/defrauded? Did you BUY the product and did it then expire before its advertisedlifetime? No, NONE of the above. All you have is a whinge about the ad. Why don't you go whinge somewhere else, this board is for someone with REAL complaints.

    PS - men love tits and bums. Get over it, stupid. Become a sexual being again, instead of whining to your "group". Become the sexual being that men love.

    PPS - if you don't like the ad, why don't you just switch to another channel. No-one is MAKING you watch it.

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  • Pr
    prianca Jan 15, 2010

    I think the add is really cute. whats wrong in it!!! Well she has a nyc ### and people are looking at it. whats wrong??? Dont people look at ### and boobs otherwise. Is it that men/women had never seen goodlooking backparts before that this commercial enlightened them. Everybody talks about it every body knows about it. Big Deal. Whats wrong in it???? BY THE WAY who does'nt want to look beautiful? Ask all those fat girls who cant wear what they want to beacause their backside is way too big to fit in. Its easy to preach good stuff ...put yourself in a young girl's shoes and see...all u aunties out there...

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  • So
    Sophile Dec 08, 2010

    Does anyone realize that the egregious error here is hypo-critical thinking, designed to dupe consumers into thinking that these silly shoes can actually achieve the desired results! Try getting off of the couch for a second. The real issue here is the 'comfortable sloth' that would have an American woman even buying ONE pair of these shoes! This is exactly the sort of dysophia that separates many a consumer from their hard-earned cash (I'm pretty sure, right now, most of us could use it). This is why critical thinking should be taught in grade school.

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