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shoes ripped within days

I bought a pair of reebok shoes recently at Kohls and within days the sides outer layer started peeling off I really like reebok and thought maybe I can get some kind of refund or gift certificate If you can help me I will love to continue buying reebok and will continue to as long as you can give me some kind of gift certificate or refund in some way I paid 59.00 for the shoes and Kohls said I have to get a hold of you guys
if you can make this right I will continue to buy from you and tell my freinds to as well if not I am afraid I will not purchase from reebok and tell my freinds that you do not help the little people thank you for all your time

Sincerly Mike Balthazar
P.S. my emailis [protected] or [protected]

shoes ripped within days
shoes ripped within days
shoes ripped within days

shoes found defective

i purchased a pair of shoes from ur reebok store on 26-02-10 shop situated in bareilly, deen dayal puram(uttar pradesh).within four days after the purchase was made one shoe found to be defective.then i went to the store and the owner did't took it seriously.after a week he told me that ur shoes cannot be changed nor they can be repaired. while by just seeing it any one can make out that the shoes r is spoiling ur company name because u r unable to satisfy ur i request u to give first priority to ur customer so that the customer didn't lose his/her trust in ur company

  • Dk
    D K Dhiraj Mar 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    1. I have purchased two nos of Reebok make Track Paints from H.R. Enterprises, Shop No.1A, A.K.Industl.Estate, S.V. Road, Goregaon (W), Mumbai- 62, Maharashtra (India).

    2. I was surprised to note that not only the stitches started coming out of both the paints but the clothes were also found damaged in 4-5 days normal wearing and washing within one month time. However, the matter could not be reported to showroom immediately after noticing the defects as I was away from Mumbai for my official work at Agartala (Tripura) India.

    3. The matter was reported to showroom on 07-02-08 on my return to Mumbai and both the paints were handed over to them under proper receipt for approval of Exchange/ Repair, as suggested by their representative. I was informed by their representative that they would be in a position to get the approval in a weeks time.

    4. On telephonic inquiry after a week, it was informed to us that the person, who is competent to accord approval has not visited the showroom during this period and hence they will need some more time. However, I am astonished to learn after about 03 weeks that they can not do anything on this account and advised us to collect my old/damaged paints.

    5. Such type of customer handling is not expected from a company’s showroom of Reebok repute and is not in good taste. May I ask them whether their showroom/Reebok company is only interested in one time sale of a product or the policy should be towards customer base enhancement such that customer buy a specific product again and again. Secondly, whether the showroom/Reebok company is under impression that customer are the poor people who can not do anything, once a product is sold to them

    In view of above, I have once again requested them on 03-04-08 to please look in to the matter, talk to the competent person of the company and give us new pair of Track Paints in exchange of old and damaged one. Alternately, I will be constrained to explore other recourse available under the law including approaching Consumer Court.

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  • Bi
    BIRENDRA Sep 08, 2009


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  • Sm
    Smartram20 Oct 22, 2009


    I have a reebok watch purchased worth 2500/- in the first week of October 2017.
    As soon as I opened it and removed the plastic coating from the dial, the glass came out and fell on the ground.

    I still have the watch with the cover on it now. And I am in Bangalore so want to replace it,

    I have been happy with reebok till date this is the first time I have faced this issue,
    Expecting a better customer service from you so that I still continue to trust reebok.

    Kindly advice where can I go and show this watch in Bangalore.

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  • Am
    Amit Dogra Dec 31, 2009

    It is brought to your kind notice that er have purchased goods items from your authorized dealer (MA) M/s Mahe Arcade Pvt. Ltd., Gurdaspur Road, Near Jagat Cinema Adjoining Indira Colony Gate Pathankot with Reebok Double our Money Offer. The gift Voucher Book was received from our above dealer after one week and he has not given an instructions about the date of booklet validity . Moreover on seeing the booklet the last date of get Redemption Code was 15th December 2017.As and when we contact the dealer the have admitted our only two coupons and remaining he has refused due to expiry of date. In view of above you are requested to kindly direct the concerned dealer to accommodate the remaining Coupon.
    An early action in this matter is requested please.

    Thanking you,

    Yours truly,

    Amit Dogra
    M.No. +919463250005

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defective shoe upper


hole in the sole

I had purchased a shoe towards Nov 09 end and within around 75 days I see a big hole in the sole. I stay near Ujjain and had purchased the shoes in Chennai. I will now have to take the shoes to Chennai. How can such a reputed company manufacture product which develops problems in less than 75 days. I have lost trust in Reebok Brand

faulty shoes

I have bought shoes code R 587899 on 21st Feb 2010 from Reebok store at SCO 108-109 Sector 17C Chandigarh for Rs. 3919 (on Discount -Sale of flat 30%).

I have developed blisters on my feet in one day of use. Further i have observed that the finishing is sub standered.

I need the company to change my shoes and replace with a good product.

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easy tone shoes? or porn

Last night I saw a commercial for reebok easy tone shoes. The one that had the breasts complaining about how...

content in commercial

When we watch our favorite shows which is only about two now we have to endure the Reebok commercial talking about "butts" and this is very annoying. Don't you have anyone who can put on a classy commercial about Reeboks instead of having to hear this work spoken more than once and to view someone's rear?

Unless this commercial is replaced by a more classy one that does not mention "butts or to see one" we will not be purchasing anymore Reeboks. and this is a fact. Put on a commercial that is pleasing to one's ears and eyes. WE do not know what group you are trying to appeal to with this nonsense but in our eyes it is not selling shoes. It is only selling to weirdo sex perverts.

  • Mo
    mommy_g Dec 27, 2009

    My family and I were watching ouir show. i have 3 kids, all under 11. We're doing fine until the reebok commercial comes out about "butts"and "how men will like it and how women will be jealous"... Etc What kind of company reputable enough would do this? A sleezy one. I used to wear Reeboks and my kids too. Now I they lost customers and I'm sure they will belosing more if they keep airing it. I cant believe the company would stoop that low just to sell a product. It's bad enough with shows and movies kids watch nowadays but now commercials???????? Low.

    0 Votes
  • Jo
    JoeSoap Dec 28, 2009

    Oh cheesus woman, grow up FFS. Did you get ripped off? Did you lose money? Were you swindeled/defrauded? Did you BUY the product and did it then expire before its advertised lifetime? No, NONE of the above. All you have is a whinge about the ad. Why don't you go whinge somewhere else, this board is for someone with REAL complaints.

    PS - men love tits and bums. Get over it, stupid. Become the sexual being that men love.

    PPS - if you don't like the ad, why don't you just switch to another channel. No-one is MAKING you watch it.

    0 Votes

jogging shoes

I purchased Reebok shoes through an INDIA TODAY Offer and was sent shoe size US 12 WHEN THE REQUIREMENT WAS FOR SIZE US 11.
I cant use this size US 12 and want to know how soon and from where can I get to change this size to the correct one.
There must have been a confusion at the time of despatch at your end.
Can someone look into this and confirm. I shall be extremely greatful.

surinder dhingra
A 25,
NEW DELHI-110019

  • As
    Ashim Banda Sep 14, 2011

    I am a regular user of REEBOK shoes since last ten years. On 11/12/2010 I have purchased one pair of Reebok shoe of Group J21757 DUMMY SIZE 8 SRS EXPERT LP WHITE/P at a price of Rs3299 from your outlet at Diamond Harbour road, Behala, Kolkatta 700034 vide bill no 1915 dated 11/12/2010.
    one month back it was noticed that pasteing of extra black colour sole fixed bottom of main white sole has became loose as a result some portion of black sole has been lost while in use and remain undetected. I have approached your outlet at Diamond Harbour road, Behala but they have refused to solve the problem. Can you help me ?

    0 Votes

inappropriate and belittling

I was enjoying a Christmas Movie Special (The Polar Express) with my 3 year old when Reebok decided at this point (during a children's movie) that they needed to do a commercial that degrated woman. The commercial had a girl in extremely small runners shorts bending over and allowing the camera to zoom in on her butt (very closely). I immedaty sat stright up and ran fopr the remote, embarrassed that this society would do that to young kids.

Commercials pay for placements on the television and i canot even believe that they would think that putting a commercial so INAPPROPRIATE for yound ones to view would gain any sort of respect for thier products.

What the heck is this company thinking to demoralize young woman in a commercial during a children Christmas Special!!!

This is just what I, as a parent, will fight to NOT allow my children to filter.

I am disgusted and ashamed in Reebok. Disgusted.

Parent to 2 kids under 4.

  • Lo
    loewenguttman Dec 07, 2010

    I absolutely agree with your complaint. I can only imagine young girls seeing this ad and feeling that this is the norm and what is expected of them - both in their physical bodies and the lack of importance of inner beauty in today's society.

    0 Votes

horrible commercial

I am a 20 year old woman who is SO pissed at Reebok for their HORRIBLE commercials. I have to quickly change the channel when they come on because of how inappropriate they are for my three younger sisters. I refuse to buy their merchandise from now on. We need to take a stand against using women's bodies to sell merchandise and against telling young girls that flaunting their bodies sexually is not only acceptable, but marketable. This is not the world I want my sisters or daughter growing up in. They not only have one commercial, but two. The first was bad enough, but the second has a women standing in her underwear with her *** "talking" to one another, as a male announcer states that her *** are jealous of her butt, which was enhanced by running in reeboks. They then show the woman bend over and get a close-up of her butt in nothing but underwear. I am livid.

  • Jo
    JoeSoap Dec 28, 2009

    Oh cheesus woman, grow up FFS. Did you get ripped off? Did you lose money? Were you swindeled/defrauded? Did you BUY the product and did it then expire before its advertisedlifetime? No, NONE of the above. All you have is a whinge about the ad. Why don't you go whinge somewhere else, this board is for someone with REAL complaints.

    PS - men love tits and bums. Become the sexual being that men love.

    PPS - if you don't like the ad, why don't you just switch to another channel. No-one is MAKING you watch it.

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poor quality defective shoe


I purchased a shoe from the Reebok Franchisee - Gursimrat Retail Private .Ltd, Shop No 5009 Ground floor Sahara Mall Gurgaon on 21st Nov. Article No RIO5799 costing Rs 2299.00.

The very first time I wore the shoe, I felt that the right shoe was defective as it was clasping my toes making walking very incomfortable. It made the foot hurt. This was not felt at the time of purchase as it was only briefly worn for trial. Hence, I went back to return the shoe but the store manager refused to give me a replacement. He said, "how will i sell it now that it has been worn" This really surprised me as the shoe is DEFECTIVE... I asked him how was he even thinking of putting it on the shelf for sale again.

Very poor quality and extremely poor customer service. I am told to wait for a few days to know what the company thinks of my complaint!!! I was ready to take a replacement but now I would like my money back. This was certainly not expected from a brand like Reebok!!!


reebok commercial

I cannot believe this Reebok Commercial is actually running on TV- and no one is complaining!!! This i...

degrading women

I have never seen a more disrespectful & disgusting commercial broadcasted on TBS in my life. This women's shoes Reebok commercial is more degrading and disrespectful than the late night sex commercials shown on TV.
This disgusting commercial zooms in on a women's breasts for a long period of time in different angles, and actually calls them "boobs" "being so tight" and more explicit descriptions. It is so degrading- and I could not stand my children or family being exposed to this day time TBS broadcasting.
Do women have any meaning in our culture other than sex objects? I don't know how this commercial was allowed to be played. I will never buy Reebok or let my friends/family buy Reebok after watching this commercial, and it should be taken off the air.

  • Il
    Iliketowhine Nov 22, 2009

    I completely agree, it's disgusting. It makes me feel like men see every women as entertainment for them, and I can't believe a woman actually agreed to do this commercial.

    0 Votes
  • Jo
    JoeSoap Dec 28, 2009

    Oh cheesus woman, grow up FFS. Did you get ripped off? Did you lose money? Were you swindeled/defrauded? Did you BUY the product and did it then expire before its advertisedlifetime? No, NONE of the above. All you have is a whinge about the ad. Why don't you go whinge somewhere else, this board is for someone with REAL complaints.

    PS - men love tits and bums. Get over it, stupid. Become the sexual being that men love.

    PPS - if you don't like the ad, why don't you just switch to another channel. No-one is MAKING you watch it.

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poor quality reebok shoes

Defective shoes having manufacturing defect
I paid Rs 1992/- for the shoes when a 15% discount sale was on on 7th June, 2009.

I was happy with the product but to my surprise, after 30 days use of one or two times only the plastic of the back side of the both shoes started cracking and come off in small pieces . I approached the retailer imm but he refused to change the shoes saying that he can not replace the shoes because currently 40 % sale is going on and he can only replace it once this sale is over.

From last four months i am visiting the store regularly to get my pair of shoes replaced but every time i have been sent back saying that the 40% sale is still on and come after next . Please help me to get my shoes repaced from the company.I hope the concerned authorities will intervene in this matter provide a solution to me as early as possible.

Anuj Sood

Retain store address :
Reebok India Company
Mitva Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.
SCO-5, Special Huda Market
Sector 19, Faridabad122002

bill no.169, dated 07/06/2009

  • Fa
    farrukh Oct 22, 2009

    i have purchaced ono reebok shoe from reebok shop sahara mall gugaon, haryana, india
    @3600/-but after 5 month the pasting of shoe comes out and upper side becaome fade, , when i went shop for complaint, they told me after recieve my shoe plzz come after 15 days but after 20 days i recieved my shoes with change of upper side fade part, , when i asked to shopkeeper about this problems he said this is not manufacturere problem we cant do anything for this,
    sir, this is not fair i am very angry with your company

    Dr farrukh ali

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poor quality control

I am a regular jogger & have always used premium Nike shoes for the same. On 23 Aug 09 in the ongoing 40% Reebok sale I purchased a pr of Reebok "Premier Running Shoes" from the main Reebok Showroom at South Extension, New Delhi (Reebok NE Zone Delhi). The details are :-

DMX Shear, Premier Ultra VI. Dt of manufacture 28 Apr 2009, cost Rupees 8999/- (discounted price 5399/-)size UK 8 (Eur 42). The other number written on the shoe is "RB 812 FLU/MOJ RB 347209 & the bar code on it is [protected] 9.

From the first day I wore it I realised there is some problem for though very comfortable and cushony, the shoe is very soft from the rear outer sides of both soles. So much so, it almost seems as if the midsole portion of the foot is higher and not letting the rear portion make even contact with the ground. I only gave serious thought to this when after a 5 km jog on the first day of wearing the new shoes, I developed a painful ligament on the right heel and the area of my right foot above it. This forced me to lay off running for approx 10 days but the day I went back to the gym, the same problem repeated. Today when I only went for a walk - after a weeks break from the second day use, I notice an ache in the same place again.

It needs mention that I have had no problem with my regular Nike running shoes which I bought from Cape Town, South Africa. Moreover, while the Nike shop salespersons were quite familiar with "over and under pronator" types of runners, NO sales person in any of the three main Reebok shops visited by me even knew what pronation in running means !! (It incidentally refers to the area of the heel which makes first and heavier contact with the ground while running, ie., the outer / inner side of the heel - easily seen from the place of greater heel wear).

I write this mail with the hope that someone may read it and take it seriously enough to note that there is evidently some quality control problem in the shoes bought by me. I do hope someone takes note and gives me a call (+91 [protected]) else though I may mentally write off the monet spent, I will definitely revert to Nike & never visit a Reebok outlet again.

poor peasting

Dear Sir,

1 year back i purchased a rebook shoe from Guwahati, Assam.Now the Rh side of shoe found defect(Peasting Problem).Now i am transfer from Assam to kolkata.When i visited to your showroom(VIP RD, Kolkata) &give the peasting complain they told me it can repair from where you purchased.

Sir, you told me it can possible????????

Please provide the after sale service other wise it create the bad image to your brand.
Please suggest me what can i do?
Waiting for replay.
Saidutta Mohapatra

  • Vi
    Vicky Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought brand new Reebok shoes worth Rs. 5000 (it was 40% discount offer) from Reebok store in Pune, J m Road. The tag of reebok was missing at backside of one shoe. I failed to notice that at the time of purchasing. When I went back to the shopkeeper, next day, he said he can't help me and he can't replace the shoes. He showed me pair of shoes which were worse in all sense.

    Now I don't where can I complaint and get things resolved. Even there is no complaint section on Reebok's website.

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  • Ka
    kamaljeet Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Reebok is like that only they are concerned about the selling of the product, their after sale is poorest, behaviour of show room managers is poorest of any consumer product seller, and theye will insult you when you go with complaint to there show room.

    I will recomend each and every one not to buy Reebok products there response is worst I have felt in my life.


    Kamaljeet Singh

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defective shoes having manufacturing defect

Defective shoes having manufacturing defect
I paid Rs 2159/- for the shoes when a 40% discount sale was on on 17th July, 2009.

I was happy with the product but to my surprise, after 40-45 days of use, the sole of the shoe started to come off. I approached the retailer but he told that we will neither repair the shoe nor replace it as 'NO EXCHANGE ON DISCOUNTED ITEMS' is mentioned on the invoice(please see attached invoice).

They told me that as per the directions from the company i.e. REEBOK, they don't repair/exchange products sold under discount sales which I cannot digest(because I don't think that big brands like REEBOK announce discount sales to get rid off defected items in stock). I asked the salesman to give it in writing to which he never agreed.The salesmen behaved rudely and told me to get the shoe repaired from a roadside cobbler. His behavior was in no way better than the quality of the REEBOK shoe that I had bought from the outlet.

But the pair of shoes bought by me has a manufacturing defect and as a customer I never expect that an authorized REEBOK outlet should sell defective products. Moreover, such bizarre terms and conditions are never told to the customer and he comes to know about them only after paying the money and taking the invoice. Even after having sent a mail to customer.[protected], I have not received any reply from them till now. I hope the concerned authorities will intervene in this matter provide a solution to me as early as possible.

defective shoes having manufacturing defect

  • Rk
    rkmaurya Sep 18, 2009

    I am pleased to inform the readers that today I received a call from the retailer who requested me to visit the outlet to exchange the defective pair of shoes. I have got them exchanged and hope that the new pair will not pose any problems at all. My confidence on REEBOK has become firm. Thanks a lot.

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  • Rk
    rkmaurya Sep 18, 2009

    Complaint was solved on 18th September, 2009. Thanks a lot to the REEBOK company and the retailer.

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garbage quality football gloves

bought new pair of $30 Reebok Smash Football Lineman Gloves for son. After two weeks of practice and only ONE game, they are destroyed, with holes 1" across in the fingers and palm. Totally useless!
To make it worse, complaints to customer service AND corporate both went unacknowledged. Terrible company with an even worse product. I will go out of my way to avoid buying anything Reebok in the future.

garbage quality football gloves
garbage quality football gloves

sole pasting removed

sir the reebok shoes had been purchased by me on 9th of august from factory outlet of reebok located at ghod dod road surat, gujarat, india .

i am having problem of sole pasting . the sole is out frm the base only within 1 month ... please help me out of it or give me proper guidance ..
my contact no.and name is ..RAJ JARIWALA . +[protected].

  • Ra
    ramanandeva Jun 24, 2013

    Dear Sir,
    I have purchased the reebok shoe i didn't used much but the sole is removed from the base. How can i resolve the problem, is there any service for pasting the sole. I have bought the shoe at pudhucherry. My name is Ramanan, mobile : 9655725585. Please guide me to resolve the problem.

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disappointment with shoe quality and customer service


My name is Sonia. I bought a pair of jogging shoes from a Reebok showroom (in Koramangala, Bangalore, India) in February 2009 under a 40% discount sale. Several times I mentioned to the guy that I am very keen towards durability. The pair with MRP 3800/-, I got it for 2300/- after discount.

As soon as three months completed, I found that the net of the shoes got tored of from one side and there became a small hole. I took it to the shop, where this time I was blamed that it was only due to rough usage. But, only I know how carefully I use my things and since this was for the first time I had bought expensive shoes, I was very careful.

The shopkeeper told me to fill customer complaint form and I was told to contact them after one month i.e. on June 10th. On June 10th when I asked them, they told me to wait for another one week. Similar thing happened thrice. Finally, I went there to get another pair. I was told that only 2300/- would be adjusted and not the MRP. Fine. I chose a pair among the few available. But, while billing, their system's software could not make the adjustment of this purchase with my previous one, as this time also sale was going on. Again I was told to wait for another one month. After some days I called him and asked him if he could give me my old pair of shoes for just those remaining 14-15 days. He refused even when my old shoes were there, I do not know why.

Finally, on the day specified by them, I went to the shop. But, could not get one suitable for me. We can find very few choices there. This last visit of mine to that shop was on 29th Aug. Till date I am without my shoes.
Had I know that all this would take more than three months, I would have bought a pair of another shoes from somewhere else.

Hence, I have had a very bitter experience with Reebok. I have got highly disappointed by Reebok products as well as Reebok service. Not only me, I saw two other cases also at Reebok similar to me. If all this continues, it will definitely badly affect Reebok's name in the market.


  • Sh
    Sheeva Sep 16, 2009

    I am Shiva . I fully agree with Ms Sonia about the service and attitude of M/s Reebok. I bought a pair of jogging shoes from a Reebok showroom in Mumbai on 8th August 2009. After 15 days, It was seen that sole / grip of shoe is coming out. Immediately, pair was taken to Reebok showroom. They asked me to come after 12 days. On visit after 12 days, it was informed that Reebok personnel who comes for inspection has not yet come and the shoe is lying unattended. I am a regular user of Reebok shoes and now I find Quality of Reebok shoes is no longer of standard quality and durability. I have now lost my 3200/- rupees and also trust in Reebok shoes.

    My request to all to be carefull and don`t get tempted to their discount offers for substandard material.

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  • Ra
    Raje Sep 21, 2009

    These people know that they can cheat so they do and go escot free. I promise never to buy reebook despite Dhoni and Baby Bip. Rajeev

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