[Resolved] Red Roof Innsmade to stay in room with broken toilet and told not to flush it!

B Jul 15, 2019

I was staying at Hometown Suites in Puyallup, WA waiting for my house to close. I stayed in a room with 2 beds, which I booked. I was told I needed to move rooms on Sunday May 19th. We moved rooms and left the hotel to do errands. When we got back to the new room my grandson heard water running of some sort. We opened the bathroom door and the toilet had overflowed and there was water all over the floor and going in to the kitchen. We had not used the bathroom when we checked in to that room yet so it was left that way for some time. My grandson went to the lobby to find someone to help and was given a plunger and told there was no one there to help. He couldn't get the toilet fixed. Later we found an after hours number on the wall and called it. The man gave my grandson towels and told him he could clean the floor with the towels, so I was made to clean up someone else's toilet water and fix our own toilet to a room we just moved to earlier that day where we didn't even use the toilet yet. The maintenance person or manager (whoever that was at the hotel in a room) who gave us towels and told us to clean to water told us not to flush the toilet and gave my grandson a key to a room on the 3rd floor and said if we needed to use the bathroom, to use the storage room bathroom on the 3rd floor. So in the night I'm supposed to go to the 3rd floor storage room to use the bathroom. I am 79 years old and have cancer. I use the restroom several times during the night and early morning. I cannot make a trek to the 3rd floor storage to use the bathroom all night long. There was broken glass all over the floor in that storage room that looked like someone punched the window out of it and the room and bathroom in there was filthy. We were told there was no rooms left so we couldn't have a different one and told to stay in the one with the broken toilet all night with toilet water all over the bathroom and kitchen floor. It was disgusting. I have spent over a month trying to get reimbursement for that night. I shouldn't have had to pay for a room with a broken toilet, and to do my own housekeeping and maintenence to fix the toilet we never broke or used. Expedia told me that Travis the manager there denied this ever happened so I couldn't get reimbursed. Travis at the hotel only answered our calls once and said Expedia never contacted him but Expedia said they did, and that he denied it happened. At this point with all of this frustration trying to get reimbursed for 1 night, I am now seeking reimbursement for all of the nights I was there. It shouldn't be this tedious and difficult to get resolution for 1 night! The toilet was broken, we were given a plunger and told there was no one to help us, the man at the hotel who we thought would help, only gave us towels and a key to a filthy room with glass all over the floor and a broken window (liability waiting to happen). Travis doesn't return any of my phone calls and Expedia says he denied this happened. If you ask me, it sounds like this hotel needs a new manager and employees that know what liabilities are, guest safety and what services are to be rendered when someone pays for something. A working toilet in a room someone paid for should be included with the room amenities, or is it not for this hotel?

  • Resolution Statement

    Hotel manager reimbursed the 1 night stay.

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