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Red Roof Innsfan on heating and air conditioner unit

I've been staying at your hotel for about a year now on business. I know there are a lot of other people that stay there on business, also. I have to let you know that almost every room in this hotel has problems with the heat and air conditioning units squealing in the middle of the night. Since we are all there to go to work the next morning, it is a major concern. It seems that every room in the place has a problem with the heat and air conditioning unit. Since I've stayed there so many times, I know this firsthand. I've stayed at other Red Roof Inns and not encountered this problem. Please help us that are try to make a living and get some sleep before enduring a hard day at work. We love our Red Roof Inn's, but can't take it anymore.

This Red Roof Inn is very nice but the air-conditioning unit problem is very frustrating and I'd like to use it for years to come. Please help.

I see I have to submit Loggins and what not with you. I don't want to start getting a bunch of emails from red roof Inn. I just want this problem solved and Clyde Ohio. I will put this out on yelp. I will use my secretary's name and email and she'll unsubscribe to you when she starts getting all your emails.

Thank you