Real Canadian Superstorebutterball turkey

Last week Butterball turkeys were on sale for $15 3-5 kg so I jumped in my car to go get one on the first day of the sale, well there were none in the freezer so I asked the gentleman at the meat counter and he said he didn't know if they had any out back or not but maybe his coworker was going to get some, so I said can you ask him, and he said he wouldn't be able to hear him so I waited for a good 5 mins and no one came so I went up to the cashier to pay for my other products and asked her is she could check and she called back to the meat department and they said no they did not have any. So she suggested I get a rain cheque at customer service so I did. Today again I went to Superstore to purchase my butterball for $15 and picked one out went to pay at the self check out and I could not get it to come up for $15 without assistance so the worker said I would have to go back to the meat counter and ask them to change the tag so off we went and then after another 5 mins. I was told because the rain cheque said Butterball Frozen turkey I could not get it because the one I had picked out was not frozen. So two trips to Superstore for a turkey and still no turkey, think maybe I will just go to Sobeys or Walmart and put this turkey business to bed.

Oct 07, 2019

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