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Reviews and Complaints

Loblaws Pharmacy dba Drugstore in The Real Canadian Superstorepharmacy

I submitted a prescription for 2 boxes of 4 tablets of medicine, this medicine is extremely expensive and can easily be sold on the black market.

The pharmacy filled my prescription and put the boxes in a bag and stapled the receipt onto the closed bag, after I paid $125. for the prescription this equals to $15.62 per pill.

Later on when I get home I open the bag and noticed 1 box was opened, inside the open box was the usual information from the drug maker about the medicine, and ONE Pill, Not 4 Pills that supposed to be but One. The pills are in pop out foil/plastic. and the foil/plastic had been cut with 1 pill only. I called the store but the pharmacy was already closed, so now it leaves me to prove that I was missing the 3 pills and that I just didn't take the 3 pills and claim they were missing. The next morning I drive 50km's back to the store I live outside of Penticton, so it's aprox 50km 1 way to the store. Right away I confront the pharmacist who was the manager also and right away he knew what I was talking about and went into the back room and gave me my 3 pills. The foil packaging that I received from the pharmacist was exactly the missing piece of the other foil package, the cuts lined up perfectly. The manager pharmacist apologized, but that didn't help me that I had to drive 50km each way to and from the store, so that's a 100km's. Not to mention my time. I complained to the BC College of Pharmacists, they seem to stick up and defend the pharmacist, stating that it could be an honest mistake. This was no mistake I believe the pharmacist was trying to steal the pills either for himself or to sell for cash, everytime I've been prescribed this medicine it's always been in quantities of 4, the BC College says that they can sell pills individually. Anyhow I also complained to Loblaws head Office and haven't heard back from them. The Pharmacy Manager also offered me some BC wine for compensation for my troubles, but All I received was $10. in PC points which doesn't even pay for my gas 1 way. Anyhow if you ever get Pills from Loblaws pharmacy I would count them before leaving. It's getting pretty bad in Canada now, where you can't even trust your pharmacist.

  • Updated by BlueDog059 · Oct 16, 2019

    3 pills x $15.62 = $46.86

  • Updated by Barbie22 · Dec 16, 2019

    Superstore selled expired yougurt it expired on November 29th 2019 ACTIVA lactose free yogurt

  • Re
    RebLM Nov 27, 2019

    Every time I view recent 'shop like a mother' advertisements I am offended. I do not see women, or anyone for that matter, snarf down food and beverages while shopping. I do not see 'point' shoppers running through the aisles in reckless abandon . This supposed effort towards humour, at the expense of women, has missed its mark.

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  • Ba
    Barbie22 Dec 25, 2019

    When I went to superstore in Duncan BC that had Expired yougurt ACTIVA yogurt vanilla lactose free it was expired on November 29th 2019. Please make them stop selling expired yougurt

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  • Ma
    Mary Ann Antoine Jan 04, 2020

    I am complaining about a frozen turkey that I was roasting for Christmas Day for my family
    When I took it out of the wrapper the skin at the neck was black the breast was yellow and the neck inside was
    Terrible I wish I would have taken a photo but I was so grossed out at it
    My dinner was ruined I will never buy a frozen pc turkey ever again

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  • Ni
    Nimishabh Jan 05, 2020

    I bought this one from the heritage Meadows store, south east . The expiry date was Dec 30. When I can home and opened it, it was smelling and did not taste the usual.
    Please ensure to keep fresh food when selling.

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  • Ch
    Chelsea k Jan 06, 2020

    I have been missing over $200 in points since Nov 16, 2019. I have emailed atleast 20 times, called 5 times, and gone into the store 2 times. It's just a joke. I'm missing 209700 points. I keep getting a copy and paste answer.

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