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Real Canadian Superstorepoor customer service... despite the fact that I was overcharged by $239.94


Today September 14, 2019 at about 2.40pm, I was at the Superstore at shawnessy. About 3.04pm, I approached Dennise at aisle 9. She scanned my purchases and the total came to $328.63, I immediately knew there was a mistake somewhere since I only bought a few items. . Then I let her know and she apologized, so we went thru the items on the screen and found that one item was charged at $239.94 . Then we started to go through all the items in my shopping cart, she scanned a number of them to see which one was the anomaly, I advised she lets the Manager know so he or she could help. At the end, she realized it was the bagel(I bought 6 at 50cents each). She had entered a wrong code. She called for the Customer Manager, Wioletta.

Wiolleta came by to assist at about 3.07pm, she said nothing to me...she spoke to Dennise and they eventually removed the wrong charge. Then, she turned to me with what looked like a receipt and said I'm going to need you to sign this and I said fine, but I'm going to have to look through the receipt quickly to be sure there are no more additional charges . She was so impatient and her body language was off...she immediately told ne she had no time for that as she needed to go elsewhere. I then responded again by saying...I need to review the receipt just to ensure there are no more wrong charges. She looked at me and said in a fairly loud tone..."well..dont sign..this is not even your is your receipt (she pulled another receipt from the machine and threw it on the table). Have a good day" and she walked away.

I felt really embarrassed as I had my kids with me and they couldn't stop asking why the Lady was that way to their Mom. I took the receipt and left, I was going to a Manager but realized Wiolleta might be the only Manager present at the time.
..So I stopped at the door when I saw her and asked if she was the Manager and she said "yes, I am the Customer Service Manager"... I got no apologies from her for the issue with the wrong charge and for her bad behavior.

For next steps, I will appreciate if the management of this company can look into this. I happy to provide more evidences of the occurence. Thanks for your time.

poor customer service... despite the fact that I was overcharged by $239.94