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J Jul 04, 2019

Over all, we had a good stay at Port Douglas, with nice communal facilities, lovely pool area, and great food. However, there are points that I feel warrant a complaint unfortunately.
We booked two rooms of the same category, but were provided with two very different rooms! Room 228D was as you would expect, a hotel room with adequate facilities. However, our second room, 250D was odd! It was neither a hotel room nor an apartment, but seemed to sit somewhere between the two. A microwave, but no other cooking faculties. A dishwasher in the bathroom, and a huge TV with more speakers and surround sound than I have ever seen... along side a DVD player, etc etc! A huge American fridge freezer stood alongside an old DVD player, and iPhone charger suitable for something from 4 generations ago. Putting all of this odd make up aside, the room was not cleaned to a good standard at all. We found a half eaten packet of sweets in a cupboard, grime on the wall, and dirty walls, along side stains on one of our towels.
We have stayed at several Ramada hotels before, as well as a couple of the W hotels, and appreciate we did not pay a huge amount for the 3 nights here in Port Douglas. However, a basic level of cleanliness and a basic level of room quality is still expected.
Having worked in hospitality myself, I appreciate situation can only be resolved of someone is made aware of the problem. At this point may I point out that my husband and I very rarely complain. I went down to reception to express my disappointment with room 250D, and to ask whether we could change rooms to something resembling what we actually booked. The young girl on reception at no point apologised for my disappointment but simply asked what was wrong. I made her aware of the sweet packet, and the over all lack of satisfactory cleaning, as well as the fact it wasn't really the room we had booked. She said it was school holidays and there were no other rooms available. We had booked 3 nights so I said if they could move us after the first night, that would be great. She then said she would see what she could do. I fully appreciate it was school holidays and occupancies are high, but the excuse of a dirty room is not acceptable. She said she would see what she could do, and would call me.
As promised, I did receive a call saying there were no available rooms. She apologised and also said she would get house keeping to give the room a really good clean the next morning. This was at 330pm. I was slightly perplexed as to why it would not be until the next day. I did appreciate if there were no available rooms, that could not be helped. Having said that, my husband did look directly on the website after her call, and there were rooms available to book. This left a slightly bad taste.
My dad is over from the UK visiting and we had flown up to Cairns for 3 nights, so in all honesty, I didn't want to pursue the complaint any further.

The following day the room was supposedly cleaned. However, the same half eaten sweets and packed remained in the same place for our entire stay. I also find it hard to believe that we received no follow up call, no call from a manager, or even as much as an offer of a complimentary glass of wine as way of apology. As far as service recovery goes, there really wasn't any at all!! It seems the staff have no training in this area, and are not versed to deal with a complaint. Whether there is a Manager on site is a mystery, as we certainly never saw anyone. And if there is one, they certainly have no interest in the guests.
Upon checking out, we were not asked if we had enjoyed our stay, which again, I would expect to be a very basic level of service. The level of service experienced in Australia has been fantastic, but some of the staff here, on the front desk are letting the team down, or simply are disengaged or require further training.
Please see attached photos of the room, taken on the day of arrival. None of this cleanliness was addressed at any point during our stay, despite making staff aware.

As I said, there were many good points about the hotel, but this really did impact our level of satisfaction.

I would appreciate a response to this complaint at your earliest convenience. Please respond to [protected]

Kind regards
Julia Ingram

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