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Resolved Bad Service

Service has been out for four days now and all you can get is a recording saying they are having issues. Are they done??? Is the service coming back. It is fast for about five days and then it is beyond dial-up speed. They keep wanting me to upgrade. They NEVER call you back when you leave a message. Nine times out of ten you can't get any signal and they blame it on my phone lines or cables. Had the phone company come out and lines are good, replaced cables and they are good yet it still happens. Then they said it was my modem and they would GIVE me one but I had to stay signed up for six months. I wonder what their excuse will be come billing time when they don't give a discount for no so called fast service for this long. This sucks!

Internet fraud

I ordered Skyway USA wireless for my son who lives in a rural area and cannot get Verizon or any wireless services. We were promised a rebate of $100.00 and 2 months free service and $149.00 would be the cost and we would own the equipment. They took $249. out of my account and when the box arrived it was huge and the directions were poor. We called Skyway, they said they haven't had a $100. rebate in 6 months and its one month free service and we would have to pay to send the equipment back. It weighs 50 lbs. Called my bank and this is internet fraud, I will be receiving papers from my bank and they will then refund the money. We may have to pay to send it back. I should have checked this company out, they have horrible reviews. It definitely is a scam and internet fraud. Anyone faced with this and has put the charge on a debit card/visa logo has a leg to stand on. DO IT!

Awful Misleading Company!Liars!!!

I can't count the number of calls I made and the number of lies I was told by this company's employees over a 9 month period!! Every time I called to check status of my rebate check I was told the rebate had been approved and I was on the list. A couple of more months pasted and no check. I would call to get the same lie but I was actually given a name of the person (who would be issuing the $100 rebate check) who did not even work there. Phoned the phone number given to me along with "THE NAME" to inquire status of rebate and the sales rep. said no one works here by that name. A couple of months later, I was offered monthly credits of $10 instead of a flat $100 check. I declined at the time... little did I know it was the credits or NOTHING! Which is exactly what I got, nothing. My 12 months was up in Jan. & I continued to pay but didn't use them after Nov. I installed a different system and so far love it! Not sure if it's the new service or if being rid of the INCOMPETENT Sky way Usa's BS that makes me smile.


Misleading on the internet, time on the net., If you have a internet business and on the net a lot, the slower it gets., "because" thay have a down/ up load limited, And yet when i was talking to them about this, thay said I could live the internet on full time, , That was a JOKE..Thay said it was unlimited., I wonder what part of unlimited thay don't understand., After all that now thay say it won't be rebooted till the 11 of eash month., SKYWAY USA INTERNET IS SLOWER THAN DIALUP!!! AND TOTALY MISREPRESENTED !!! When my year is up I will be gone., I hope you don't make the same choice I did., Thanks..

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    lalala09 Dec 15, 2009

    I believe you can have unlimited service through them, the catch is what spped of service. you can use it all you want but the more you actually download the slower you get. My ADVICE to all people signing years committments is to do research on what you buy, what the heck are sales people known for anyway?

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Resolved lousy service

Whatever your other limited options may be, they are better than using Skyway USA. The service is very slow. Almost daily I receive some sort of DNS error message while trying to access a web site. Between the slow speed, error messages, and dropped connections, it is just lousy. If I can get through to tech support, they don't offer much help.

The $100 rebate? It has been nine months, and I still haven't seen it. I read the reviews before I ordered the service. They weren't good, but I decided to try it anyway. I thought maybe my situation would be different. I actually believed them when they said I would receive a rebate. I was wrong. The service is still lousy, and they still don't send out rebate checks.

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Resolved Are they serious???

I got my Skyway Internet back in January of this year and I am very unsatisfied with it! It seems like every day I am on the phone with them (when someone is actually there to take the call) to complain to them about the very slow speed and sometimes it won't even connect. It's very sad that i can get higher speeds out of dial up. I can't even check my email or send pictures with this crappy setup. Not even a month after i had the satellite the eye went bad and they charged me $150.00!!! I hope you people read this and don't make the same mistake i did because I am now stuck in the one year contract with crappy service. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR SKYWAY USA

Resolved Fraud and lies

I signed up with Skyway last Nov. They represented installation service for CA. at $149. After taking payment for a year they could not come up with someone to install. I had to install on our three story house. I find the cheaper download service to be very slow. Tech support never returns calls. I am unable to upload a lot of files as they do not have the right so called ports in their system. I use MobileMe for six years now and with Skyway it is structured to where I just cannot upload share photo files. They refuse to refund any unused service on my canceling the contract. Yet they cannot provide what I always had with out in the country phone line internet service. I just never knew that there were servers that did not have the required so called ports which limits the sending out of files. I cannot use my MobileMe share file service. Skyway cannot provide what forever has been normal satellite service yet they refuse to refund my year of prepaid service. I should have caught on when they required a one year contract. Sign up with them and you are stuck. Cannot wait for the year to be up and move to another service. The required one year contract really says it all. Spend a few bucks more and get far better service.

service poor and misrepresented

Service has been terrible. Signal has been poor, speed marginally better than dialup. Tech help in setup is a joke. After a few hours I knew more about it than they did. Supposed local dialup number for upload to satellite was actually an expensive toll call which I discovered when I got my phone bill. I have made 4 calls to complain about this. Investigation was promised, but call were never returned. Also never got $100 equipment rebate. Stick with your dialup. This service is worthless!

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    TRACIE Oct 27, 2008
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    Tracy Combs Oct 27, 2008
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    I have service also but I double check my numbers were local BEFORE using them. To make long distance wouldnt you have to dial 1 and the area code the first clue to long distance calls.

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    russ rexroat Oct 15, 2010

    poor service, with generic equipment.this company is fraudulant

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I e-mailed skyway and said that I would like to cancel and please let me know what is involed in doing thi...