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P Jul 06, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am unfortunately writing to you regarding an extremely unpleasant confrontation I have just experienced with one member of your staff regarding a simple matter of laundry in the lobby of the Abu Dhabi Corniche Ramada.

This morning (6-7-19) for the second time during my stay at Ramada Corniche Abu Dhabi, I had left a bag of laundry to be washed in my room when I left for work at 6:00am. I had correctly filled out the laundry sheet, and highlighted the 'same day service required' box.

This evening when I arrived back at the hotel around 7pm, I called reception to request my laundry as I had not recieved it and there was no answer from the laundry phone extension.

After some time, and several repeat calls, I still had no laundry back or a call back from the reception regarding the whereabouts of my items. Eventually at around 11pm, I went down to reception to find out what was going on as I had heard nothing and urgently require the laundry to wear the next day for work.

When I arrived at reception, a gentleman called to housekeeping who advised him they would bring my laundry to my room. When back at my room, one gentleman from housekeeping brought my bag of laundry back to me unwashed. I again went to reception to discuss this, as I am unsure why anybody would return dirty laundry that clearly I had asked to be cleaned.

At this time, I spoke to a member of staff on reception called Doniyor who called the houskeeping supervisor to come and discuss the matter. The supervisor who is named Kishor, then arrived at reception and immediately started being very aggressive and angry towards me and was speaking in a raised voice in front of other hotel guests. This continued for around 5-10 minutes with Mr Kishor getting increasingly angry and aggressive to both myself and Doniyor from reception, calling us both liars and he said the hotel needed to employ new people on reception.

He continued to say he had tried to call me four times at 10:30pm but I did not answer. This is incorrect as at that time I had just sat down in my room to eat my evening meal, and was talking with my wife on my mobile phone so I was in the room and no phone calls were recieved on the room phone.

Needless to say this incident was extremely embarassing, and done in a public space in front of many other hotel guests.
I chose the Ramada hotel for my stay in Abu Dhabi due to it's high standards and usually great service, however I am left quite upset at how I have been treated and publicly humiliated in your hotel.

This whole incident has now taken up over 1 hour, and at the time of writing it is now midnight and I have to get up for work at 5:30am and I have only dirty clothes and no way to have them cleaned in time.

Mr Kishor is an unpleasent and rude individual who has acted repeatedly in this instance in an unprofessional and aggresive manner. This is quite frankly unacceptable, I do not expect to be spoken to in this manner by anyone in any situation. Let alone in a high class hotel where I am paying to stay and I am a guest. I fully hope he is reprimanded for his actions and I believe he is unfit to be working for the Ramada name.

Best regards
Philip Smith - an unhappy guest

  • Updated by Philip Edward Smith · Jul 06, 2019

    I would like to add that Mr Doniyor was at all times during this incident, polite and professional despite being verbally abused by Mr Kishor.

    He is a great example of the standards that are expected from Ramada Hotels, and he kept a cool and calm attitude even when being spoken to rudely and aggresively.

    Best regards
    Philip Smith

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