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unwarranted letter from collection agency

I received two bills from Quest, dated 2/15/10, for lab services. I was unable to pay the total bill in full, I sent a pymetn of $57.40, with a note to pay the smaller statement and apply the balance of the check to the larger bill, and a note I would pay off the balance due, on Mar 9, 2010. That check cleared my bank on 3/15/10. I received the next invoice dated Arp. 1, 2010 and sent a payment on Apr. 19th, for $50. which cleared my bank on Apr. 22. I received a precollection letter from them dated Apr. 19th, stating I owed them $150., which I answered with a letter dated May 8 and another payment of $50., which cleared my bank on May 13th. Not five days after mailing this payment I received a call from a customer service representative. I explained that I have been making payments and that I tried to call but the number supplied had to be called between 8:30-5pm and I was unable to make calls during that time since I am in transit and at work during those hours and days, and didn't have the option to make calls on my bosses time since I am a tailor, and do fittings and sit at a sewing machine all day. She said she would mark the records accordingly. I recieved a fourth notice, undated from them, I recieved about June 12th, threatening to turn me over for collections. On June 18th, I had a message on my cell phone regarding the bill. I returned the message stating the payment would be mailed that weekend, since I needed that paycheck to make the payment, which I mailed, that check cleared my bank on June 22-the final payment. On Tuesday, June 22 I received a call from the collection agency with regard to the bill and informed the agent, that I had mailed the final check on June 19th. I also received calls on June 24, 25 & 29 and then a letter dated June 23. Since I have been sending monthly payments to Quest all along, I feel their collectionletters and calls are not only unwarranted, but constitute harrassment, going well beyond my final payment being accepted and depostied by Quest.

billing practices

WARNING - Before you promise anything to collection agencies for any alleged balances due Quest Diagnostics, take a look at your bill! In PA, Quest has an add-on charge labled "Travel Allowance One Way" for $85. The actual bill for testing may be $29, which your health care provider pays for and you usually have a small co-pay. Quest is submitting bills for the "travel allowance" amount which, of course, was not paid by health care, to collection agencies who dun patients and threaten their credit rating, most of whom may be on fixed incomes. Think about it. A guy drives around in a van from doctor's office to doctor's office/hospital, all day collecting test tubes and returns them to the local Quest Lab for testing. A charge of $85 is added to the consumers bill for this pick-up service. If one doctor does 50 tests that morning and Quest charges the patients $85 per bill/test, that's $4250 in unnecessary charges just for one pick-up box! I wish I had that guy's job! If it's not paid, they will send you to collections for the $85 "travel allowance", not the bill for the actual service. Please, consumers, look at your health providers' bills BEFORE you pay any co-pays, dedictibles or make arrangments with an agency. You could be a 70 year old man paying for a pregnancy test!


Quest Diagnostics now requires patients who are insured with Blue Cross & Blue Shield to pay them a $30 co-pay or let them keep your debit/credit card number on their system before lab work is done even if the patient's BCBS coverage does not require a co-pay.

After BCBS has paid Quest and the patient's BCBS coverage does require a co-pay Quest will keep your $30 or charge your debit/credit card. If the patient's BCBS coverage does not require a co-pay Quest will refund the $30.00 and not charge your debit/credit card for anything.

Obviously, this maneuver has been adopted by Quest Diagnostics without moral or legal consideration and violates a patient's contract with BCBS.

  • Jb
    jbfirebird Jul 24, 2011

    for the OP, all providers are by federal law, allowed to charge you up front. this secures at least some payment for the service if your insurance doesnt pay. if payment is made, obviously, you are due a reimbursement. but, they are allowed to do this and this is a common practice by many different providers.

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  • Ke
    Kendra J. York Apr 25, 2012

    Have they been charging this $30 co-pay towards Blue Cross Blue Shield FEP (Federal Employee Program) members that you know of?

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group leader

I have been a temp for quest for over 10 months. The quest supervisor for this site has been wanting to hire me but lies to me and my temp lady about hiring me. The group leader over this site is trying to talk the supervisor out of not hiring me. The group leader is very rude to me and belittle's me. She harasses me all the time and keep's on and refuses to leave me alone until i get tired of her and i quit. This is very uncalled for and if she doesn't stop i will go furthur and will turn her in and will take her to court for harassment. Quest needs to do something about this adult bully. Thank you so much for your time.

quest did wrong test on my infant!

my dr prescribed my then 3 week old infant to goto quest lab to do a PKU test. PKU test a state mandated test...

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overcharged for lab fees

Quest Diagnostics charged me $215 for a Vitamin D-3 test. This is simply a ridiculous amount. First of all, the Doctor sold it to me as a "routine blood test" during my yearly physical. All I know is that 2 weeks later Quest bills me for over $300 for the tests! Why did the Doctor not warn me? Why is Quest charging so much? Why is my insurance not paying if this is a routine physical? I called all of them, and everyone blames everyone else. The bottom line is, this is a huge rip-off. Beware before you take any blood test and make sure your Doctor does not order any tests that will result in such outrageous fees.

  • Ro
    rolfing Sep 04, 2011

    You are going to a participating provider, as is encouraged by the Insurance Company. If the insurance denies payment for a specific test, you should be billed at the Contracted rate between the insurance company and Quest, not an artificial List Price. Quest does not provide pricing of the contracted rate, so you will not know how little the insurance actually pays. Marie, you are absolutely right.

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billing uninsured

Quest billed my wife over $625.00 for lab services ordered by her Doctor. We have no insurance, and when I called to see if they would discount the bill for a cash pay, the customer service rep stated that it is against company policy to discount a private pay account. Discounts are reserved for contract customers only. In other words screw you patient, we love Insurance money more than you. Even after explaining my situation, they were completely unwilling to work with us at all. BEWARE OF QUEST DIAGNOSTICS!! They are not in it to help patients they are chasing insurance $$ and if along the way you as a little patient need a break (one that they offer nearly every insurance company) they will deny you the price they offer to the corporations. I have now set up a payment plan to pay my total bill, it should be payed off when our child who is still unborn is already out of diapers.

bad service

I went in to take blood and the technician was so horrible that I told her I wasn't comfortable with letting her touch me. She was rude, she ripped my paperwork, she was asking for things listed on the paperwork which I thought was the reason I was at the lab. It was the most disgusting behavior I have ever seen from a technician ever. I will never go back to quest again.

invoices addressed to minors

I have had this issue before - but did you all know that if your minor child is sent an invoice (addressed to the child/payable by the child) you, as a parent, are NOT LEGALLY responsible for the bill? Well - My 16 year old daughter received an invoice for lab work done by Quest. The envelope was addressed to her with the statement: "To be opened by Addressee Only". I wrote on the envelope: "Addressee is a 16 year old child. You want payment - address invoice property. Return to Sender". They sent out a second invoice addressed the same way. I, in turn, wrote the same note and returned the invoice. I then received a COMPUTER RECORDING call (not by a person, but by a damn computer) calling for my daughter regarding the bill. There was no way of obtaining a real person for customer service. I did learn from my pediatrician's office that Quest is quick to send their non-payments to collections. It has been almost a year and I haven't heard anything. But they need to either change the way they do billing or actually provide customer service with a voice and not "Press 1 if this is so-in-so" "Press 2 if this is not so-in-so". "Press 3 ... and so on. Need I say more?

making appointments

Don't bother making appointments. First you search for an appointments number. Its not on your prescription form. When you arrive at appointed time, others coming in after you sometimes get called before you.

Watch billing like a hawk.

Check box yourself, if you do not want to pay for a test that is not insured, at least at that visit for taking blood work.

  • Je
    JerryMcFee Sep 21, 2012

    Everytime I come get blood work done, I'm standing up for hours before being seen!! A lot of handicap patients are uncomfortable and sometimes they're standing also! This place is insane!

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Quest Diagnostics in Santa Paula - I signed in and sat down waiting to be called for them to take my paperwork. There was only one name ahead of me, and a lady came in after me. No one showed up at the desk for 15 minutes, then they called the person ahead of me, and then called the lady who came in after me. I asked what about me...and they continued to deal with the lady who came in after me. I got mad and left. But I called 5 minutes later, they told me my name was highlighted so it means they had taken my paperwork, but that was incorrect. They of course said if I came back they would take me right away, etc. but at that point I just gave up. If they can't do this simple procedure, yeah right, I'm going to let them stick me in the arm. I went to the Quest website to lodge a complaint but of course they have no facility for doing so. I know everyone has had more serious problems than this, but I'm lodging this nonetheless.

fradulant billing

I have been trying for over 2 years to get Quest to send a bill to my insurance company. Blue Cross says the lab work is 100% covered and would be paid as soon as they received the bill. But I can't get Quest to send a bill. They have stated to me on several statements that they send the bill and Blue Cross denied it. But talking to Blue Cross they say they have NEVER denied any claim for me, and they NEVER received a bill. Blue Cross has informed me that even if Quest sent it to the wrong would be logged in their computer. If they sent incomplete would show. NOTHING shows in the computer...NOTHING has EVER been received from Quest at ALL.
I tried getting a copy of the bill myself and all they will send is a statement which is not enough for insurance to pay. Do I have any rights at all? Just send the bill to the insurance company and they will pay. Still...almost 3 years bill to the insurance company. Just bill collectors calling and hanging up on my phone 10 to 12 times a day. Sheesh! This company is a scam

  • Fa
    Falsely Billed Nov 25, 2010

    Quest has Billed my insurance for service that never happened, and their India-based call center made a collection call on Thanksgiving Day, then hung up the call when I asked the doctor's name. Way to go Quest, next time why don't you call on Christmas morning for a $45 bill ?

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  • Ru
    rukhman Jan 26, 2011

    you are not obligated to pay a penny more than your insurance carrier agreed pricing with QUEST when your insurance denies to pay for the service I LOVE TO DEAL WITH MEDICAL COLLECTION AGENCIES Dont be lazy Always reply to them in writing by trackable mail Their whole collection business build on your ignorance, If you dont dispute you are automatically in default When you send a letter with even one sentence a physical person has to open it read it and reply Otherwise you will get computer generated letter every 30 days and finally when no responce is received your credit file is screwed up Disputes wasting their time and resources The more you write and dispute the more money they waste At the end of the day they are in business to make money not to loose

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  • Ru
    rukhman Jan 26, 2011

    Since Quest is a big corporate monster it is very easy to figure out how to waiste their time and resources since a corporate culture with" social responsibilites" does not recognize very existence of a human being

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  • Lv
    lv1979 Oct 30, 2011

    I know this is an old post but I want to reiterate that you should try another lab such as labCorp, Clincal Pathologists etc. If you do have insurance see which other labs you can use besides Quest-they are nothing but a bunch of crooks & will max out their allowable with your insurance company. Discounts should be given for a cash pay people anyway-They are getting paid UPFRONT & do not have to submit claims with insurance which takes time & requires hiring people or an outside company to take care of.

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poor services and unprofessional attitude

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a matter today at Diagnostice Quest. I brough my daughter today for a blood draw. Her name is Melissa;she had a bad attitude to treat the customers. She asks for who is next, I came to her and tell her that my daughter name is Vivian and she answered that " You are not next" . I came back to my seat, but she called again the last name of person " Becker or Bekie" and no body answered. She looked around and asked" Its only three of you today?" . I want to make sure that I wrote my daughter's name correct and came back to see the list's name, and I didn't even ask her anything yet. She is so rude and looked at me so mad and raised her voice and said" I know your name". I did not say anything, but I told her " Please be nice and don't yell at me". Her attitude is so bad. And then, Jennifer who called my daughter to come for blood draw. My daughter is so scared to see the needle so she shakes her body a little. I tried to calm her down and say something sweet to my daughter, but, Jennifer was yelling at my daughter, everybody looked at my daughter to see what is happening. My daughter was crying and told me that the people today in the office are not nice at all.

This is my first time to visit the office, but it is so bad!

Manager, please look and review the employees work for company. It is not right that people come for help and the employees give poor services and unprofessional attitude.

I will not come back again because I feel not secure behind the unprofessional services.



  • As
    ashleyachee Sep 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow, I don't know which location that was at but please call and ask for someone in charge. Or contact quest diagnostics help line. THAT IS RIDICULOUS.

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Quest sent my husband a bill for services rendered in March. In May, we received a bill. I called Quest and paid the bill. In June we received another bill, dated March as well, the same date as the prior services that had been paid off. Unknowingly, my husband paid that bill. When I asked him why there was a Quest bill on the coffee table he said he had paid it and not to worry. So, now we've paid the bill, twice, for the same services rendered in March. Now Quest has sent us another bill, for the same amount. We called, and they said it was sent by mistake but not to worry. Just today I got a LATE notice from them, FOR THE SAME BILL.
How many times do they want us to pay them? I wonder if they send out multiple bills hoping people will forget and keep paying them for services already paid for - at least, this has given me that impression.

  • Na
    Nancy Hoffman Nov 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Phone person rude and insulting. It toook over an hour to have charges removed--and I doubt they actually were.

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  • Ge
    Gen Mar 10, 2009

    Stay away from Quest Diagnostics Labs.! They are overpriced and their representatives are EXTREMELY rude. I recommend LabCorp. Efficient, inexpensive and prompt!

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  • Ca
    Carriso Mar 06, 2012

    The Billing dept of quest diagnostics is a good example of why lots of companies in America have so many loses and have to close. You need someone that cares to handle your billing department.

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  • Eb
    ebono Feb 27, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Obtained routine blood work. The receptionist checked my insurance and told me it would be $50 copay.
    Two weeks later I got a bill for over $500.00. Clearly they are incompetent to give patients any recommendation on billing issues.
    They also were deceptive and never told me that I was obtaining blood work that would cost over $500.00.

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  • Sl
    SLA001 Mar 26, 2013

    Way too much oversight and shuffling of papers. Awful company.

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  • Lb
    lbsch Jul 08, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Quest asked me to pay my overdue bill at the lab. I have insurance that covers everything, and informed them. I them got a bill in the mail. I called the number on the bill, but their phone number doesn't let you talk to anyone. "get human" online gives another number, lots of waiting, ending up transferring me back to the first number, which had a 10 minute wait time. I tried online chatting, waited 4 minutes before the chat started. And lots of delays while chatting. After giving them all the info, they told me the doctor hadn't given them the correct diagnosis needed for medicare to pay, and therefore my secondary insurance wouldn't pay. Then after some checking, they "discovered" they did have the correct info. What's the deal with them? Trying to get me to pay for their mistake. I'm disgusted.

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fraudulent billing

For a YEAR, I had a running battle with Quest Diagnostics regarding billing for a set of laboratory test...

lousy service center

This is the 3rd and final time I am going to that lab! First experience, I waited 3 hours with my 3 year old...

pediatric blood draw

I went for blood work for my 7 months old daughter. The technician who drew the blood did a pathetic job...

overbilling uninsured

I am pregnant and have no maternity benefits with my insurance. My doctor negotiated a lower rate to help me...

illegal balance billing

Be careful about paying bills from Quest Diagnostics. Both my husband and myself have been "balance...

unsafe and unclean patient practices

Quest lab tech did NOT open the needle and syringe in front of me, he took them out of a box, already opened...