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Complaints & Reviews

Unethical and inhumane treatment

-24 April 2020


- Bonitas paid monies (R 5010.00) into my bank account instead of paying it to the Specialist that treated me.
Bonitas then contacted me about their error and requested I make arrangements to pay them the money back.
Bonitas provided me with their acknowledgement of debt form which I had to sign and return to them (which I did).
I agreed to make 2 payments of R 2505.00 starting from December 2019 and January 2020.
On April 22 nd 2020 my wife had to seek urgent Dental treatment and attended the Dentist which is where my wife was informed that our Medical aid was suspended.
This was the first time that I came to know that my medical aid was suspended.
On calling the Bonitas customer care, I was informed the suspension was due to me not paying my outstanding debt (R 5010.00).

My argument is that Bonitas made me complete the acknowledge of debt form and I handed it back to Bonitas as requested for them to implement.
Your Finance department specifically said to me that Bonitas will effect the debit order (listen to the records of the conversation I had with your Finance department) and I had no idea the monies were not deducted.

When I heard of the reason for the suspension I immediately on the 24 April 2020 paid the outstanding debt despite facing some serious financial challenges due to the lockdown.
I wrote to Bonitas of my unhappiness of they way they handled my matter especially at the height of the Covid 19 Lockdown and the strain and stressors we were experiencing for Bonitas to suspend my medical aid without informing me of the outstanding monies which I was not aware of.
Furthermore I was informed that my employers were continually paying my Bonitas subscriptions which indicated I was not defaulting in my payments.

I've written several emails to Bonitas since 24 April 2020 requesting they confirm my payment of R 5010.00 and for official confirmation of my medical aid being re-instated.
I've also asked for my wifes Dental treatment cost of R 800.00 be paid given my medical aid was re-instated.
To date I have not received a reply from anyone in Bonitas.
I had to call the customer care yesterday who kept me waiting on the phone before she could answer me and finally I could not wait anymore because of my telephone bill increasing.

I believe Bonitas conduct to suspend my medical aid was inhumane and gross violation of my human right especially at a time when the entire world is going through a terrible pandemic that is causing severe strain to our health and well being and I needed my medical aid.
It was not my fault that Bonitas did not do their job by effecting the debit order as they had my bank details and the acknowledgement of debt form.

My family and I are desperate to have our medical aid reinstated and if so require official confirmation.
I also require the dental treatment bill of R 800.00 to be settled urgently

The Finance department official that initially handled my matter was negligent in not processing my debit order and should face disciplinary action

Terrible service

Im still struggling with my debit orders. Ive changed my banking details to capitec. My income is paid on the last day of the month and is from another bank. So it take 24 to 48 hours to reflect on my capitec account. Which will only reflect on the 2nd of each month. So I had to fill in a form and sent it back on the 24th of march 2020. They couldn't assist me to change the date of my debit order to the second of each month! They said they would come back to me but its 35 days later and nothing. Ive been emailing and emailing! I got like 5 different query numbers but nothing. Its almost end of month and that debit order is going to bounce back and im going to sit with the banking costs not bonitas. I should change to another medical aid after lockdown

I just get told it's with a broker


Eversince i have tried to get my son on BOncap bonitas has been giving me the run around and very little communication.
18/02/2020 i phoned to enquire abaout the status of my son's application i was told its with a Broker. (180220QWW4YH).
On the 03/03/2020 same thing (030320QXWVPF), i was told it should be finilized by the 13/03/2020.. Nothing
i followd up again on the 17/03/2020 was told still with the Broken has not yet been finilised. (170320QYLGPH)
i phoned today and was told its still not been finilised.

Medical Aid - paying for nothing!

We've had the absolute worst service since joining Bonitas.

Bonitas deducted the wrong amount for the first month, as per their advice this was corrected in the second month via EFT. Account still shows as suspended due to shortfall.

Another horrible experience, my mother clearly had NO waiting period as per the document received and after speaking to consultants at Bonitas. We could still not get her admitted due to a waiting period which apparently according to you she did not have, however the hospital's system clearly showed that she was on a waiting period.

Why are you even selling medical aid if you do not want to provide a service!


have been handed over to attorneys and I'm going to be blacklisted due to a shortfall amount that my medical aid (Bonitas) didn't pay. This claim is for 2016 and till this date it hasn't been resolved. I have been in touch with the medical aid and the hospital the case manager at Bonitas, but that didn't resolve this problem. I'm now told that the problem is with the hospital and not Bonitas. After so many years, I'm only hearing this information today (12March2020) for a case that is from 2016. I feel that my medical aid has failed me as now I have to pay an amount of R10000 form my own pocket as they are saying its not their fault.

See below

Dear Peter Thobakgale,

Thank you for your email dated 12 December 2018 on query number 121218Q51XSX.

Kindly be advised that we have forwarded your claim query for Wilgers Hospitaal for the service dated 03/08/2016 to the Hospital Claims Department for further assistance, feedback will be provided soon.

Should you require any further information, please contact customer services on **********or email us at ***********

Please update your personal details on a regular basis to ensure that you receive the latest updates from Bonitas.

Best Wishes,

Dorah Maboe

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Not getting feedback on my numerous requests

I had a in room procedure booked for 27 February and got authorisation, but only got authorisation for some of the codes on the quote. I moved my procedure to 12 March 2020 but had to move it AGAIN because I'm not getting ANY feedback. There are alot of codes on the quote and I need clarity what Bonitas will pay and what they will not pay. I need to know BEFORE I go for the procedure what is covered and what not, at the end of the day I have to know if I can afford to go for the procedure. This procedure is now moved to 7 May 2020. The fact that I get NO FEEDBACK from Bonitas is really unacceptable!!
A van Zyl - Member nr: [protected]
Patient Name: Mrs Anika Van Zyl
DOB: 26/06/1979
Medical Aid: Bonitas
Plan Type: Bonsave
Member #: [protected]
Contact #: [protected]

Procedure Date: Thursday, 7 May 2020 @ 12pm - IN ROOMS PROCEDURE
Procedure Name: Unilateral Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA), Unilateral Phlebectomies & Unilateral Ultrasound Guided Vein Embolisation
ICD10 Code: i87.2
Procedure Codes: 1413 / 1417 / 5022
Modifier Codes: 0004 / 0009 / 0007 / 2802 / 5114 / 5115 / 0202 / 0206
Special NAPPI Codes: [protected] (Closurefast 7F Cathether) / [protected] (Sheath Introducer) / [protected] (VNUS Tubing Tumescent Pump)


  • Bonitas Medical Fund's response · Mar 13, 2020

    Dear Anika van Zyl,

    We are sad to hear that we disappointed you.

    This mail serves as a confirmation of receipt for your query. The enquiry is still being investigated and we will keep you updated on the progress of the investigation.

    Please note that in order to avoid having a delayed response to your enquiries you may email your general queries to [email protected] and you may forward any complaints to [email protected]

    We appreciate your patience while we are resolving this query for you and should you require any further information, please contact us on 0860 002 108.

    Register on the Member Zone and manage your medical aid with ease:

    Visit to register on the Member Zone and enjoy the convenience of accessing your medical aid benefits, tax certificates, claims statements and any other information relating to your membership 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Remember to regularly update your personal details in order to ensure that you receive all the latest updates from Bonitas and to update your details, email us at [email protected]

    Kind regards,

    The Bonitas Team

Declining my chronic medicine

In December we applied for my medicine but it was declined due to the fact that I am not on a higher plan...

failing to communicate when claims are not refunded within turn around time

Why isn't Bonitas coming up with a solution on how the claims department can communicate or give feedback to clients when there's a delay in refunds or claims are rejected due to outstanding documents. There only time I get to find out if there's delays or issues, is when I realise the claim is not paid after the turn around time has lapsed because no one bothers to make contact and this is not the first time. We join medical aid for a reason so that we don't have to pay cash for medical consultation but unfortunately some specialist require cash then we claim from medical aid. It is not our intention to pay cash as we don't have the money to. Sometimes when I claim, the refund is paid within the 10 days turn around time,. However when there's delays, no bothers to come back and tell me there's queries or a system issue for the claim I submitted. Like today, I submitted a claim on the 24th of January 2020 but did not receive any feedback what so ever regarding the claim. I had to call in only to be told there's a system issue regarding this particular claimed submit but why wasn't I informed. This is poor service delivery from your end. I'm not sure why this is not corrected as it causes frustration for me as a client.


on the 8th Jan 2020, i went to trauma in Melomed Mitchells Plain was help and i left was not admitted. Today...

blood tests for a pmb condition partially paid from day to savings and balance not paid as no funds available

On 11th December 2019 my wife was sent for blood tests by Dr Smedema her cardiologist.
These tests fall under her PMB conditions - She has had stents put in her heart and was later rushed into hospital three years ago when the stents got blocked.
Bonitas paid 1162.92 out of day to day savings and there is still a balance of 1724.18 outstanding.
The account should have been paid in full as a PMB.
Pathcare have resubmitted the account today.
Exactly the same thing happened in 2018 and Bonitas finally reversed it in March 2019 but I never got fully reimbursed for the Day to Day savings that they "stole" from me.
My details are Lorimer Frazer Bonitas number [protected]
My wife is Delise Ann Frazer

[Resolved] poor customer service

Bonitas is costing me because I have been calling concerning this ref number 181019QP3KJH and I still cant be assisted, I need to claim on my gap cover but now the problem is that the statement from Bonitas and from the Dr does not match, Bonitas told me that Dr sent the figures like that and now my gap cover won't pay, I spoke to the Dr and they sent the documents to Bonitas for them to correct the statement and they promised that it will take 10 working days, today it is the 15th day and still no response, I called yeaterday and I spoke to Tebogo who told me that there is no feedback on the system he will have to check and get back to me he didnt bother calling me back, today I call again and I spoke to Olebeng who made me hold for a long time until I ran out of Airtime, all I need is for Bonitas ti confirm that the statement from the Dr is correct either on the statement or a letter so that I can send it to Sanlam.

  • Bonitas Medical Fund's response · Jan 27, 2020

    According to the telephonic conversation and email communication dated 08/11/2019 with our representative, we hereby confirm that the member’s concern was addressed and the matter was resolved. As per member’s feedback, she was pleased with the resolution provided and to date the member has not queried the matter.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

pharmacy direct

Good day,
I wish to bring to your attention, poor service-delivery of Pharmacy Direct. I have been utilising PharmacyDirect for approximately three years to supply my chronic medication. However they always deliver it late. I am a hypertension patient and require my medication to control my condition but because they deliver my medication late, I sometimes cannot take my medication as prescibed.

Kindly investigate the poor service delivery from Pharmacy Direct and consider using another service provider.

claims not paid and medications not needing script

My medication claim was not paid because Bonitas says I needed a script. The pharmacy has stated that this medications scheduling has dropped over three months ago and you no longer need a script. Why has the system on Bonitas not been updated? I then got a script which medical aid now wont pay for the script because they say I need a referral letter to go to that pediatrician, even though I did not go to the pediatrician got a script for the meds I needed.

I want to know why Bonitas shows you need a script and pharmacy shows you do not. And I want my claims to be paid out.

I have been on the phone for 2 hours. Transferred to 4 different people. They now tell me to go Walk in center and they say the walk in center will tell me the same story? So why send me there? I' wanting someone to contact me to resolve this matter immediately.
My contact info: gaynor.[protected] / [protected]

hospital pre-authorisations

I have been on the line with Bonitas back and forth with agents from 9 am yesterday. I have been receiving feedback from agents that is standard procedure for the entire day.

I am now highly infuriated-imagine as a patient having to deal with not getting authorization despite stressing to agent upon agent how urgent it is, only to then have an absolutely rude call Centre agent by the name of Stefan.

I had requested to him to speak to his superior because I finally tired of speaking to agents and I needed the mnunerous matters to be addressed - instead of being patient and understanding to my needs as a patient and client, he was abrupt and insensitive.

I really am not impressed by Bonitas lack of care to clients. I had transferred from another medical aid thinking Bonitas would be better for me, however it appears that on my first encounter of requiring medical treatment Bonitas and its agents are looking for ways to avoid situations and approving authorizations based on being a new joiner.

poor customer service, unprofessional and incompetent staff

Good Day,

Membership number: [protected]

I am getting fed up of this up n down with calls and emails.

I was told by one of your consultants that the 1st month for baby is free and the new installments will be effective from the new month which is July 2019.

Why is it now effective from registration 1 June 2019 who is incompetent... due to this my benefits is suspended.

I feel like cancelling my plan and take my business somewhere else where I can get customer service cause clearly Bonitas don't know what customer service is.

I am really getting Gatvol of this kak there no better way of saying it and yet use are quick to close queries which was never resolved.

I'm spending lots of money on calls daily and emails with various queries and no one assist all you get is automated emails and closure emails.

medical aid no [protected]

After joining Bonitas, I noticed that the first month ( February) was not debited. I phoned and emailed asking when the debit order will go off and was told on the 1st of March. No debit order was taken off in Feb as it was past your debit order date when I joined. I am now told My medical aid is suspended!!!
This is ridiculous!!! I cannot afford a double debit, why must I now be suspended because of an error you made???? You are now trying to double debit me each month and wonder why only one payment goes through!!

I have phoned customer care only to be told there's nothing they can do unless I pay up!! Your customer service department totally suck!! they are rude and unhelpful. I have never experienced service like this from any other medical aid.

Well I cannot afford another R3500 just to pay extra on top of my normal payments!!

If you cant sort this out, I will cxl my debit order, reverse it and go to another medical aid.

Please respond ASAP

illegal co payment

Hi please advise I have to pay a co payment of r274 of a claim of r1087 on chronic medication bonitas I pay...

Johannesburg Health & Beauty

general waiting period

I am a member with Bonitas with membership number [protected] and added three beneficiaries from 1 September.

A general waiting period of three months was imposed on my son Marius Badenhorst. Both my financial advisor and myself engaged with customer service as well as underwriting several times to find the reason for the waiting period and ask for removal since we don't feel it is valid and fair and against the medical aid nation act.

1. Marius was on a medical aid for longer than 24 months and moved without an interruption of more than 90 days.
2. The move was a forced move due to employer contributions being stopped followed by retrenchment on my husband's side. No general waiting period should therefore apply since this was forced.
3. A minor procedure was performed on Marius in April 2018 where his foreskin was stretched under moderate anaesthesia. He was admitted to hospital for a few hours for this procedure it was once-off and completed successfully and was not a medical condition that continued. Underwriting first indicated that this was the reason for the waiting period but then waived the condition and still kept the waiting period.

We are still struggling to get this resolved and my advisor escalated the matter to CMS and we are applying with another medical aid since Bonitas did not properly provide feedback or resolve this matter.

Ref numbers for enquiries lodged:

taking fees after service was cancelled and refusing to pay it back

After the passing of the main member on Bonitas medical aid passed away they cancelled the medical aid but...

medical aid pre authorized not honoured

Received preauthourised approval before procedure to have Bonitas back track and only pay less than half. I am on the most expensive Comprehensive package and they have been nothing short of useless and in my view unethical. I don't know how you sleep at night, [censored].

My chronic medication has only been covered for half the amount of months and they do their utmost to not pay. All your marketing [censored] is a load of lies and you have no cocern for your customers. Get bent, my family and whole company will be moving ASAP.