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I've just had a HORRENDOUS experience with reservations in Doha, on the telephone. I have been trying to change my flight date for the past hour now, and have made 8 phone calls to the Doha ticketing number, none of which has resulted in me being able to change my ticket yet, because every agent gives me a different answer. I have already spent £25 in Skype credit trying to achieve this, plus my internet credit has been exhausted twice. I've been told the fee to change my ticket is US$58 which I asked him to proceed with before I was then cut off, then the second agent told me it would be free to change my ticket and the next agent said it was impossible to change my ticket without referring to the help desk. I just want to change my flight from Monday 7th October to 15th October but nobody at your airline is able to help me, and all of my credit through Skype and internet has been wasted trying to achieve this. If it is Emirates they deal with this quickly and efficiently, so I'm very upset I didn't travel with them, as their customer service is much more efficient. The last agent JUST called me back and told me I would have to pay US$121!!! What on earth is this? Why was it 58, which I said go ahead to, then zero, now 121?!!! Unbelievable. Truly terrible and extremely slow customer service resulting in me wasting both my time and money. I'm horrified with your customer 'service's. It totally sucks.

Oct 04, 2019

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