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We booked Madrid to Perth and Qatar flight from Madrid was delay almost three hours causing us to miss the Doha flight to Perth.
We waited with 20 others in the airport for 6 hours and only offered poor seats on flights to Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide then back to Perth approx 8 hours each extra, no direct flight, even though we could still book Business class seats online we were lied to that no seats were available to Perth. I have blood pressure and asked for a doctor for some medication, three times help was asked for, nothing was provided, my eyesight started to fail and chest pains started.
We seek compensation for delay, injury and apology for unprofessional service and poor treatment when Qatar were totally at fault. Manager at Doha refused to see us, only children were sent with the bad news that we were not worthy of his time.
Everyone of the passengers swore they will not only never use you but post on Facebook this experience to warn others you are not 5 star at all

Apr 30, 2019
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  •   May 04, 2019

    to the anonymous author

    You did not produce or did not attach:-
    - ful name of the passenger, contact
    - air carrier ticket in full, which had been issued by the agent
    - receipt(-s)
    - notification of the delay, issued by air carrier on request of the pasenger, if such document was requested.

    If you seek the way for the compensation, it is a duty to provide the evidences for a legal professional (not to the same service provider) by the passenger.

    You can apply to the court, if you seek the compensation and you know the rules.

    If you need the legal assistancein Fulf or in Europe, you can expect the payment for such assistance from AUD200.
    The legal profesional can explain, what you are entitled to in figures and prepare the complaint to the authority / court.
    As no ticket and no receipt (notice) are attached, I can not estimate your claim also.

    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregulatory matters (Asia and EU)
    Aryan engineers Ltd, UK
    email for the request along with documents :

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