Qatar Airwaysservice, policy and very bad and rude behaviour of more than one staff member

C Nov 06, 2019

I checked in my lagguage. While I was dealing with the "gentleman" at the check in point he was at that time also training a new guy instructing and showing him how to manage these procedures. In the same time I was patiently waiting and holding my hand lagguages (including also two plastic bags) clearly visible for him. He found the weight of my big lagguage exciding 1 (one!) kg so he informed me that I had two options: two open my lagguage and get rid of something or pay the difference for this extra kilo. The ammount I aacepted to pay was 102AUD and I asked if with those 102 extra dollars at least I had to be relaxed to don't be in trouble at any other check point. Well, this guy told me that I was fine with weight but to be ready to have lot of other checks leaving the aircraft in Doha and boarding on the next flight in Doha.
At the time of boarding I found a nasty, rude, unhuman girl who stopped me and she was advising that I had two options: 1) to get rid of the excess (one small backpack in which I had two folders containing all documents of an injury I reported at work, one jumper and my phone, a samsung note10) and one plastic bag in which was a tipycal australian stockman hut (so easy to wear) and another bag with a spare pair of shoes. She was definitely "professional": she was so nasty and rude and after she checked the weight of the bag with documents (at that point I decided to wear the hut and the spare pair of shoes), this was 7kg. This is why she charged me extra 812 (eight hundred twelve!!!) AUD. At the end this trip costed for me: roughly 800AUD the initial ticket (with "normal" weight allowances) + 102AUD on the first floor to check in the first kilo exciding the weight allowed + the last and nicest surprise when I went downstairs to board of 812AUD to check in two folders of documents, one jumper and one phone. I left there with her my backpack and I collected with my big lagguage in Kiev with the sad surprise that there wasn't my phone anymore.
I'm still travelling but definitely I will contact my lawyer as soon as I will be in Italy to ask for a refund.
What's happened is simply unacceptable.
Unfortunately I haven't a phone number at the moment (lost in this Odissea) but definitely I will e absolutely available for any further information you may need through my email: [protected]
This was definitely the worst experience of my life and I hope at least somebody will consider to refund me for the unbelievable price I payed for their absolute luck of comunication among staff members and the loss of my phone
This was my first and last experience with this company and definitely I won't hesitate to share as much as I can my bad experience.
I will be more than happy to provide any further detail, my personal documents, address.
Looking forward to hear from somebody from this company.
Kind regards
Cesare Zumpano

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