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G Aug 11, 2018

Shocking incident with of one of Qatar airways crew member Mr SERKAN.

My experiences, and those of my family member, so far on Qatar have always been great and I couldn't understand why this company haven't received yet the best crew award. Now I get it.

- Flight QR 960 from Doa to Bali
- Seat 17 H-J-K
- Journey started from Paris hours ago on an almost 1h30 minutes delayed flight (I have a 2 hours transit...)
- Crew member in cause Mr SERKAN
- While my 4 years old daughter was sleeping on two of our seat my wife was resting on the last one
- I fell asleep on the floor under the feet of my wife in between row 17 and 16
As I have been traveling for more than 30 years now this is a common practice and was never forbidden to do so
- I was awakened by someone painfully and strongly hitting my ribs!!!
- Mr SERKAN was relentlessly hitting my ribs to wake me up telling me I cannot sleep here because it is forbidden
- When I did dare to ask why it was forbidden and that I wanted to see the rule stating it, Mr SERKAN left and came back with some sort of a tab and my name on it and he told me "Sir I have all your data here be careful".
Does that mean my private data are not safe? Or does that mean there will be consequences on my private life?
That's the first time of my traveler life that I m threaten by a crew while asking for info!
Unhappy of being awaken like that as well as being threaten I told him that I wanted to see the rule stating it was forbidden to be where I was he replied "you seat down and change your attitude or I call the security".
My wife was shocked and I couldn't believe what I just heard.

I was and still am infuriated by this disrespectful, ABUSIVE, unprofessional behavior.

Overall, I flew this time Qatar from Bali-Doa-Paris and Paris-Doa-Bali. All my economics and businesses flight were simply perfect except that last one, Doa-Bali, which is today and by far the WORST flight experience I ever had…

In addition to this:
- Kids were not given any toys (and there were plenty of kids on the plane) we had to ask so our 4 years old was finally given a toys pack
- Kids were not served food before adults. They had to wait until adult get food to eat
- Seat were not asked to be back upright for meal making it a very unpleasant experience

I expect the company to take strong action if not sanction against that person and I m looking forward to any update as I m considering with my wife to file a complaints to local authorities for power abuse, threat and violence.

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