Qatar Airwaysbeing removed from airline unfairly,

N Aug 13, 2018

To whom it may concern.

My details as follows;

QATAR airlines

Ned hajdukovic
Ticket number:[protected]
Flight; QR909

I'm extremely disappointed how I was treated being removed from my flight due to broken seat that I was allocated to, during this process I had informed them and showed them my chair was broken, and complained asked either fix the chair or relocate me to another seat, they made me sit on the floor for 40mins while trying to organise another seat, their engineer came to have a look to see if he could fix it in which he couldn't.
Eventually they found one for me I proceeded to go to that allocated seat, where unfortunately it was already occupied, I informed them I could not sit their, they told me to tell the gentleman to move in which I replied with that should be you to inform him, after waiting around knowing other customers on the plane were getting anxious to start their trip, stareing at me, thou plane could not take off as I still did not have a seat, they finally found a seat for me which ended up being three seats so I could stretch my legs, I was grateful & appreciative thanked them and thought finally all was good, as you could understand from my point of view it was very stressful and I was not happy, was angry on how the process was dealt with, also be mindful I had specifically mentioned to them I had a sore back needed the leg space to make my long flight comfortable, only after 45mins to be told I was being removed from the plane would not be flying tonight.
I was treated very poorly staff were not helpful, this whole process has caused stress and ruined my travel plans, with bookings on arrival of my destination being paid for, yet I will not be their, inconvenience is unacceptable.
I would like my flight rebooked on the next flight possible and return date to be amended for two days after original date as it has lost me two days already.
I have attached photo of broken chair to show you

Kind regards
Ned hajdukovic

My contact details are ;

being removed from airline unfairly,

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