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consumer indifference

Entenmann's stollen has been a holiday treat in my family for more than 40 years. When I asked the mgr. why there wasn't any for the past 2 years, I was told "I guess they didn't send any" and he walked away. I have no objection to the huge variety of ethnic foods available, and if there are those who want only natural foods, that is their right. However, there are certain items, especially holiday specialty items, that should be automatically ordered for other customers. A little more respect and helpfulness should be required of the managers as well. A flip answer and dismissal of an inquiry is certainly no way to promote business.

  • Sa
    safetyman Feb 02, 2009

    With Publix, holiday and seasonal items are known as "chart items." Essentially, a manufacturer produces only a limited number of these items and Publix as a whole is allocated a certain amount of this product based on sales. From there, it is up to warehouse selectors to determine how to distribute these items, also based on a store's previous year's sales of the same item. So, when the manager said "I guess they didnt send us any, " he was probably right. It was almost certainly an unpopular item the previous year and the warehouse selectors decided not to chart that particular store any of that product. Unfortunately, your request to have the store order some is meaningless as the stores do not have the power to order seasonal or charted items.

    I can understand your issue with the managers flippant response, he should have explained the situation to you, and offered to call around to other stores in the area to try and locate some of the item.

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  • Re
    Rebbecca2 Jan 06, 2012

    There is also the issue of the fact that Entenmann's is brought in by an outside vendor and while Publix can submit an request, that company (perhaps not producing enough of it or just not producing it at all) and that vendor (placing the order up to 6 months in advance for holiday items!) could lay the blame elsewhere. Little Debbie, for example, is a vendor and discontinued a peanut butter oatmeal cookie, unbeknownst to us consumers. :( There is no excuse for his flippant response though. For instance, I know that Valentines day flowers had to be ordered before Thanksgiving... because its a holiday order. Pigs, hams, and turkeys can be shipped in by the PALLET but the initial order has to be made more than a month in advance. Its retail. Try to plan ahead next time.

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loud and obnoxious music

Where do these merchants get off by forcing loud and obnoxious music on the people who pay their salaries? I...

terrible experience

It is not up to the consumer to pick through the food to find good food but the responsibility of the store itself. We shop normally at the one on A1A in Ormond by the Sea which seems to be a pretty nice store but an awful meat department and sea food department. We live directly across from it and have always loved shopping there. Now that things are a little hard for everyone, we have found the quality of there products to of gone down hill and actually sort of have gone from bad to worse. It may not really be called stealing for those of you whom are ignorant to buy stuff and just throw it away. I consider it a responsibility to the consumer to make things right. They told me last time it happens that I could just come by and they would make it up to me and even spoke with the representative in altamonte springs or somewhere around there but he turned out to be a spokesman for PUBLIX and his words became as worthless and the ammonia tasting crab legs. If they would only get the right people in there and make it right. That would be nice. Instead they know how to pass the buck and make a buck. Good luck to all as we now shop at SAMS and COSTCO. Much better...

  • Ni
    NiteWriter8942 May 31, 2009

    I've lived in the area of this Publix store having shopped there for some 22 years and never, not ever, have I had anything that wasn't up to par so if you desire fresh seafood to your liking, may I suggest a seafood market where it comes in fresh each day and be there when it's delivered or dine out for your seafood meal. Publix has a reputation for always and I do mean ALWAYS of satisfying their loyal customers.

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  • Im
    Imran Jul 12, 2010

    Publix is not a safe enviroment for the elderly: my 84 yr old mom was insulted and accosted in the check out lane by a couple known to the employees as violent and abusive, they had also refused to be served at the meat counter because the employee was an african american... (. He probably won't have his job much longer for revealing this information to the police dept... Poor soul) but the manager (Jean andreau) did not seem to think this was a big deal!!! When my mom left the store, the couple ran her overin the parking lot!!! The charlotte county fl sherriff's dept refuse to do anything regarding the incident claiming "it's a civil matter": publix are refusing to take any responsibility as well... Claiming "we are not responsible for providing a safe environment, just groceries" you be the judge... Would you let your elderly loved ones be at risk in this conglomerate of irresponsibility?

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  • gesserfan Aug 01, 2010

    Sams Club is [censor]

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terrible experience

As a current employee of Publix and a past employee of Winn-Dixie, I have observed attitudes and actions at Publix that remind me of the years proceeding the collapse of Winn-Dixie and a few other chains that family "inherited" when the patron passed. Publix seems to have the attitude of, it's worked for 60 years, why change it... this is 2008.

Management is not always chosen for their capabilities but for their seniority, color (in the warehouses, blacks seem to get the breaks). If a black manager screws up, we send them for "retraining", if a white manager (or worker) screws up, they are fired.

A system of performance tracking that more closely resembles the old Domino Pizza gimmick of 30 minutes or it's free!! Percentages are calculated by computer to set a goal for forklift operators that create a dangerous atmosphere in the warehouse, the forklift operator not only has to get 100% for a 5 out of 5 in performance, they must get 107%??

If you complain, you have pretty much signed your death certificate, your days with Publix are numbered. Long term employees in management sitting and watching their retirement grow while the company stagnates around them... this was one of Winn-Dixies biggest blunders.

If you are not part of the "clic" you might as well settle for being a warehouse flunky, no mater how smart, dedicated, or motivated you are.

  • Br
    Branta Mar 11, 2009

    As long as you are able bodied, management will be half way decent to you. God forbid if you get hurt on the job. You then become dirt under their feet and might as well quit because they will find a way to fire you or make you miserable enough to quit. As a former warehouse employee who was injured on the job I was treated like dirt and while being hospitalized they never once called, sent a card, nor came to see me. ( Miami Warehouse--1972-73 ) Management at that time consisted of the good old boys who worked employees like cattle. After Mr. Jenkins passed on the sons took over and ran the business like a concentration camp. If anyone needs to know my name or particulars to back up what I say just email me at my enclosed address. I have been disabled since my accident at Publix and am now 72 years old.
    [email protected]

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  • Gl
    Glad to be Free Aug 25, 2009

    I worked in the actual store. I left Winn Dixie since they offered better pay, etc. They considered full-time a promotion, so I was hired on as part-time. They told me that if I worked hard, I would get full-time within a month. Well, considering my past management experience with Winn Dixie, I thought this would not be very difficult. I was wrong. Months passed by, and I was constantly put off whenever I inquired about the position. After they hired a black man off of the street (who actually had LESS experience than me) as full-time, I had enough. I had a sit down with my manager and let him know how I felt this was racist. I asked him if I was doing anything wrong, and if so it was his job to correct me so I would become a better employee. He continued on telling me how great of a worker I was, etc. I eventually got full time. There is a guy there (white guy) that has been with the company for a year. He has worked hard, been promised full-time, etc. Well, they consistently made him work full-time hours even though he was only part-time. A few months later, a black man off of the street gets hired in as full-time.

    They claim they promote from within, which is not entirely true, since they considered full-time a promotion. Not to mention, the black man who was hired off of the street FULL-TIME was a horrible worker and constantly violated company policy including sexual harassment. He got a lot of weekends off, unrequested, while the rest of us had to work on weekends. It took them a year to fire the guy. (he was fired for stealing time, although he had been doing this for quite sometime)

    I worked my ### off only to be fed candy coated lies. I suppose that is what I get for being white. I feel there is some racism going on.

    I have many complaints, but not enough time to list them all.

    I'm glad I am no longer with Publix.

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  • Pa
    patsygirl001 Dec 22, 2009

    I agree. Favortism is crazy in my store also. Everday i watch as my A.C. runs in the door 10, 20, even 30 minutes late but she has never been suspended, like other employees have. I watch as 2 people in the same dept same title same years in service one is mentored and given all opportunities and the other gets terrible schedule no mentoring. It is so sad watching. Whats really sad is the one who is getting all the attention and is getting all the praise is an awful employee with horrible customer service skills. He is arrogant, mean and i question his morals on so many levels. The one getting pushed out is very nice hes naturally kind and warm. He is going to be a wonderful manager for another company because poor leadership is pushing him out the door.

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poor customer service

A manager by the name of Jesse Palmer said he could not help me pack my groceries into my cardue to the...

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awful experience

I worked for publix for seven long years. First job since high school. Started as cashier got all the way to customer service team leader then demoted myself because of all the crap with management not on the same page, lack of communication, favoritism, discrimination of clothing when fat managers can wear spandex and an attractive woman manager gets hated on because she has the curves in the right places and if you don't sleep with a certain manager, you lose in the end. When I retired, I talked to corporate about all my documentations and she told me its all who you know not what you know. Pretty sad coming from an ex customer service manager that is now in corporate cause she didn't want to play their games. Publix customers see the good side and the associates see the bad side of managers that don't deserve their position and the ones that do deserve it get nothing but criticism and told what you do wrong. I believe in compliments. They make you feel better and want to do better.

  • An
    Anadentone Nov 20, 2008

    the publix in my town is the same way. All we have is male managers and for some reason all the friendly workers and managers get "transferred" while the mean and grouchy ones don't. I hate whenever me and my family buys something we like (alot of it too) Publix "stops selling it" There was this frozen product that I use to buy for the whole case of (12 to a case) about twice a week. After a while I guess they got tired of having to store a good selling item on the shelves and did that line about "The truck's coming in Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday/ tonight" thing. Sad thing is when the truck suppose to come they wold say "come later, we're still getting it off the truck" next day, "The truck came last night and they didn't have it." So I would go through this for about 2 months or less when they would flat out lie and say "They stop making them." Which I thought "aww poopies" until I went to the stores site and saw that it was still in the listings and that Harvey's and Walmart sold them still. It's been over a year and Harveys, Wal-mart and the food's website, still has them. Some might say they got rid of it because they wanted to replace it with something that would sale like eggplant casserole. Oooh its flying off the shelves. They just don't want to carry it no more. Lately we've had the same problem with our grits. Although we don't buy a whole case of them, Publix never has them. In fact where they have the area to put the grits they replaced them with cheese lovers. No one is buying cheese lovers everyone wants original. But guess who has tons of original? Harvey's and for 40 cent cheaper too.

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  • Ni
    NiteWriter8942 May 31, 2009

    I've found that Publix will special order anything you desire if you're a frequent shopper in the store. Sometimes you can even special order things by the case if you'd like to purchase that many of an item. Ask your stockman for that particular isle to order what you don't see on the shelf. I've found them to be more than willing to accommodate.

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  • Ti
    Timothy Feb 15, 2010

    Yeah, the male/female double standards really stand out.

    As I was filling out my app, I was approached by a female manager, and told I could not be employed at Publix unless I cut my hair (I have longer hair, Native). They said I wold not even be considered for employment otherwise. I'm a male, and it's their policy (which is getting rare these days, and has never even been an issue in the past). What bothers me most, is that I was told this by a woman with men's length short hair, wearing what would be considered "men's" clothes. Now, I myself have years of experience in Management and other relevant food knowledge. It is such a dismay that an innocuous physical attribute(my heritage), would be the deciding factor. Especially when the female equivalent is perfectly accepted.

    I have female friends who work at the local publix, and they talk of problems during the after-hours "fronting" - the men all take off their work shirts, wearing nothing but "wife-beater" type shirts as it can be strenuous work. Female employees try to do this, and complaionts get made (by other female employees, no less) because the "more attractive" women are merely trying to keep cool while doing the job. Just the same as the men.

    This arcane mentality has got to stop. I won't be surprised if one day Publix finds civil rights (Title VII) lawsuits on it's hands.

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  • Di
    diddlebot Apr 10, 2011

    I noticed at my local Publix the female employees started coming to work "all naturale" with no make-up not even foundation.
    It made me wonder WTF!. I also noticed that two of the friendliest cashiers no longer work there. I deduced that there must have
    been some type of "incident" and management decided to ugly-up the staff. Call me sexist, I don't care. I found the most "pleasure" I got
    from shopping at publix was flirting with the cashiers. I can't imagine they enjoy the new rules. As a matter of fact, I noticed that a majority of the female employees appear less than enthused to work as they skulk around doing thier tasks. A few of the cute ones I used to tease won't even give me eye contact.

    I've already blamed myself for this new policy as I may have come off as "creepy" to a woman who has no interest in men or appreciates a light-hearted compliment about thier attractiveness. It just doesn't add up. Instead, it appears to be a situation where the lesbians have pushed to be recognized for thier merits and can only level the playing field by making the pretty girls as ugly and butchy looking as themselves.

    All I can say is...grow up. If a cashier hooks up with a customer and has a fling, or gets married, or whatever, why should anyone else
    care or take offense? We're only human.

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  • Tr
    Trying to bag stuff here Apr 20, 2011

    Uhhhh...are you sure it was the lesbians? Girls have been known to get harassed by male coworkers, so they could just not be wearing makeup in hopes that the advances stop. Or maybe their tired of being hit on by customers. We work long shifts, deal with jerky managers, and you think we want to be hit on? Sure some might but what about the one who don't. I know one girl hates it because her boyfriend sees it happen and gets mad at her. Did you ever stop to think how that might affect their private lives? No? Didn't think so.

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  • Tr
    Trying to bag stuff here Apr 20, 2011

    @ Diddlebot BTWs.

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  • Di
    diddlebot Apr 20, 2011

    Of course I did. I even admit that I'm aware of the female perspective. I feel the same way when gay men hit on me. That's why I pointed to the gay women, who must be completely disgusted by male advances.

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  • Ti
    Timothy Apr 20, 2011

    Your comment is just tactless and self-centered. It's far more likely that women are tired of being hit on, in a public place of employment. It's so common, a daily thing for so many. It's rather routine especially for attractive women that customers & coworkers will pry about their personal life, their marital "status." Old men who want "to introduce you to their son" is another common one. Women just get sick of the same ### from people all day - it's not just the act of being "hit on" itself, but of how bloody common it is. No, you're not going to "pick up" a grocery store clerk unless you already know them outside of their work. If you're just hitting on them, in all likelihood you're only making their job more difficult - they are paid to be friendly, their niceness isn't a 'sign' that they like you. So if the female staff is "uglied up" you can place a bet on the fact that getting hit on has a lot to do with it. Obviously, it goes the other way, too -- but getting hit on by gay men is far less likely (10x). And since it's far less common, if you're secure in your manhood, take it as a compliment. I do.

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rude personnel

I went shopping @ the publix in port saint Lucie fl. on us1 and prima vista and on that day i went shopping...

rotten service

Where do u go to complain, if the mgr doesn't care? Publix at Hollywood Mall must be the worst place to shop: employees ignore u or send u in the wrong direction. At the produce the green apples were black. So i tell the employee if she can take a damp cloth and wipe them. She said it's up to the customer to do that. I said sure but what if i walk out the door and want to eat one or my kid wants to bite in one. I tell u the Granny Smith were covered with black foam that seemed to have been pulled off it at random. She said U should see what some ppl do with the cherries and grapes. They sample them in large quantities. I said if ppl steal u have a security guard standing at the door chatting up good looking blondes. Tell him to do his job and arrest the robbers.

So i called the mgr. I asked him if he wanted to buy those apples. He realized they looked bad enough and took the amount i wanted and went himself to wipe them. The rest stayed black. At the cash register i was shocked to see the oldest bagger in the world throw my apples with a loud thumb into the paper bag on top of my peaches. I told him to go easy on them that they are not made of plastic. He continued to bag as sloppy as he could and treat my groceries worse than i treat my trash. He clearly never got training. I can go on with incidents at the fish counter where foreign customers were treated like second class citizens and bumped their turn or hours i have to wait for bread that no one knows what it is called nor what the ingredients of it are. Once an employee did not know what whole wheat meant.

When i showed the same manager -chatting with the security guard- how my bags had been folded like trash bags, he simply mumbled, showing how little he cared. I have a feeling Publix does not train their employees nor managers properly and wonder what's behind the hiring of these ignorants.

  • Ma
    maria donna Aug 08, 2008

    The complainant may go to the malls customer service and submit to them an incident report. If the complainant can take a photo of them or a cam of them mumbling and not helping their customers, that is much better. They can show those photos or video to the public and report it the proper authority like Department of Trade and Industry for questioning. As an employee to a service oriented company, this rotten services is a big no no to me. I would really get their names and submit a proper complaint in black and white as they really need proper training on how to handle quality customer service. I will put an ad on newspapers and magazines not to threat them but to let the public know about the incident and check out for themselves.

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  • Da
    david vanderver Sep 06, 2008

    Publix says that their employees are the company and that we are the back bone of their industry. What ###! My store manager is so selfish he will never promote anyone because he is under trained, has not delt with his own fears and insecurities and is so afraid someone is smarter than him, which is not hard to do that he will not promote anyone. Everyone hates him and no one will say anything but they will talk behind his back like they have a backbone. I intend to make a formal complaint to corporate about him and the manager staff. Watch! I'll be fire to make the problem go away.

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  • Pa
    patsygirl001 Dec 22, 2009

    I agree. I can only judge my store but you are right. I have been in customer service for 25 years. I have worked for 4 seperate companies and i believe in the core values of publix . Not one of my managers uphold the publix values. They dont show any respect for employees . They hide in office during peak times ..when a customer needs them they are mad because they got interupted and i have even been yelled at for calling a manager to the front to speak with the customer(when the customer asked to speak to a manager). I was yelled at and when i actually started to cry because i was so frustrated i was laughed at by this manager. I actually think that publix is a great company and i will stay with publix but i also believe with all my heart that (my managment) are the biggest waste of space and are useless human beings. They are mean, rude and poor excuses for managers.

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  • El
    Elvis Costello Apr 10, 2010

    Most of your complaints are a little unrealistic. Do you have any idea the man hours it would take to individually whip down every fruit before it was put on the sales floor. I think most people buying produce realize that it should be washed and cleaned properly before consuming. If you wanted to eat right away, there is already cut fruit.

    Then your problem with the bagger is questionable. You asked for paper bags which makes in difficult to not "drop" or as you said "throw" your apples into the bag on top of your peaches. I doubt he actually bruised your fruit.

    "He clearly never got training." You clearly never properly took an English class.

    And finally, you complain that your bags where folded like trash bags? What does this even mean? He probably didn't care because you complained about something nonsensical. A paper grocery bag does not resemble a trash bag in any way, so how might one be folded like the other? Your complaint makes no sense, so maybe you should stop bad mouthing a company that was doing its best to help your irrational expectations for a super market. You wouldn't get half the help your received at any other grocery store, especially Wal-Mart.

    And the to other complainers on this space, do better at your job, and don't be so concerned with your managers and just maybe you'll have a better shot at getting promoted.

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  • gesserfan Aug 01, 2010

    Could not agree more with Costello. I worked 2 years in produce at a Safeway. the Wet rack items we do wash off for the customer. but to scrub down every peice of questionable fruit is a bit outrageous. And im not lazy in the slightest, i take customer service to the next level when needed, and am very personable.

    Why did you have to include insulting the security guard, telling him to "Do his job" to someone who isnt in charge of supervising other employees. and you also had to throw in the age of the bagger, maybe just to insult him. I started as a courtesy clerk, and no a days there isnt bagging training, but he probably should have been a little bit careful with your produce. I love you said "I might want to eat one when i get out to my car". i seriously doubt you did, but you probably just wanted to boss someone around because as the customer you feel superior, like the people who are employed at grocery stores work directly for you. this is the wrong attitude to have, and i seriously suggest a change in attitude before shopping in a grocery store again.

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fraud and scam

Rumors are that, Publix has a habit of placing milk on the shelves up to 5 HOURS after delivery. Many people...

politics at publix

I have worked for Publix for7 years 4 of them were as an asst.deli manager. In the 4 years I tested for deli...

do they really care about the worker

Ok, I work for Publix. For nearly 4 years. I am a hard worker. I've worked in five different stores, the...

bad quality food!

I am a caterer and I called publix to order 3 whole beef tenderloins. The woman who answered asked me did I...

sour milk!

I bought milk which has gone bad before exp. date. It happened three times. From now on I will never buy milk at Publix...

store stinks!

Both my wife and I (and several of our neighbors) have complained to the store manager of the Jacksonville Beach - Publix Supermarket about the foul smelling fish department. We made these complaints over the last year. Each time the managers told us they were aware of the situation, and they planned to remodel the store to correct the smell.

The problem is growing worse. We now observe shoppers avoiding the general area of the department, which means that many can no longer shop in the meat department, and in several rows of canned goods.

If the fish cases are so obsolete that they cannot be cleaned, shouldn't they be taken out of service? We think the public is being endangered and certainly offended.

radiation therapy for a prostate cancer patient!

Company is self insured and administered by BCBS of Georgia. BCBS has refused payment for radiation therapy for a prostate cancer patient. Their excuse is that the treatment is not FDA approved. This is not true because it is covered by Meducare. They consistently pay network providers as out of network. Some claims are refused the same day they are submitted. I have contacted the HR dept of Publix, they sent the letter to the benefits dept. Which netted the same result.

PS: The treatment center that administered the therapy, Inter Community Cancer Centers, was aware of the problem before treatment began but did not inform me until we were well into it. Had I known of the problem I could have sought out alternative treatment. Object lesson--- don't trust anyone!!!

  • Mr
    Mr. Herbert Dec 27, 2007

    Before we moved a year ago we used to go to the store in Riverdale Ga. We stopped because there is an Asian looking lady in the meat deli who would come gather our food with a mouth full of food, eating with food falling out. We complained to the Manager (a young white guy) who went and spoke to her. Another worker said she has had many complaints.

    Yesterday I just so happened to be in Riverdale and decided to stop to get some hot food. The same lady came opened her mouth wide to say hi and I saw her chewed food up again and decided to just walk away. I called and spoke to an acting manager name Weslyn who said she would talk to her, I told her that they have done that before and asked for the manager, She said she will tell Thomas Jordan in the morning, but since this has been reported before, I decided to write you instead.

    404 392-4663

    0 Votes

poor service, check out etc.

The last 3 times I have gone into Publix to pickup a few items, the check out lines were ridiculously long...

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