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Public Storage — untrue representations

Act [protected] 1) 3 months ago I changed my credit card at PS. Received a collection call from Ben at Property...

Public Storage — storage insurance

Jo the mgr. Rebecca the district mgr. Are horrible and thieves they hire thieves and they cover for them also...

Public Storageviolation of policy

/Good Afternoon,
I am writing about at violation of my rights! The storage facility did inventory without permission, 2) The sold my unit before 9/19/13 the date listed on the invoice listed below. 3) The Regional V-P Dan refused to give more infomation
Customer Information

Donna Bush
3404 Pebble Beach Way #3402
Fort Worth, TX 76137
Phone: [protected]

Account Number: [protected]

Property Number: 29156
Space Number: A1081

Storage Location

Public Storage #29156
5623 Rufe Snow Drive
No Richland Hills, TX [protected]
Phone: [protected]

Monthly Rent $163.00
Rent Discount $0.00
Rent Tax $0.00
Insurance $0.00

Monthly Total $163.00
Current Balance

Current Balance (as of 08/11/2013) $437.20
Charges For Rental Term
09/01/2013 to 09/30/2013 * $163.00
Total Due $600.20
Your last payment of ($161.00) was made on 06/14/2013.

* Future charges apply only if Public Storage has not terminated your lease due to payment default.

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    Public Storagerefusal to release property

    A storage locker was rented and was 30 days past due. Full payment was made only to have the employee kate refuse to remove their lock for 45 minutes. She then told me i was a f****** idi****-and refused to give me insurance papers to file a claim for missing property. I understand that being late has consequences--yet after the entire debt was paid--to have to deal with her on top of missing property crosses the line.

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      • Michael minor Jul 08, 2015

        Actually people I have a confession to make. She was never rude to me. I was angry at her. I tried to get a date with her because she was pretty and she said no. In retaliation I made all this up about her to get her fired. She never swore at me or called me any names.

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      • Sa
        say it as it is Jul 08, 2015

        What kind of person does this to another, makes up lies because they were turned down for a date. How would you like it if someone did the same to you at your place of work, got angry at you and made up lies about your being rude just to get you fired.

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      Public Storagehigh pressure sales tactics

      Public storage is nothing more than a sales/marketing organization disguised as a storage business.
      The personnel move from facility to facility. It is heavily sales scripted. When you first make the call to the 800 number, in a matter of minutes you will get the feel that you are in a car dealership. Once they get your information they will make an appointment at the facility of your choosing. When you arrive they will prequalify you for the storage unit based on a series of questions and then take you around in the little golf cart to the storage unit based on the questions you have answered, very similar to the car dealer. Then when you return to the office they will try to close the deal and get your money. If they don’t get your money that day, they will make a sales follow-up call using another one of their employees to pressure you into a decision.
      They have a very sophisticated phone system. Once they have your phone numbers don’t try calling the 800 number back to reach the corporate office for any reason; it will only ring at the facility you visited.
      When I first checked these guys out I did not find any bad reviews at first and then I returned and Googled “Public Storage Reviews” and I got hundreds, no kidding. Oh and the “$1 First Month Rent*” is nothing more than a scam. Don’t just take my word for it, go to this site and read the “Top 301 Complaints and Reviews about Public Storage” at consumeraffairs.com.

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        Public Storage — poor service, crooked price hikes

        Do not buy into there $1.00 for first month!!! I got a huge unit, for at the start $199.00 a month... A year...

        www.publicstoragereviews.com — they started to overcharge me and no one warned about it

        I used the services of the company www.publicstoragereviews.com. I paid money for the storage, but these...

        Public Storagepoor business practices/

        I too am frustrated with Public Storage. I've been a customer since 2010. I was pressured and told that I had to carry insurance. I was also told that I had to purchase their locks. My unit doors did not go all the way to the ground so water came in every time it rained. They eventually ended up replacing the doors but charged me for new locks. My unit was also broken into and no one seemed to care. They said since their facility was gated they weren't responsible and their insurance didn't cover anything. Including damage to the doors. I even had to purchase yet ANOTHER new lock. I filed a police report but the police officer even said nothing ever happens in these cases and even said it was probably an inside job. My rent has gone up drastically every year to the sum of a 45%+ over 4 years. There has to be something we can do to fight this. I am moving my stuff at the end of the month after yet another increase was just applied to my account. Public Storage is a horrible company. They should not be allowed to take advantage of people this way. RUN far away from this company!!!

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          Public Storagejohn lewis, district manager

          I have been a customer of Public Storage for many many years. Personally and
          Professionally, I have paid Public Storage over $80, 000. Public Storage is very aware my Son has been fighting Cancer since October, 2013. One of my units has a
          balance due of $206.78, today, Monday, March 23, 2015. Due to my Son passing away, Sunday, March 23, 2015, I am unable to pay the amount of $206.78. My assistant notified John Lewis, District Manager, Sunday, March 22, 2015 per "text messages 9 times" to no avail ! Monday, March 23, 2015, she notified John Lewis,
          District Manager, "5 more times" to no avail ! A volunteer delivered a typed letter to
          Public Storage, Monday, March 23, 2015 regarding the status and confirming the $206.78 would be paid no later than Saturday, March 28, 2015. I need every penny
          for my Sons Funeral. John Lewis NEVER called, until "5-Minutes" before the Auction, today, Monday, March 23, 2015 and yelled at me that he was going to "AUCTION" my personal storage for the amount of $206.78!!! I am so heart broken. I just want to give up!!!

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            Public Storage — fraud

            The many complaints of high-pressure sales tactics regarding insurance, padlocks, inadequate security...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Public Storageunethical fees

            This company preys on people desperate for storage space when moving. They charge an excess amount because they can. They add extra fees, require the purchase of a 'special' lock and increase rental fees without notice! Upon move out they charge for the entire month if you move out after the 6th of the month! What other company gets away with these unethical and morally wrong policies???

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Public Storage — fees

              The Brits have a pejorative term for a person or company that engages in cunning and sneaky behavior that i...


              publicstoragereviews.comno one helped me and I haven't received code

              I subscribed for the services and storage from the website www.publicstoragereviews.com. I needed to enter the 5 digit code, but no one provided me it. I sent multiple emails to them, but no one replied. I still didn’t get how their website worked. And it was really disappointing that no one replied and helped me. I don’t recommend this website. Please, post comments about your experience on this website and do you get any help from these people.

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Public Storage — monopoly price fixing practices

                Since the company purchased Shurgard, the profits have gone up in direct proportion to the rent increase...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Public Storageexcessive rent increases

                It appears to be the consistent business practice of Public Storage, headquartered in California, to leverage rent increases against their customers once they have their customers belongings as ransom against objections or protests against outlandish rental increases. It appears that it is a business approach that is practiced nationally by this business, which also is exempt by its incorporation status from paying federal income taxes.

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                  • Vi
                    Violated-and-Angry Jan 12, 2015
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    Each state has specific self-storage laws and ALL storage unit companies MUST follow them to a T or be liable for their actions. See http://www.storagetreasures.com/general-information/state-lien-laws/[state name].

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                  • Mi
                    Michele Berends Apr 15, 2015

                    My husband and I rented a unit over one year ago. We were sent a letter they were raising our rental rate $50.00 and will do so every 6 months. We are paying for the highest price for the rental unit due to it's size. The last time I paid on this unit was by check. They said the funds were not there and our bank said that check never came through the bank. They are charging us for 2 months late fees and a return check charge. Talk to people at location of unit and they said it was out of their hands I need to talk to customer service because California handles that!!!

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                  Public Storage — illegal storage unit auction

                  I had a 10' X 20' unit from about October, 2010 to August, 2012. They illegally auctioned my unit...

                  Public Storage Inc.unlawful unit auction

                  Public storage of alexandria, va unlawfully auctioned off my storage unit last year. They failed to comply with a virginia self-storage law that says a company must notify a storage unit tenant in writing, with a registered or certified letter of the impending auction even after sending postcard notification via regular mail. If you have been the victim of a shady auction practice in your state, google "self-storage laws in [your state] for detailed information on that state's requirements. If your company did not follow that state's law, you should consult an attorney and see if there are any class-action lawsuits in that state.

                  The following are links to legal proceedings around the country, so do your homework-they will be on the hook for the value of the contents of your unit if you act quickly:



                  Also check out [redacted].com for more complaints against public storage or your storage company...

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                    Public Storage — filth, racist/sexist employees

                    This particular storage facility is a dump. Its dirty, they never clean the bathroom or sweep the floor...

                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Public Storagetakes advantage of existing customer with large rate increases

                    Public Storage does not care about long term customers. Typically, when you rent something long term and are a good customer (always pay on time, never cause any problems), the renting company will give you a good deal and will normally not raise the rent every year.

                    Well, it seems that public storage only cares about making money. I have been renting a storage unit for more than 6 years and the rent has gone up by more than 10% EVERY year. I called the customer service line and they say that my rental rate is below the market rate so they will not allow the rate to remain the same. (no courtesy holding of the rate or good will)

                    The company is taking advantage of the fact that it is not easy to switch storage unit providers. They probably have analyzed their historical data and know that people remain in units for so many years and don't move out. Customers (such as myself) are between a rock in a hard place ... do I take hours/days out of my life, rent a moving truck, and put my belongings in a different storage company's unit nearby so I can save $25 a month? Probably not ... and Public Storage knows this so what they are doing is borderline criminal.

                    I think people should unite and either petition for laws to protect storage unit consumers .. or .. file some sort of class action suit.

                    There should be a maximum that rent can increase every year ... something under 5% ... or something based on inflation or treasury bonds.

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                      • Re
                        Rex Remes Apr 09, 2014

                        I agree 100%. I have a storage unit with Public Storage in Virginia also. And they have raised the rent every year around 10% (I have had the unit for 7 years! ... I never intended for it to be that long, but that is another story). They also say that the new rate is below the market rate.

                        How can inflation be average about 2% over the last year but the rental rate has gone up 10% per year?

                        Public Storage is taking advantage of its customers. They know it is super inconvenient to change storage locations so they keep raising their rates after people move in ... which of course re-sets the market rate and the whole cycle starts over again the next year.

                        Definitely should be some legal or legislative action regarding this. I am surprised that current consumer protection laws do not cover this.

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                      • Tn
                        TNRT Jun 20, 2014

                        I absolutely agree. They reel you in with $1 a month initiation fee then over the course of years your rent becomes hundreds of dollars. For example, for the first 3 months of my thus far 3 year lease I pain $25. Now, I pay $200 a month. They insidiously increase the rent without notice- you just get a bill with increased amounts every 6 months or so.
                        Additionally they require insurance for your belonging while in their storage facility which is yet another way they get to charge you more.
                        I plan to get my item out ASAP, write a letter to their company directors and disperse this warning to anyone who is thinking of storage with Public storage.
                        Thank you.

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                      • Ch
                        Channer Sep 21, 2015

                        I completely agree! I haven't had the unit a year yet and the rent was increased by $32 or 18%. I signed the contract to have the unit at a price and expected that this would be the price for a minimum of a year. Laws need to be put in place restricting the maximum increase and also limiting the increase to an annual basis. Class action lawsuit or something needed.

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                      Public Storage — $3000 theft of clothing

                      Have been renting a storage unit from them for 2.5 years. Rent has increased by 25% during that time. Also...

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