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Public Storage Customer Service

131 Reviews

Public Storage

701 Western Avenue
United States - 91201

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 567 0759(Existing Customers)
84 35
+1 800 688 8057(Reserve Storage)
13 8
+1 888 797 6980(Modify Reservations)
12 4
+1 866 444 4747(Pay By Phone)
3 2
Mon5:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Tue5:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Wed5:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Thu5:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Fri5:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Sat5:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Sun5:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Public Storage Complaints & Reviews

Public Storage / public storage rent increase vs. new rental offerings

StorageRipOff on Aug 6, 2016

I moved to Johns Creek, GA in February, 2015 and had to downsize from 5-bedroom home to 2-bedroom apartment. Rented a 10x30 Storage Unit for $244. After only 4-months later the rent was increased to $286 (17% increase). 2nd Lease Renewal increase rent to $335 (another 17%). Property Manager...

Public Storage / unfair business practices, theft of services, and bad customer service

Ms Hurt on Jul 17, 2016

Public Storage ruined me and my kids life. I went thru a verybad domestic situation and was forced to put allmy belongings in storage in 7/15 and go into a safe haven with and my children. In 4/2016 I moved into a house and had planned on retrieving our things from storage. Two days after...

Public Storage / illegal fees and "auction" practices

Ash Pezzola on Jun 1, 2016

"This company preys on it's consumers. Their rates jump after the 2nd month, which shuts out most renters and it is when their items go for "auction". There is no real auction. Even when you win, they give it to their "auctioneers". The manager's behavior was so abusive, it resulted in a...

Public Storage / unauthorized ach withdrawal from a non-client

AngryGrrl on May 26, 2016

First I want to explain that I do not rent from Public Storage, I have never rented from Public Storage, and I do not have any rental agreement with Public Storage. I AM NOT THEIR CUSTOMER! Somehow Public Storage made an unauthorized ACH withdrawal for $216 from my checking account in May...

Public Storage / stealing

Meto45 on May 6, 2016

This is in refrence to on whats going on at the Pasadena Public Storage . Yesterday it was a guy in a AT&T truck with uniform saying he's from Corp. in Glendale . I think not . He had bolt cutters, and hanging with manager cutting peoples locks off and taking peoples things from there units . And...

Public Storage / payment due changed after notice to vacate given

Dave Reiman on Mar 7, 2016

Chronology of issue: 1. On or around Feb 24th, 4pm…I went to the Public Storage office 15510 NE 90th St Redmond, and advised the young man behind the counter that I intended to move out on March 3rd. I asked what the procedure is and how the rent for March would be calculated or pro-rated. He...

Public Storage / employee

EvelynQ on Jan 15, 2016

My husband and I are old customers of Public Storage, I had a unit for almost 7 years, 3 years ago, with no problems. I needed to rent out again another storage space, unfortunately my landlord sold the home we were living in and left us in a bad situation, so we are going to put the same...

Public Storage / bill increase

Jazzy27 on Dec 12, 2015

On my December statement I got an $30 dollars increase add it to my bill without any knowledge. When I called the Pubic storage customer support I was told that as a company they have the right to increase the bill as often as they would like. I was also told to be prepare for another...

Public Storage / racial profile

Reviewer40198 on Dec 2, 2015

In the Pasadena, Ca. area the Manager name is Tony, he goes into people units without asking and barking out threats . The staff at that location is very rude, that is the East Colorado blvd ., Pasadena, Ca. 91107 . By Tony have a anti-American attitude . He talking, his country this, hi...

Public Storage / infestation of mice/rat/damaged items

Reviewer85017 on Nov 12, 2015

Arranged to remove my items the first wk of Nov, 2015. Received a bill for $155.00 my contract amount was $130. I sent an email to try to find out about any increase and that its the law to give a 30 day notice. No reply. Up until I arrived at the gate to get my things and pay any amount...

Public Storage / rent for unit constantly being raised over 1.5 years

Laraine Doyle on Nov 9, 2015

I've rented from Public Storage for approximately 8 years. I transferred my unit to a smaller space, different location and less cost in 2014. I now rent at 7909 Sudley Road Manassas, VA. I called my location on 11/09/15 and complained about the escalting rent. The staff referred me to...

Public Storage / file complaints on this company with your state's ag and the us attorney's office in your state

Reviewer32294 on Oct 29, 2015

They have been committing fraudulent and unsavory business practices for years. I have just discovered that the alleged "certified mail tracking numbers" they say that are issued with the auction notices they allegedly mail are BOGUS. I recently wrote to the USPS to confirm a couple of...

Public Storage / untrue representations

Reviewer28503 on Sep 9, 2015

Act 20490985 1) 3 months ago I changed my credit card at PS. Received a collection call from Ben at Property 08409. I knew that it was impossible. Traveled a long distance to Ben- again presented my (new) credit card to be used. I was assured that the problem was solved. Early this month...

Public Storage / storage insurance

Reviewer13020 on Sep 2, 2015

Jo the mgr. Rebecca the district mgr. Are horrible and thieves they hire thieves and they cover for them also horrible customer service won't file a claim when items are obviously STOLEN BEWARE OF PUBLIC STORAGE ON n Sharon amity and their staff!!! ABC would not offer insurance

Public Storage / violation of policy

dkbush on Jul 27, 2015

/Good Afternoon, I am writing about at violation of my rights! The storage facility did inventory without permission, 2) The sold my unit before 9/19/13 the date listed on the invoice listed below. 3) The Regional V-P Dan refused to give more infomation Customer Information Donna...

Public Storage / refusal to release property

Michael minor on Jul 8, 2015

A storage locker was rented and was 30 days past due. Full payment was made only to have the employee kate refuse to remove their lock for 45 minutes. She then told me i was a f****** idi****-and refused to give me insurance papers to file a claim for missing property. I understand that...

Public Storage / high pressure sales tactics

Mr. Goldfinder99 on Jun 19, 2015

Public storage is nothing more than a sales/marketing organization disguised as a storage business. The personnel move from facility to facility. It is heavily sales scripted. When you first make the call to the 800 number, in a matter of minutes you will get the feel that you are in a car...

Public Storage / poor service, crooked price hikes

joseph ware on Jun 5, 2015

Do not buy into there $1.00 for first month!!! I got a huge unit, for at the start $199.00 a month... A year latter, or just over that, im now being charged $320.00 a month!!! Thats way higher then any cost of living increases... They constantly give you 30 days notices there raising your... / they started to overcharge me and no one warned about it

ciao33 on May 21, 2015

I used the services of the company I paid money for the storage, but these jerks started to take larger sum from me. They haven’t explained for what and they haven’t warned me that the price has been changed. I was disappointed, ‘coz it...

Public Storage / poor business practices/

JillRenee on Apr 7, 2015

I too am frustrated with Public Storage. I've been a customer since 2010. I was pressured and told that I had to carry insurance. I was also told that I had to purchase their locks. My unit doors did not go all the way to the ground so water came in every time it rained. They...