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+1 866 444 4747 (Pay By Phone)
701 Western Avenue
Glendale, California
United States - 91201
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Complaints & Reviews

Public Storage — I rented a storage on 2/6 and it was broken in on 2/13, yes a week later!

I went to the store at 26572 and purchased a storage. The people their a man and a woman helped me. We were...

Public, Storage incstorage locker

Public storage pirates, lies, broken promises, locks your unit, confiscates your material! Headquarters glendale, az, u. S. A.

Public storage promises $1 for the first month's rent. My first month's "rent" totaled 57.25!! They never did a one dollar rent for me. Public storage has doubled their rates over the past 3 years. The unit is the smallest available and, there is no climate control; not even a pull string light. The rate is $187/month for the smallest unit. The rate is an outrage. A storage unit with no climate control nor any thing else would be 5/month absolute tops. I could not afford the outrageous rate. These are very hard times, and public storage has to charge less, not double. That is the poorest of public relations! I told the "manager" that I could not pay the outrageous rent right now, but I do have work lined up within the next month. We have been unable to find any place to rent for 9 months. Whereupon, public storage put an "over lock" on my unit!! When I patiently explained to public storage that any storage provider will allow 3 months before taking punitive measures, the "district manager" and the employee made up lies that "in the contract" this and that!! Any contract that is immoral is automatically null and void.

Public storage does not even tell you where your material will be auctioned off!! I told them that my wife and I have winter clothes, overcoats, long johns, et cetera, and that they must remove the lock so that we can at least get that. "customer focus" my big toe!! It is a "member s&p 500". So what!! Public storage are pirates; preying on people. Public confiscation of your assets must have all of their assets confiscated and the moneys distributed to those whom have been robbed by this predatory, pirating, ransacking, secretive, heinous, criminal, abominable outfit!
Public storage did not even give our long johns back. They even auctioned them off, which is a violation of municipal and state health statutes.

Darren smith: "district manager"

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    • Updated by Rocky · Dec 27, 2016

      publlc storage, inc, STOLE our clothing, winter clothes, winter coats, long johns, sports jackets, shirts, pants, ties - everything but the photo albums and tracts.

    Public Storage — hot unit and late fee

    From: Sixcia Devine #25439 In October I was set up for automatic withdrawal payments but when my card needed...

    Public Storage — no notice of auction

    I wasn't told until last Friday that my unit is going to auction tomorrow. When I spoke with property manager...

    Public Storageliars

    Do not use Public Storage, these people are real thieves and liars!
    First of all they lied to me about the size of the unit, it was way smaller than it was described. So I ended up renting another unit and paying extra!
    Then they increased the bill without any warning. I went to their local office and they said that later they will increase the bill again!
    These money hungry scammers!
    People, check the reviews, read about these guys before you decide to use their service! They are terrible!

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      Public Storagestorage unit

      I was told they no longer would be able to let me have access to 24 hr to store my trailer, the manager told me I needed to find a different place and told me she didn't know how long I had to get out by and wanted to let me know because the cops may come when I came to get my trailer I bread and get my trailer at 1am. I asked for a time frame she said she didn't have one .I received this notice and I have been there for seven years with no problems and paid in advance like always, I have asked them to fix the lights for eight months and about trimming the trees because they were scratching my trailer she said I could trim them so I did the lights she never fixed and now I get booted out of my spot. summerfield location in fl.

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        Public Storage — bait and switch pricing

        We were baited and switched. We signed up online for $158 / month. I asked at the store in person if this wa...

        Public Storagepublic storage

        On July 31st 2016, $684 dollars taken out of Wells Fargo bank account. Payment submitted was for $176 dollars. I have contacted public storage over 10 times. Not once has anyone contacted me. In will be contacting better business bureau immediately. Lien and extra fees and b no communication whatsoever. Unprofessional business fraud practices.

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          Public Storagepublic storage rent increase vs. new rental offerings

          I moved to Johns Creek, GA in February, 2015 and had to downsize from 5-bedroom home to 2-bedroom apartment. Rented a 10x30 Storage Unit for $244. After only 4-months later the rent was increased to $286 (17% increase). 2nd Lease Renewal increase rent to $335 (another 17%).

          Property Manager (John) unable to help, but he is a great guy. Customer Service (Demonte) [protected] was very "Cavalier" in his attitude and not very helpful. Demonte should not be in Customer Service but he is a clear reflection of Public Storage's business culture and lack of caring for their customers once they have moved in.

          Aside from the rent increase being excessive, they are well above the $269 price currently offered for new move-ins to the same sized unit. This is true across multiple local Public Storage locations. This seems like an unfair, and perhaps illegal, business practice.


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            • Kc
              kcn95133 Apr 29, 2017

              I moved into Public Storage locate at 1600 Watson Ct. Milpitas, CA 95035 over a year ago, December 2015 to be exact. The rents were $300 +/- a month for the first unit and $250 +/- for second unit. Now my rents are $399 for the first unit and $365 +/- for the second unit. Couple months ago I spoke to one of my neighbor unit next to mine. He said he had rent there for about 10 years and he was currently pay $500 a month. At the same time Public Storage offers $1 first month rent and $288 +/- a month after that. This is for units size 10x30. This is really interesting/questioning how Public Storage runs its business. I would imagine they would like to have as many units occupy as possible all the time and want the current tenants to stay as long as possible. After all, advertise and promotions was all about, right? First month rent for $1 is a good promotion to draw the customers to the company and hopefully customers will stay after their first month. What am saying is it doesn't make sense and not fair for customers who rent the same size units for more than 5 years have to pay almost twice as much as new ĉustomers just moved in. First month rent for $1 is a good promotion, but to avoid that for the benefits of the company, Public Storage should set up discount prices to honor their loyal customers who rent long term instead of raising the rent every few months. I urge the higher level of management, district manager, corporate office, especially, company's financial department look into this matter and work out a better plan.

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            Public Storage — unfair business practices, theft of services, and bad customer service

            Public Storage ruined me and my kids life. I went thru a verybad domestic situation and was forced to put...

            Public Storage — illegal fees and "auction" practices

            "This company preys on it's consumers. Their rates jump after the 2nd month, which shuts out most renters and...

            Public Storage — unauthorized ach withdrawal from a non-client

            First I want to explain that I do not rent from Public Storage, I have never rented from Public Storage, and...

            Public Storage — stealing

            This is in refrence to on whats going on at the Pasadena Public Storage . Yesterday it was a guy in a AT&T...

            Public Storage — payment due changed after notice to vacate given

            Chronology of issue: 1. On or around Feb 24th, 4pm…I went to the Public Storage office 15510 NE 90th St...

            Public Storage — employee

            My husband and I are old customers of Public Storage, I had a unit for almost 7 years, 3 years ago, with no...

            Public Storage — bill increase

            On my December statement I got an $30 dollars increase add it to my bill without any knowledge. When I called...

            Public Storage — racial profile

            In the Pasadena, Ca. area the Manager name is Tony, he goes into people units without asking and barking out...

            Public Storageinfestation of mice/rat/damaged items

            Arranged to remove my items the first wk of Nov, 2015. Received a bill for $155.00 my contract amount was $130. I sent an email to try to find out about any increase and that its the law to give a 30 day notice. No reply. Up until I arrived at the gate to get my things and pay any amount the was left as a balance. Bill the attendant saw us trying to open the gate and walked over to the golf chart with some one and ignored me and drove away saying nothing...we had no options but to wait. Upon his return he flagged us to go to the office. We paid for our space and to lock us out and take away time I needed to unload the storage was appalling.Once the storage co cut our lock and said they never entered my unit but we found and have the lock they left inside the unit-violation -they lied. We paid for the extra pay offered to us by manager . That day speaking with the manager regarding charges Bill would interject saying "we dont have to give you any notice of rate increase" on the second day we were finding large bugs and rat/mice droppings everywhere and took pixs of it, trying to shake out the mess, Bill would drive by several times we have pixs and say you need to be out by 6pm becasue that is the time he leaves, so I told him we paid for the day and gates close at 7pm we were out by 6:59 pm on the day we were supposed to be out there was a older woman very nice. Never told us to be out by 6pm she left after here shift. Bill made a point to tell us he need us out by 6pm the manager or this women did tell us this...we have rented from your storage place 1.5 yrs and to be treated the way he treated us saying he didn't care about us customers...and harrassing us...at the end we took pixs of the rats /mice poo and bugs...we left card board boxes cut up to place in trash bin but it was locked. I things may not be important to your company but it belongs to our home we lost. I am a single mom who works hard for the things we have. To treat us and our things we so paid high prices for and receive them damaged is sad.The cost to repair, clean restore...its at a loss. I cant get insurance from storage to call me. Estella Rangel [protected]

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              • italstal54 Nov 12, 2015
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                At which public storage is this at? Our family may be moving again next year to northwest Indiana if need be is why I'm asking so we do not choose the wrong one.
                Thank you

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              • No
                Nora ybarra Dec 07, 2015
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                I had a unit on ben white here in austin tx. Well come to find out they were rat infested and no one bothered to tell us upon move in. So not only did our items get damaged from the rats now insurance is not returning our calls. I guess were out of luck on ALL OUR STORAGE items. DO NOT RENT FROM PUBLIC STORAGE THEY STEAL FROM YOUR UNIT AND WILL NOT PAY YOU FOR YOUR DAMAGES. But they sure are quick to call and collect a payment but not help get your items reimburse.

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              • Ja
                Jaime Stillwell May 07, 2017
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                Public storage in Auburn Washington is also horrible. First my family lost stuff due to a fire and water damage and only given 1 day to remove our stuff and also move what we could salvage to another unit and then that other unit I just found out was infested by rodents. My stuff was safe (no food) and not a problem with infestation the whole 5 years I had it in the previous unit, but the outdoor ones are infested and was told by other people down the same isle as me that they were moving out and lost their stuff for same reason. Storage didn't let us know they knew about the problem to ask us to come check our stuff or anything. Rats had all winter to nest in there. They also will not help with removal of my items or help me by getting us a dumpster so we can toss our stuff. I am disabled and have no help or real physical ability to safely take care of my items now. They could at least help with removing my items since I've payed them to pretty much let all of my stuff go to hell anyway. Storing your stuff at public storage is about as good as just leaving your stuff at the side of the road. You may as well just take all your stuff to the public dump and get it over with sooner and with paying less money.

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              Public Storage — rent for unit constantly being raised over 1.5 years

              I've rented from Public Storage for approximately 8 years. I transferred my unit to a smaller space...

              Public Storagefile complaints on this company with your state's ag and the us attorney's office in your state

              They have been committing fraudulent and unsavory business practices for years. I have just discovered that the alleged "certified mail tracking numbers" they say that are issued with the auction notices they allegedly mail are BOGUS. I recently wrote to the USPS to confirm a couple of those numbers they claimed were attached to auction notices allegedly mailed to me before they illegally auctioned of my unit, #2032 of 370 Holland Lane, Alexandria, VA 22312, in August of 2012. Report them to as many consumer and state legal agencies as you can-they must be put out of business and their corporate officers jailed for condoning these practices. Their Chief Legal Officer is Lily Yan Hughes and their chief in-house counsel is Steven Glick at [protected]@publicstorage.com. Corp. address is 701 Western Avenue, Glendale, CA.

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