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Resolved my storage unit

Me & my husband had a storage unit with public storage for over 2 yrs We called them to pay our payment they tell us they sold out things & they mailed us 3 letters. Ok the thing is they mailed it to the wrong address Knowing they had our new 1 I'm looking at 3 letters they have sent 2 us. They owe us money from the unit it's been 2 weeks can't get any 1 to call us back. They did us wrong I'm calling a lawyer & getting ahold of the BBB They should be put out of buisness They are rude & don't take the right steps in tryin to contact someone They will know they should NOT b aloud 2 run it any longer

  • Th
    The Ogre May 18, 2012

    It takes missing months of payments to have your items sold out of your unit. Since you were not paying your rent didnt it occur to you that this might happen? Its not like you missed one payment and they sold your things.

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I rented out a 10×10 unit (size big enough for a two bedroom apartment) from public storage on 1414 S. Wabash on Oct 31, 2009. I put all my belongings in there thinking that my things would be safe. I paid on time every month. On Feb 6, 2010 I went into Public Storage to make a payment and decided to check on my belongings to make sure everything was Okay and which it was. The next month Mar 6, 2010, I went into Public Storage to make a payment and needed to get some things out of my rental space. So when I went to open the door I noticed that I could not turn my key. So I went to the employee on duty and asked him if there was a reason to why my key was no working. So he checked the system and said ” well you haven’t paid late so we wouldn’t have any reason to change the locks”. So we went to my rental space and he tried the key as well and it still did not work. So he told me that i will have to have the locks changed and that they can change the locks but I would have to pay for a new lock (which I thought was crazy because the locks shouldn’t have been changed in the first place). He told me that his supervisor Mike Cook had to change them but he will not be in until a couple week later, but he will call him and see if he could come in sooner then that. So I told him okay just have him change the locks. So the employee called me the next day saying that his supervisor would be in to change the locks and to come in t pick up the keys, I told him okay I will be in as soon as I get off work. He called me back maybe 30 minutes later and told me that they came down to change the locks and that there was NOTHING in the unit. Some one broke into my unit STOLE EVERYTHING and changed the locks. So I left work and came to Public Storage and my things were GONE!!! I filed a police report and file a claim with the insurance me run around, I wanted to review the cameras and they have not cooperating with me. I’m starting to believe this was an INSIDE job. I just want Public Storage to know that this is absolutely unacceptable and I am going to fight this all the way to the end. You can not just so or allow someone things to be stolen and think that it okay. NO IT’S NOT.

Resolved rented me a space in which I could not store my stuff

I recently called the 800 number for support and facility locations in Austin. I explained to them the size...

may end up as a bait-and-switch

Do NOT fall for the $1.00 ADS - Neither the unit, nor the price are guaranteed at all. We reserved a unit...

threw away a check and then added late charges

I would never use Public Storage again. I've experienced the sudden raising of rates and recently I asked for my current rates. It is written on cards handed to me - yet that current rate turns out to be minus the "insurance" which is NOT optional and therefore became a late charge. They know it is hard to argue when they have your stuff and you cannot easily pickup and move everything. Paying in pennies was very passive agressive - but it felt very good. Complaints to corporate just go on answered. Do NOT use them if you have a choice!

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I have never been treated so badly by a company in my life

After suffering a painful foreclosure in 1999, I slowly purchased household items so that when I purchased a new house in the future I would.

In 2009 I rented storage space from Public Storage and put all my household items in it. I had enough item for every room of my future home.

In December 2009 I noticed the lock to my storage unit had been tampered with. One of the locks had been cut through, the other lock was jammed in such a way that it was jammed and my key would not work. I had to climb a ladder to the top of my storage unit to look down into the unit to see what had been stolen.The metal grate on top of the unit had been cut and pulled back and my property had been lifted up from this whole in the grate.

Every time I had come to check on my unit before the theft, a male and a female Public Storage employee would casually strole by and look into my unit whenever I would be standing in the open door of my unit.

I found out about the theft when I went to pay my bill. As I was paying my bill the male employee did not inform me that My locks had been tampered with. There was also a policeman in the office when I was paying my bill.

Again, the employee did not inform me of the theft to my unit while the police officer was there. And he was very arrogant. I felt so devastated and violated by the theft and honestly did not know what to do. The items I had in storage represented my hope of purchasing a new home in the future. After previously suffering a foreclosure this theft was equally devastating.

After I went home I Called Public Storage and spoke with that female employee and told her I would return with the police and file a police report. She told me I could not call the police and that she would not be there. She sounded very nervous and I have not seen her there since. She seems to have vanished.

Now I’ll talk about the insurance Public Storage insisted I buy from a company that is affiliated with them. When I reported the theft they told me that the policy required that I have receipts for each stolen item. However, the insurance company refused to send me a copy of the police even though I requested it three times and pay insurance every month.

I have never been treated so badly by a company in my life. I firmly believe Public Storage employees were involved in the theft of property from my storage unit.

rude and nasty workers and tried to rip me off

On 6 / 26 / 10 i showd up at public storage on bardstown rd in louisville, ky to clean it out. I have lost my...

Resolved company wants to collect a second montly rent when the lease was terminated

My rental agreement says my monthly rent is due on or before 1st of the month;it also states that late charge...


I rented out a 10x10 unit (size big enough for a two bedroom apartment) from public storage on 1414 S. Wabash...

Resolved overcharging

Upon investigating the pricing structure of a 10' X 10' rental space I had rented back in 2000...

Resolved scam 100%

My complaint is that public storage said they would give me till the end of the month to pay my bill and by the 28th of the month they sold my property and now they are my credit report talking about i owe them 334.oo dollars .

if there is someone out there that could help me to sue there [censored]ing [protected]@# please help me out that i would love to stick it to them.i would truely appreciate the help because these people are getting over on everyone, they sell your stuff and u still have to have your credit ruined that is a load of cr*p.

  • Re
    Redheadedhellion Mar 22, 2010

    Rent is ALWAYS due on the first of each month. Between the 7th and 11th is when a late fee incurs (this is dependent on if you are a former Shurgard tenant or PS tenant.) After 30 days of non payment a $50 lien fee is assessed, and your lock will have been cut off and replaced with a secured company lock at this time. The following month, auctions are held towards the end of any given month. In total, an individual will have had 6-7 weeks to pay their entire balance owned to retain their possessions. During this time frame, we call tenants on a weekly basis, for the delinquency. We mail out certified letters to the address on file, if the letters are returned to us (Invalid address, unclaimed, refused, etc.) we retain it in your file. These letters are mailed out 15 days after rent becomes overdue. Also, the public auction information is published. PS has strict procedures for handling delinquent tenants, and in my district, if there is even the smallest problem in our legal procedure we do not sell them. You signed a lease stating all these guidelines. The amount you owe is less the amount paid by the bidder who purchased your possessions. Consider paying your bills ontime.

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  • Ho
    howstupidcanyoube Apr 29, 2010

    You probably had nothing but crap stored in the first place. Good luck suing, jackoff.

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  • Da
    dale e washington Aug 09, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you need to provide which state you are in because permissible late fees, notices and things differ.

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  • Sh
    Sherry Ramsey Feb 06, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I worked for PS years ago and now rent a unit from them. I rented two years ago and have had two rent increases since then. I can't wait to move and get our things out of their facility. They are heartless and make me feel at times that they want to be able to auction off your property to make even more money. When I worked for them in the 1980"s. I do not recall us raising customer's rent thay ofen...it is just sad how they operate!!!

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Resolved terrible experience

As I left for Dallas Texas last November 2007, I stopped at Public Storage to pick up a few items. Before Leaving the location I stopped at the front desk to see if everything was ok and up to date with my storage space, and yes I was assured everything was fine. It was made clear of my trip was job related.

As of a few days past from my departure, a phone call was made received by me from the facility manager stating a $34.00 payment was due. I told them I was at a clerk of courts office doing title work and it would have to wait, and ok was the response.

2 weeks later I get a certified letter stating a routine check on the unit revealed the lock missing and a response being requested of me. Let me tell you I did. to no avail to I get any help. Days and weeks leading up to this time frame this location had many employee problems i.e., not opening when they should, employee(s) being arrested by probation/parole officer from California and theft of cash from payments being made over the front counter.

Well the rest tells the story. Arrangements for payment were made and the parties trying to help was rejected. So, The property I had stored in this unit was auctioned off before I made it back to New Orleans, LA. I was observed bringing in and out through the front entrance computer gear and of course I went with my gut feeling to remove such gear and ship it out to Texas. Let me tell you, I know for a fact my unit was accessed by the file key and it was done by a PUBLIC STORAGE EMPLOYEE thinking they could score big.

Due to the unit going up for auction, no checks could be accepted but in fact one was deposited at the request of the location management one day after the items sold. List of Items: Personal greeting cards from years past sent/given to me by family, Clothing times, Shoes, Boots, Personal blank checks, a Brief Case with credit cards inside, Clothing Box with many Clothes(Winter), Tools, Underwear (What Perverts), Personal Art signed to me, Plaques of awards and being Published, Personalized Golf Items, Minor Computer and Office supplies, Business Publications, Just a lot of stuff that cannot be replaced. Make note they managed to get me the plastic file box with personal papers inside back with a portrait of myself and a pitney Bowes Machine that couldn't be sold anyway.

You see, upon my return, I had what was left being caught through while I was present. The District manager Kevin, told them to dispose of any evidence that was on the premises. I contacted the corporate offices of PUBLIC STORAGE and they were telling me oh that just cant be.

Well, months latter now I have possibly credit fraud attempts through credit issuing agencies and bureaus and emails going on. I am not letting this die you see I set up PUBLICSTORAGE.blogdrive.com using the color scheme and logo to spread the word of the criminal enterprise. College Campus and the like I am posting and building a strong case to close down the illegal operation.

damages / horrible customer service

My husband & I relocated from Colorado to Virginia. We rented a space from the Public Storage on Jefferson Ave in Newport News. We were there until July 7th, 2008. We received a letter from the facility saying that they were going to be replacing the unit doors starting in June.
The day we went to move out, we found some of our property had been moved, gone through & the glass shelves in my china hutch had been broken . My hutch had been moved away from the wall where the mover had put it.
In august I received a collection notice from Publc Storages collection agency. I contacted the collection agency, they were very helpful & froze the account so we wouldn't get any more notices. I explained to the gentleman that we had been trying to get the facility & their District Manager to resolve the issue .
I explained that they said they would take care of the problem for us initially, but then quit returning our calls.
Today 11/03/08 I have tried yet again to get a resolution to this issue. Now I am being told that they can't talk to me about the issue, even though I am the one they have been dealing with for these past several months.

Resolved cheating those who evacuate

I was in Public Storage for 3 months. I let them know a month in advance I was moving out, I reminded them a...

stolen property

I had rented a storage unit for nearly 3 years without any issues until the week before I was scheduled to...

Resolved bad service

I filed a water & rodent loss/damage claim against Public Storage. Their loss/damage claim representative is Hertz Claim Management. After months of debates with Public Storage's On-Site Manager Edwina Pechardo & Hertz Claim Management's Supervisor Kevin Acree my case was sent to Hertz Claim Management for review and was promptly denied. The denial letter only made mention of the water damage. They claim that the water was run off standing water in a facility that doesn't have running water or water piping. Public Storage or it Agents didn't take under consideration the structural damage that allowed the run off water to enter their structure. Nor did they consider the rodent damage portion of my claim. I was told that without pictures they couldn't consider the rodent damage. That is understandable, but Hertz denied my water damage claim without said pictures. I have since forwarded copies of the picture showing damage and a Public Storage employee poking a stick through one of the many holes in the storage unit's foundation.

  • Te
    Terri Goodwin Sep 20, 2014

    Public Storage is the worst ever!!! Don't let them fool you with that first month $1 stuff!!! They raise the rents every 5 mins. I have been a loyal customer for almost a year now at Public Storage. In August 2014 because of identity theft I couldn't pay my storage fee. But I did pay all August fees promptly on Sept. 3, 2014.
    When I went to pay they said I had a lien fee of $55 so I said o.k. I will pay it. They told me at the time that I paid August rent that the $55 lien fee would be paid but instead the put the $55.00 toward Sept. payment leaving a lien fee amount owing on my bill.
    Then they would not allow me access in or out of my unit without going into the office for them to let me in.

    They have horrible customer service and bad attitudes!!!


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  • Pu
    Public Storage Mar 21, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have 3 units here. Steve, the manager, is friendly and helpful. And the facility is clean and well maintained. However, there is a "floating" employee named "Luna" that works here part-time. She is terrible. Has no idea how to treat customers. Has threatened and lied to both my wife and I about rent policy and other issues. Lazy. Recommend that you refuse to deal with her and let Steve and the District Manager, Bill, know if you encounter her.

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Resolved multi-billion dollar company cheats the little guy

I stored my belongings with University Storage in Tampa when I went to live in China in 2002. They were...

Resolved I just want them out of my life!

This is long, so please pardon me. I was searching for complaints on Public Storage and ran acro...