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Public Storage

701 Western Avenue
United States - 91201

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 567 0759(Existing Customers) 81 33
+1 800 688 8057(Reserve Storage) 13 7
+1 888 797 6980(Modify Reservations) 11 4
+1 866 444 4747(Pay By Phone) 3 0
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Mon5:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Tue5:00 AM - 9:00 PM
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Public Storage Complaints & Reviews

Public Storage / scam

Folkm on Oct 23, 2011
I rented out a 10×10 unit (size big enough for a two bedroom apartment) from public storage on 1414 S. Wabash on Oct 31, 2009. I put all my belongings in there thinking that my things would be safe. I paid on time every month. On Feb 6, 2010 I went into Public Storage to make a...

Public Storage Unit / rented me a space in which I could not store my stuff

G Thompson on Aug 16, 2011
I recently called the 800 number for support and facility locations in Austin. I explained to them the size and reason why I would need the storage unit. I was storing my wave runner which sits on a tandem trailer with a 8.5 foot width. I went to the rental location in south Austin and...

Public Storage / may end up as a bait-and-switch

Business Person on Jul 7, 2011
Do NOT fall for the $1.00 ADS - Neither the unit, nor the price are guaranteed at all. We reserved a unit, had a confirmation email in hand, confirmed with them over the phone (and they call daily until you talk to them); even went to the facility a few days early to make sure everything...

Public Storage / threw away a check and then added late charges

Ticktock on Jun 28, 2011
I would never use Public Storage again. I've experienced the sudden raising of rates and recently I asked for my current rates. It is written on cards handed to me - yet that current rate turns out to be minus the "insurance" which is NOT optional and therefore became a late charge...

Public Storage / I have never been treated so badly by a company in my life

Achikane on Apr 7, 2011
After suffering a painful foreclosure in 1999, I slowly purchased household items so that when I purchased a new house in the future I would. In 2009 I rented storage space from Public Storage and put all my household items in it. I had enough item for every room of my future home. In...

Public Storage / poor customer service

Worst customer service on earth Miami Cocunt Grove managers can scream at you and give you fake rates, after you move in they will increase them!!! They wont give you the codes to pay online so they can charge you the extra late fees for 20 USD. Hate them! After 50 phone calls they ll pick up and bark at you. its a big nooo

Public Storage / rude and nasty workers and tried to rip me off

On 6 / 26 / 10 i showd up at public storage on bardstown rd in louisville, ky to clean it out. I have lost my id but had a copy plus proof with other forms of id. I told the heavt set rude loud mouth lady at desk this and she was rude and not nice from start. Sher refused to help me...

Public Storage / company wants to collect a second montly rent when the lease was terminated

My rental agreement says my monthly rent is due on or before 1st of the month;it also states that late charge is due after 20th of the month.They advertised that the first month would cost a dollar and I paid for 2 months in advance.I have never missed any monthly rent.I have been with...

Public Storage / burglary

I rented out a 10x10 unit (size big enough for a two bedroom apartment) from public storage on 1414 S. Wabash on Oct 31, 2009. I put all my belongings in there thinking that my things would be safe. I paid on time every month. On Feb 6, 2010 I went into Public Storage to make a payment and...

Public Storage / overcharging

Upon investigating the pricing structure of a 10' X 10' rental space I had rented back in 2000, that I was currently paying $308/mo for, I found that Public Storage was leasing the same spaces with their $1 for the first month rental advertised fee, for $160/mo. When I questioned...

Public Storage / scam 100%

My complaint is that public storage said they would give me till the end of the month to pay my bill and by the 28th of the month they sold my property and now they are my credit report talking about i owe them 334.oo dollars . if there is someone out there that could help me to sue there...

Public Storage / terrible experience

As I left for Dallas Texas last November 2007, I stopped at Public Storage to pick up a few items. Before Leaving the location I stopped at the front desk to see if everything was ok and up to date with my storage space, and yes I was assured everything was fine. It was made clear of my...

Public Storage / damages / horrible customer service

My husband & I relocated from Colorado to Virginia. We rented a space from the Public Storage on Jefferson Ave in Newport News. We were there until July 7th, 2008. We received a letter from the facility saying that they were going to be replacing the unit doors starting in June. The day...

Public Storage / cheating those who evacuate

I was in Public Storage for 3 months. I let them know a month in advance I was moving out, I reminded them a week in advance, I told them again the day before, and the day of move out. 3 weeks passes since I move out and they contact me saying I owe them money. I called back repeatedly...

Public Storage / stolen property

I had rented a storage unit for nearly 3 years without any issues until the week before I was scheduled to vacate at the end of June of this year. I had visited my storage unit on Sat June 21st to grab a few boxes and things were fine. I called the office on Thurs. afternoon which was June...

Public Storage / bad service

I filed a water & rodent loss/damage claim against Public Storage. Their loss/damage claim representative is Hertz Claim Management. After months of debates with Public Storage's On-Site Manager Edwina Pechardo & Hertz Claim Management's Supervisor Kevin Acree my case was sent to...

Public Storage / multi-billion dollar company cheats the little guy

I stored my belongings with University Storage in Tampa when I went to live in China in 2002. They were bought out by Public Storage. I received a statement dated 12/15/06 from Public Storage with a note that I was paid to September 1 of 2007. The fee I paid was $706 for a year, including...

Public Storage - West Haven, CT / I just want them out of my life!

This is long, so please pardon me. I was searching for complaints on Public Storage and ran across my3cents.com. I'm in a dilemma with Public Storage in West Haven, CT. In March, 2006, I became homeless after my landlord did not pay her mortgage and the bank foreclosed. The bank wanted...


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