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Please read the following facts before dealing with these con men.

NRED confirms that PSI Test Center is the only game in town. Can you say "kick backs" ?!
Secretary of State/Nevada can not confirm certain CEO licences. Nor do they care...
PSI will not acknowledge any study sources, and/or outside learning material. They compose the testing, and grade it themselves. You basically take the test based on outside entity materials unrelated to the actual exam. Exams and pass/fail statistics are not published. If you fail, they don't tell you why. You receive a one page print out on what you allegedly were tested on. WITH NO PROOF. You basically pay for a service and leave empty handed.
Test questions are based on semantics, and speculation, only half are factual.
They publish NO information what so ever. You go in blind, an leave frustrated less the $100 test fee.
They make more money on failed tests because of the return rate, and fact that they have no competition.


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    jame lyons Sep 07, 2012

    I found this opportunity on Craigslist and applied then went to the orientation, a few minutes into the presentation came how much pay you will make $300 to infinity. Well I said I don't want to discuss money I want the facts and he presumed with the outline. The company is called "Metro Public Adjustment Inc." which is under PSI Services LLC. The testing and incensing and registration with the state costs somewhere about $350 dollars to get going, doesn't sound bad doesn't it? I researched the responsibilities for developing a payed "commission" YOU have got to go out and fetch the clients and convince them they could get more on a claim then their insurance company would bring??? This is nuts a total 3rd party rip off on insurance companies doing a complete job 5 to 20 times more than the insurance company would pay, that will raise the cost to the home owner. They say your premiums would not increase. This challenge to convince home owners to take this approach is very difficult and scandalous position to take. If YOU are a unconscionable type of person go for it, for me I live a clean life with no regrets.

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