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1. The boat had engine trouble most of the time which impacted the timing, port experiences, and excursions. At the beginning they said one engine wasn't working so we would be moving slower, I don't know if it was ever fixed.

2. When we arrived at each port, the crew seemed very unorganized and it took hours to get off the boat. Then because we were late, our time at each port was extremely limited.

3. The bar charges - I made sure to clarify when I ordered that we had the princess plus package. The last day, my husband and I were both charged for several drinks and were well within our limit since it was the night before we left. Leighton is 5 and definitely was not ordering drinks or anywhere without us.

4. We missed Amber Cove and the captain said it was due to weather, but we were moving slow and behind the whole time. When my family looked up the forecast, there were no storms anywhere near us.

5. The boat seemed very run down and not well kept. There were tears in the beds, wrinkly sheets, extremely smelly hallways, holes and cracks in the deck, tiles missing, etc. It was the least maintained cruiseship that I have been on.

6. Many other people on the ship were frustrated with over charging, not being reimbursed, and the disorganization of most of the trip.

7. We were reimbursed for the excursion on Amber Cove, but it definitely didn't replace the disappointment. Again, the boat was having issues and rumbling along the whole time. Our drinks were literally shaking on our table every night at dinner with our chairs vibrating. I have only been on 2 cruises before, but my inlaws have been on several and have never felt anything like it.

8. It seems like we experienced many "weather" related issues that impacted our cruise that may have been an excuse to not be held liable.

9. The value for the money was not up to par. My family of 3 alone spent over $6,000 and we had no time to explore ports, had one port canceled, and spent 3 days at sea jammed on the boat. The lines were insane, nowhere to sit, and it felt like Disneyland all 3 days.

10. The communication was not very clear and it was hard to understand what was going on and what went wrong to justify some of the decisions that were made.

11. We had a great deal of support with luggage and directions from Princess until our flights with Delta. The traveling from Saturday to today was an absolute nightmare. We got separated from my inlaws last night, were put up in two run down hotels, and just had issue after issue. I understand this isn't directly part of the "cruise" but we could have used some help since we had flight protection and booked everything together.

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