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Popeyes complaints 644

Popeyes - popeyes takeout - new orleans

We went through the drive through at the Popeyes located at 3100 S Carrollton in New Orleans between 1:00 and 1:15 pm on April 23. We were told to pull up to the trash can where we waited for at least 10 minutes.

We ordered 2 shrimp/chix finger dinners, 1 with ranch and 1 with BBQ dipping sauce. We also ordered an extra side of buffalo sauce. Our drinks were Sprite and Dr P.

We made it home only to realize that none of the dipping sauces were in the bag (which was torn by the way), and our ticket was missing. To top it off, 1 of the chix strips was almost entirely batter with hardly any chicken.

This was our worst Popeyes experience.

Popeyes - what is wrong with popeyes employees

After being at work all day I decided to stop at popeyes for the kids dinner it was so late 9pm I order chicken nuggets 9 and chicken tenders 5 the cashier asked me to wait for the tenders I waited 10 minutes after they were done the managet came got some tenders and most of the nuggets when I asked about my order he said he didnt have a enough at this point I was furious I wasted my time while my kids were home starving I asked for my money back went right down the street to kfc who quickly filled my order. I will not be visiting popeyes again

Popeyes - mod on duty was extremely rude

My daughter and. I proceeded to enter the restaurant doors were open came in to place a order had a bad experience at the drive thru in the past, Mod was behind the counter counting cash when I walked up she said the lobby was closed the time wa 10:10pm. When I asked could a exception be made being that I was already on the inside she came from around the counter open the door and literally threw us out after such poor service I decided I take my money elsewhere being that this managers didn't!!! This location is right down the street from my home I won't be returning!!!

Popeyes - trying to buy chicken on friday april 14, 2017

I live in Oakwood Il. On Friday April 14th I went to Danville IL location to pick up chicken. We love Popeye's chicken, I arrived at the location at 7:00 pm and went through drive up. There were 4 people in restaurant and 2 cars in front of the drive up. The first car had pulled up and parked and got out in the lane. After taking my order the second car got there's and left. The first car was still parked. They asked me to pull out front after 10 min. I waited and waited after 45 min I went inside. There was a customer bring back food that was wrong and my order was still not ready. No one new what they were doing including your manager. I asked for a refund for my 26.00 dollars and left. Until I know for sure this place has the proper people in place to wait on there customers I will not be back. I have been in customer service for 30 years and have never seen anything like this. I was very disappointed.
Julie Dunbar

Popeyes - chicken

What the hell is wrong with u people u don't have anything saying that u soak the chicken in buttermilk before u cook it my daughter is 8 years old and allergic to dairy products and she has now...

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Popeyes - staff and management

On April 3, 2017 I went to the Popeyes in Manville NJ. The staff and management is extremely rude . Do not care about their customers. Weren't briefing me on the menu and when I asked the guy he started yelling at me and told me he doesn't need my business. I asked for the manager he also supported his coworker and told me I am wrong. Then the first guy started shouting at me to leave leave. It was his mistake in the first place because all I asked was to brief me on the menu as i wasn't familiar with your menu. It's the worst place to eat at. The entire staff has very bad attitude. I will never be returning to this place nor I will ever recommend this place to anyone . It was the worst experience. They don't know anything about customer service and they all are so ill mannered .

Popeyes - extremely slow drive thru

On April 3, 2017 I pulled into a Popeyes located at 14791 Southgate, Michigan 48195 at 7:38pm to get the 9-piece dark I thought something was happening on the inside because the drive thur line did...

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Popeyes - chicken

My complaint, I brought the Popeyes chicken back to the 6930 Liberty Rd Baltimore, MD because it was old and dry and not hot. They said wait fifteen minutes they would give me another batch but instead they reheated the chicken and put it in another box. I paid for fresh hot out the fryer not old chicken...it's too expensive to not get what you pay for when you buy out. The store is located on 6930 Liberty Rd Baltimore, MD...3/30/2017 about 4:00pm...we love Popeyes chicken but some stores are giving Popeyes a bad name!!!

Popeyes - poor customer service, lack of products

Friday, 3/24/2017

Popeyes #534
314 W Lehigh Ave
Phila PA 19133

Location did not have the products ordered
Drive thru workers did not take order correctly and did not give me everything that I ordered, I had to wait extra time for my order.

Employees on drive through were extremely rude and disregarded my need to get my complete order taken care of, .

I enjoy eating at Popeyes and this is the location closest to me and I always tend to stop by every Friday night and it is always the same thing. They always have less product available so I find myself having to substitute all the time.

Popeyes - rude and possibly doing something criminal

A few months ago I went through the Popeye's drive thru in Loves Park, IL on N. 2nd. It was storming outside and I got home to find that she shorted me on what I ordered. I called the store and...

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Popeyes - mashed potatoes

I ordered red beans and rice last night with my meal, after sitting in the drive thru for 30 mins... I took my meal home and put in the fridge for this morning. I discovered that there was not red beans and rice, but Mashed potatoes and gravy. I'm very disappointed... I went out of my way to go there last night and ended up with something I did not want.

Popeyes - service

I went to place an order through drive through and was told to wait a minute to place an order. The minute turned into 5 minutes with no acknowledgement. When i was finally acknowledged i was told to hold again. I love pop eyes food but the service is poor. I am not the type to complain but this has happened to me three times. This last time I ended up leaving and spending my money elsewhere. I hope that something can be done so that pop eyes does not continue to lose customers.


Popeyes - burgers and staff

This one popeyes 325 central pkwy mississuagha there service is not good at all they need a nice staff . Their staff is not good at all . They are so mean and rude and I complained about my burger that there is no sauce inside the burger and the bread is so hard and then everybody started staring at me and started talking about me to each other and they started laughing and i am so dissappointed and decided not to go in that popeyes anymore . This incident happened today at march 11 and I noticed the name of one girl "Sonia " and she is the mean one and I said can I have a tissue then she ignored me .
Thank you
Shaheer A

Popeyes - product service

So. I went for lunch with the my bosses thrusday March 9 found parking right away . This certain Popeyes location parking May be a problem dude to local businesses. Was stoke to find parking fast since we were on a lunch break Got to order at 2:20 pm ordered sat down to have them come to me 10 mins later saying. The chicken breast would take 15mins when they coulda told me that when we were ordering So it's 2:40 and still no food. So of course this being a fast food restaurant I'm getting frustrated Finally got my food. About 30mins later after ordering to taste my rice. Not even hot So I ask for a new rice got a new one and that berly tasted warm as well Even they chicken tasted over fried and greasy I was so disappointed I stop eatting my meal It's sucks because I love Popeyes I always go to the Glendale, ca. Location. Next to eagle and never had a problem. At that location to come to Popeyes on Marengo st Los Angeles ca 90033 and have me really dislike Popeyes is horrible If they was a store to crack down on service and product it is this location I won't ever come to this location ever again ruin the rest of my day. Enough to wake up the next mourning and write this long complaint.

Popeyes - bad customer service

On Friday March 3, 2017 around 8:00pm. I went to the NE Division (restaurant 10887) in Gresham Oregon to place an order thru the drive thru for the 10 pieces chicken in mild. I was told to wait 5 min before they can taking the order. I waited 5 min then got my order placed. I drove to the window to pay for the order and was told that they are shorted 2 pieces of the brumstick. The guy that take the order are willing to substitute the 2 missing pieces of brumstick for a 3 pieces of thigh. I agreed with the substitution. As I drove off to the parking lot I decided to count the 11 pieces of chicken and notice right away that i only got 8 pieces which i should have 11 pieces. I went inside the restaurant and have to waited another 5 min because of all the people a front of me. Finally, I got the girl (Abby) that was doing all of the boxing including my order. I told her that my order only have 8 pieces which I sure have 11 pieces totals due to the unavailable drumstick that suppose to come in with the 10 pieces. She said "I can only get you one piece of thigh and that's it because I already gave you 3 pieces of wings" I then ask her(Abby) are you sure you gave me 3 pieces of wings. Abby, replied yes. So I call her out, why did you lie that you gave me 3 wings when you only gave me 2 pieces of wings and you only gave me 8 pieces of chickens in totals for what I've paid for the 10 pieces. She just walked away like I was not there anymore. I ask for the manager. The manager(Kymberly) came and I explained the whole situation to her. She then gave me 3 pieces of wings and did not even apologize. I told her that I will file a complaint for the bad customer service and that her employee (Abby) need work discipline.

Popeyes - food not fresh & terrible customer service when called to complain.

Went to the drive thru, ordered my food. Told there would be a 5 minute wait. Got home, EVERYTHING was dried out from being under heat lamp. Not understanding the 5 min wait, if food wasn't fresh. Called to complain & was treated as if I was the problem, for wanting my food fresh!! Been a fan & frequent patron of Popeyes, but sorry to say...they just lost my business FOREVER!!

Popeyes - new bern north carolina

Bad attitude from the manager to start with at the register. Ordered the $5 lunchbox surf and turf, the popcorn shrimp was not butterfly as advertised, I asked for tartar sauce for the shrimp, sat...

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Popeyes - I am complaining about service

My husband just stop at the popeyes chicken at 9815 north lamar Blvd austin Texas 78753 it is now 8:15 pm, so this had to be 30-45 mins ago, so unless I'm wrong the lobby was locked and there was someone in there sweeping and wouldn't let him In to order, now I have never heard of any restraunt around here that closes at 7:30 pm even on a Sunday night, so he left and went to church's chicken where he spent 30.00 on our dinner, now this isn't the first time I've had problems with this location I'm to point that I personally will not even go there anymore, I've had a Manger be so rude to me at the drive thru before, I've had to bring back chicken cause it was so dry it was unable edible. Im a Manger at a Subway restraunt and I know if we had our store closed before closing time and there was someone still in the restraunt and wouldn't serve a customer, then someone is definitely getting wrote up, if not fired. I hope someone will please step in and make this location better I k ow how hard it is to find employees that care about their place of employment, or at least pretend to, for the pay especially here in austin where min wage is still 7.25 an hour, but they are out there, and if there's not a difference in sales at that store from time to time then it's because of the bad employees there.

Popeyes - service loop

I came to Popeyes on my way to work. The store opens at 10:30 and I had to be to work at 11. So I decided to stop and get some chicken before I go in. No one was at counter to greet me and no chicken was up this was 10:40 because I was strap for time. When the register person came to counter I asked her how long before chicken was up . A man in back of store yells out tell her about fifteen minutes. Really, but you open at 10:30. I am a Manager. I have worked at Wendy's and currently at pizza Hut. When I open a store I am prepared to serve customer when they walk in this is fast food and either people are on break and they need there order ready to go. The last time I got chicken from this store it was under cooked and I couldn't eat it but I decided to try them again because every makes mistakes. So in the long run, I didn't have my lunch and went to work 😕

Popeyes - chicken fingers

Good Morning,
I went to the Popeyes on Irving Park road on Sunday the 19th 2017 and I told them I would like to have 10 chicken fingers. I ordered half spicy and half regular. I also ordered a Large Mashed and a Large Coleslaw and biscuits. When I got home to feed my family I was very very upset to find that they gave us regular chicken with bones. Now the problem that I faced is not only do bones gross my husband and I out, hence the reason for fingers my 2 year old wont eat that chicken either. Now, I live 15 minutes from that restaurant and it was rush hour by the time I got home. I was not going to go back out in the rain and tell them that they did my order wrong. I called and spoke to someone and they could have cared less that is what happened. I would like this to be rectified so that my family and I can have what we ordered.
Thank you
Julianne Caccavale

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