PNC Financial Services Grouppoor customer service & lack of communication

J Aug 13, 2018

I have been a PNC customer for over 8 years and have over $50k in their bank. I have a credit card that was on autopay to pay the balance in full every month. Back in April PNC stopped the autopay but did not contact me (by mail, email, text nor phone) to inform me it was stopped. I made had one purchase for $44 in May which was the only purchase in the last 5 months. Because I did not know the autopay was stopped, the balance was not paid. The first week of August, I received a call from the collections department; I explained that I did not know that PNC had stopped the autopay. They acknowleged not contacting me about stopping the autopay and removed the late fees while I also made a payment in full. However, they also reported a late payment to Experian which brought my 837 credit rating down 80 points.

On 8/13/18 I called PNC to discuss getting my credit rating corrected and discovered PNC had only refunded 1 month of late fees, not the 2 months they promised. The representative, Heather, said she would refund the remaining fees because they neglected to contact me regarding the autopay being stopped. But, Heather said they could not help with the credit score even though they were the ones that reported it to Experian AND acknowledged they did not inform me of stopping the autopay. I was upset that they could not help me contact Experian to explain the error and was eventually put in touch with a Senior Financial Consultant, Antonio Massa, who came across as very condescending and showed no empathy nor concern towards my issues. He also seemed to lack training for his position becuase when I asked him to verify that the 2nd late fee was refunded becuase I could not see it on the website, he said it was not and that only the first one had been refunded. Fortunately I am persistent and continued to ask him to check again and see if the 2nd refund had processed only for him to tell me no. After several more requests, he checked and said the 2nd refund was processing and would show up on the website in approxiamately 24 hours. I was very upset that I had to ask him multiple times to look for the transaction and each time was told it was not there, only to find out he failed to see it each time; the refund had been requested and he missed it every time. It seems that a Senior associate should be able to provide accurate information the first time a customer asks, this would also alleviate great frustration for the customer.

Mr. Massa was borderline rude and even hung up on me when I asked him for the address to file a complaint. Mr. Massa should not be in a customer facing position because of his poor treatment in addressing customer issues. Based on Mr. Massa's inability to give accurate account information and lack of concern towards helping me, I closed my account and am going to pursue moving my money to another institution - one that truly cares for their customers.

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