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Complaints & Reviews

ripoff charges

I received 2 checks from my grandparents. Both checks were from PNC bank. I went to the bank today to cash the checks which were written out to me. I had 2 forms of identification. I was told it would cost me $10 each to cash the checks from their own bank! $20.00 to cash my checks from my grandparents PNC accounts. Are you kidding me. They told me the only way to avoid the charges was to open an account. So I opened an account to avoid the $20 charge. Isn't this called EXTORTION????!!!

  • Had a 0 percent intro APR on balance transfer to PNC from Chase about six months ago; may not be surprising that PNC would auto kick in a RETROACTIVE "Purchases" charge for the purchases made BEFORE the balance transfer -- yes, I said BEFORE the balance was transferred (regardless if this is industry standard, in my not-so-humble opinion, this is ###izing the word "purchases, " because consumers are naturally going to think this means purchases made AFTER balance transfer, not on old balance from another cc company! WTF!) Anyway, the REAL kick in the teeth was when, after calling them on July 15, 2010 to ask why I was being charged $57.80 when all my purchases for that period totaled roughly $60, they explained that's because the zero APR ended; in other words, that's the first part mentioned, but while this was being explained to me, I stated something to the effect of, "Well, this was most unexpected and I think quite unfair; I'm unemployed right now, and would appreciate being able to work out something with your company." The customer DIS-service employee auto transferred my call to what she told me was supposed to the the "Customer Care Dept., " but which AUTOMATICALLY, AFTER I GAVE THEM A LITTLE BIT OF INFO, CLOSED MY ACCOUNT; I DID NOT ASK FOR OR WANT THIS. I never missed any payments, was never late, and always paid much more than the minimum payments for six months. It's bad enough they distort the term "Purchases" to mean any purchases made at any time, including the roughly $5K in purchases I transferred to PNC in order to enjoy a zero APR while unemployed. Always responsible, and not wanting to settle with Chase and have that affect my credit record, which is golden, this was what I thought would be the right thing to do; because our credit is excellent, I will be taking my balance and transferring it elsewhere. If, in the process of doing so, I learn that I am not permitted to transfer a balance on a card that is closed, because that is what PNC did to me yesterday and without my consent (they told me it wasn't an option; it's closed), I will raise bloody hell to no end; have already contacted the OCC, which oversees national banks like PNC and make them pay!

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  • Li
    lissa46 Oct 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you are currently a bank customer of PNC Bank, you may have been overcharged by your banks because their policies are to maximize fees charged for returned checks. Contact Jerome Noll via email at [email protected] or Melissa Wu via telephone at (914) 517-5076 for free legal assistance in recouping your losses.

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  • Ja
    jaggedy2k Feb 21, 2011

    So you wanted to cash checks without an account at no charge? You are making the bank take the risk of cashing a check to you, whom they have no relationship with with no charge? Why didn't you take the checks to your own bank? Why would you use another companies services and not want to pay? Also PNC along with most other banks will cash their own personal checks at no charge so I'm guessing these must of been business checks which is sort of strange you would be charged so your story does not make sense.

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overdraft charges & fees vs electronic deposit

Pnc bank is awful. We have been miserably putting up with the switch from national city because we were out of state but enough is enough!

Thieves! We are getting our money out as soon as possible! Thieves and con artists! You are not what a bank is supposed to be pnc. Shame on you!

When they hold onto electronic deposits a full 24 hours after his company releases that money for pay, that's robbery! And then quadrupling a single nsf $36x4 for one overdraft, even though $7000 in electronic deposits is sitting in there since midnight the night before!?

  • Un
    Unhappy Customer Banking Jul 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On 06/30/10 PNC bank withdrawal from my account $400 to deposit to my overdraft proctection, however, there was not enough funds for them to withdrawal. My account was over sitting at a $500 negetive amount, because they also charged me $144 in overdraft fees. Once they withdrawal the money, it set in my account without being applied to the overdraft account for 7 days while I was having other bills set up on automatic payments hitting my account. I spoke to over 6 people within this organization and not one person was able to transfer the funds back into my account. As of today, I am still having problems putting the money back into my account. Per the bank my monthly payments were supposed to be $12. and they continuous stated that I initated this transaction. I never did. National City Bank would have never done this such a thing, if the money was not in the account. I am so disatisfied with this company, and will be closing my account once this problem has been taken care of.

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  • La
    Lauren Cosgrove Jul 07, 2010

    Pnc are thieves. If the account charges off they will usually settle for 25 percent of the balance. Chex system is a joke and no big deal to be reported to. For direct complaints ask to speak to Kimberly G Ridge. She is an old nasty ### that dresses like she is 12. Direct all complaints to her.


    Lauren D Cosgrove
    Default Specialist I
    Pnc Bank Consumer Loan Center
    2700 Liberty Ave
    Pittsburgh, Pa 15229

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  • Li
    lissa46 Oct 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you are currently a bank customer of PNC Bank, you may have been overcharged by your banks because their policies are to maximize fees charged for returned checks. Contact Jerome Noll via email at [email protected] or Melissa Wu via telephone at (914) 517-5076 for free legal assistance in recouping your losses.

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  • Sc
    Screwed by PNC Oct 05, 2010

    On July 15, 2010, I closed my joint checking account at PNC Bank in Scottdale, PA, a month after opening a new account at a different bank. I was a former happy customer of National City Bank. I should have trusted my gut and closed all my accounts at the onset, but decided to give PNC a chance, even though there has never been anything good about them in their history and they were only getting worse.

    Anyway, on August 15, 2010, I find that not only did they NOT close the account, they continued to accept withdrawals on my account there were not properly refused by PNC, even though I had informed these people of my new bank and PNC charged me over $400 in overdraft fees on an account that was supposed to be CLOSED. I immediately informed the teller at the branch who told me she remembered closing my account what happened.

    After talking to the elusive "branch manager" that never seems to be there, I was told that I would have to make payment arrangements on the amount as it appeared I continued using the account, even though there was not one of my husband's or mine SIX direct deposits placed into this account during that month's time. I told her that was ludicrous and would not be paying one cent of those fees. She informed me she would talk to her "branch manager" again.

    She left a voice mail on my phone the next day that they reversed $28 of the fees to "help" me and I would need to make payment arrangements on the rest. Since then, she will not take my calls, return my calls and the "branch manager" is NEVER there.

    I have talked to every person that will answer the phone at PNC and nobody can help me. Nobody can tell who can help me. I get better feedback from my 5-year-old.

    Today, I got on the website to look at something for my mortgage that I can't wait until to get refinanced at another bank just so I don't EVER have to see another piece of mail from those crooks, and notice that my 15-year-old son's account is at a 0 balance. I look to see what he spent his money on. Apparently, they took the liberty of taking every last sent he had and applied to "the balance" on that account.

    NOW they are stealing from my son and again NO ONE can help me. I call customer service, who sends me to collections, who tells me to go back to the branch and talk to the branch manager WHO IS NEVER THERE. Then he tells me to go to another branch in the area and file a complaint. all agree I was done wrong, but none of them can fix the problem. Since he didn't know the money was taken from his account and the account closed and they are incapable of actually closing account, they almost caused him to do the same thing.

    Now I have to take another day off of work to go file a complaint at a bank 15 minutes from my house.


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  • Pn
    PNC SUCKS! Nov 09, 2010

    Yes, PNC are a bunch of criminals. But nothing will be done unless people become unruly and demand fairness. Look on the bright side though, there have been a huge slew of bank robberies at many different banks acrossed the nation. And I do hope those robbers get away with a huge bundle of cash. Most of these banks deserve it.

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  • Sc
    screwthebigbanks Jul 12, 2011

    I have had similar treatment from National city and Chase. In fact there is a class action suit against National city because of excessive overdraft fees! They are all crooks. They wont extend me overdraft protection because they say my credit is bad. Yet they will let me spend more than is in my account and call it a service. That is a line of credit with exorbitant interest rates! If I overdrew with National city by even a few cents, it cost me 34 $ plus 8 $ a day for everyday my account was negative! It seems like its set up to penalize those with bad credit or those who cant keep much money in the bank because they spend it all on bills, food and gas.I qualify for a checkcard but not overdraft protection, hmm seems like a trap.. I am currently a PNC customer and have been extremely lucky not to have overdrawn my account. I dont expect they will be any better to me if i should be so unfortunate to overdraw. I am without a job and barely getting by, thanks to friends and family, not some huge bank who apparently is run by a computer..You can see how they prey on the poor with these overdraft fees; if they can get 34$ every time someone overdraws, they can make millions upon millions..its a loan at an extreme interest rate, criminal even..

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pnc bank

I'm, complainting! Because; pnc bank will not allow me to speak to a repasentative about the block on my...

pmt increase/miaapplied funds

Reference: loan no. [protected] Ladies/gentlemen: In february 2010 you increased my mortgage payment $300.00...

from day one it has been one problem after another

PNC, PNC, PNC where do I even begin. From day one it has been one problem after another. First, I set up an account online which for over a month I was not able to access my thousand dollar deposit for many reasons.

1)They lost my signature card in the mail.

2)I WENT, W E N T to one of their branches and personally signed one there, you would think that that would have freed up my funds right there, mind you this was 3 weeks after I started the account, NO!!! Three days later I called and they said they lost my signature card, so for a third time I signed the card and near the end of a month was finally able to access my funds.

Another issue with PNC, Check Deposits. I can understand a bank wanting to wait while a check clears, HOWEVER, when I deposit my employment check and they give me 100.00 to use for immediate withdrawal if I have to. However, say I need to pay the electric, water, etc., even though the funds are to be cleared in a day, I mysteriously found multiple overdraft fees stacked up for the things that were paid as my check waited for clearing. This is unprofessional how they run this side of their operations as if you see that a check is waiting to be posted then why should the customer be burdened with fees when time after time the checks show that they clear each time.

PNC is just another one of those banks that claim no hidden fees and I am not saying that this is a hidden fee, I am strictly saying that PNC only does business with people in ways that benefit them, they dont care about people, I did end up getting the fees removed, but the whole time the customer service rep kept referring me to get over draft protection. All in all the bank could be a great place to bank if they would change few ways things work but dont expect that any time soon as PNC was the PROUD recipient of an enormous bailout courteous of the tax payers of which they went and bought another bank with that money.

  • Ja
    jake-tha-snake Jul 29, 2010

    whoa sounds like you really had some issues with the bank... sorry to hear that your it took so long to get your account opened but you have to understand we are humans and everybody makes mistakes..

    1.when I deposit my employment check and they give me 100.00 to use for immediate withdrawal-- your employer could bounce a check it is possible its happened to me! I later found out the my work did put the money in an account were all paychecks pull from because co workers had their checks bounce.. understand when the bank pays you out they take the risk of funds not being paid back if they are not available. Might i suggest getting direct deposit if your job offers it...

    2.I mysteriously found multiple overdraft fees stacked up for the things that were paid as my check waited for clearing--- so this is the banks fault that you paid these items? did the bank go spend your money or did you? hmmm... i think i knew who paid the items...

    3.hey don't care about people, I did end up getting the fees removed, but the whole time the customer service rep kept referring me to get over draft protection.-- wow so they gave you back the fees and you said in the same sentence that pnc doesn't care about people.. also if the rep is speaking to you about odp which covers anything that comes into the account as long as the secondary source has funds..then maybe you ought to look into it. why would a bank tell you about odp to avoid fees in the future? wouldn't it be smarter as a bank to not tell their customer how to avoid fees?

    my thought: everybody makes mistakes were all human! and believe me usually when you make that mistake once you never do it again... so now you know what the time frame for you payroll check to clear is and you can look into dir-deposit if you job offers it and if not adjust accordingly to how you know the system works...

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  • Ha
    hazeldunkel Mar 19, 2011

    PNC SUCKS!! They allowed for my account to be hacked and over $1500 was taken from me. I'm still fighting it to this day. I pulled my account and went across the street to Northwest Savings bank. They are great!

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  • Ti
    tim wray Mar 11, 2014

    PNC bank withdraws checks before clearing deposit, even though deposit was made first.

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violation of their contractual and other obligations undertaken and incurred in

I work at a law firm where I process loan modification cases representing homeowners experiencing financial difficulties. Pnc bank has closed two (2) files I have been processing since october of 2009. Each file/homeowner were active in the hamp trial period plan. The plan(s) were accepted with first payment due on or before december 2009. Each homeowner had made all of their trial payments on time up until june of 2010 when pnc wrongfully closed each case. All documentation was submitted to pnc bank on numerous occassions, financials were constantly updated, always confirmed receipt of the documents, I was in direct negotiation with the processor assigned to each case within pnc bank and one day pnc bank closes each case!!! This is a direct violation of their contractual and other obligations undertaken and incurred in connection with hamp; pnc bank needs to be fined and reprimanded with the full legal capabilities. This is unacceptable and will be taken to the next step legally on my end. Each homeowner should have received a permanent loan modification on or about march of april of 2010, but pnc bank kept requesting updated income information even when these two different cases and homeowners both were and still currently are receiving fixed income. The banks need to be supervised, they can't keep treated the american people with disrespect and not have any consequences for it... Unbelieveable.

  • Mo
    moosha24 Jun 28, 2010

    Pnc is the worst bank please do not bank with these people are robbers they still charge you an overdraft fee even if you make a account was overdrawn by $11.00 and I made a desposit and they still charged me an overdraft fee and when I called the representative I spoke with was very rude and he going to tell me the reason why I was charged that was because I didn't make the deposit on Friday by 10 o clock pm and when I told him I had checked my account on Friday it wasn't overdrawn so how was I suppose to know to make a desposit on Friday when the account didn't tell I was overdrawn until Saturday and that's when I made the deposit they are robbing people because even you keep track of your transactions they still will find a way to screw you because they take so long to post your transactions then sometimes they don't take the money out immediately even though they'll put it on your account like they did then you think you have this certain amount of money then you don't and then your hit with overdraft fees...please stay away from this bank I wish somebody would of warned me...

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stimulus modification loan nightmare

To: executive.[protected] I hope this is reaching an executive at PNC MORTGAGE If you look up...

greed and deceit

PNC is now playing a new game. I used to have home line of credit with National City bank wich call for prime minus 1.0 % . When the prime was 5% percent or higher. I am paying on time every time my loanfor the past 4 years. NOw National city is bought ny PNC. and PNC is not happy with the deal I had with National city. They keep harrassing me about changing the loan to higher interest rate. since my interest is only 2.75%. They claim that they don't offer this product anymore. They even threaten me that if I don't change the loan they might ask for the full loan to be paid in full as per the agreement with National city ( it was quoted that the bank has the right to do that but this is on basis on defualt). Shame Shame on PNC. With the tough economy I kept my loan up to date and never been late on my payement of my loan. Now they are greedy and want to be scew up their good customers for a higher interest rate. If they are going to do that to me, how about the average citizen who is struggling to pay his morgtage . If PNC continue to ask me for that I will take it to a higher authority and possibly to court.

  • Si
    sirays Jul 31, 2012

    similar story. My husband had a mortgage and home equity loan. He passed away suddenly 7 years ago. They contacted me about 5 months ago, long story short they want the $16, 000 equity loan paid off or they will take my home. I live paycheck to paycheck. I don't have $16, 000. I have been paying these loans faithfully. They are in no way in default. Ask them why they would take my home even though I have been paying these loans all these years, their answer - because we can. ###ing crooks. May they rot in hell.

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customer rip off

PNC processes withdrawals highest value first to maximize the generation of over draft fees. I had a check deposited 3 days early and it caused an over draft on my account, I immediately transferred money from my other bank but they didn't credit the account until the next day. For covering $45.00 in transactions, they charged me $180 although the money was there the whole time. When I spoke with the Branch Manager, I was told that was just the way it works at PNC; as soon as I move my direct deposit I am closing the account. Stick with the Community Banks who are Customer Focused instead of solely focused on the profits.

deceptive lending

When I chose my mortgage program through my National City Mortgage salesman in the fall of 2007, I did so believing that the grant I was getting from the state of Maryland (for being a first-time homebuyer, having a qualifying income and buying in Baltimore City) was to be forgiven at 1/3 per year for three years and that if I sold before 3 years were up, I'd pay back the balance. Oh, No, not true. I do have the paper he showed me, but I put my signature on the next page, which says I owe it all back for selling at any time up to 4 years after purchase. Bogman, the servicing company, says I have no recourse, and I am sure I don't.


PNC recently bought national city. i have never had a problem with national city and have been banking nearly...

terrible customer service, switching banks

Wow, where do I even start. I guess first off if you had national city and they are now pnc, I am sorry. Pnc is awful, customer service is terrible and most importantly I sent a letter to the vice pres in pitt, pa and *he told me that find a better bank and go there.*

We have lost money from transfers since bills were not paid, we have tried to redeem points and have had service reps, yell at us, lie to us and we still have not received our points. We considered refinancing with them and what were thinking. This is just as bad as the bank, if not worse.

I loved national city, whoever took over with pnc has failed miserably and we will be moving to another bank soon. I also help clients with their utilities and other needs, including banks. I will be encouraging all clients to leave pnc as soon as possible. If the vp feels that way, I am going share that with anyone and everyone.

  • Je
    Jess8 Jul 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree. I hate PNC. I had Nat'l City and loved them. I never once had an issue with my points... then I try to redeem 30, 000 points with PNC and they lost it. But, they say it's my fault and will not reissue the cards or give me back some or all of my points. Nat'l City was always good to me and accomodating. These people suck!

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  • St
    stumper May 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My house recently was hit by a tornado in georgia. My insurance company sent me a check which in turn had to be sent to the mortgage company so I can get my roof redone.
    We sent all the required forms on May 17, 2011 certified mail at 8;30 am. I wait for my partial check so I can get the contractor working on my home. PNC claims we did not send pages 6, and 7 from insurance company. We tell them that the pages were on the back side of pages 5 and 8. They claimed when copying the pages 6 & 7 was destroyed which I never heard of a bank destroying documents. We then fax pages 6 and 7 at 9;30 am at 2;30 pm i call they say they have to wait 24 hrs to find fax. They are so incompetent its riducules. They claim it will take 7-10 days for the mail to get here with my check. They simply are stealing from me and trying to make the most of making interest on my money. I told them I would drive to ohio to get my money. I need my roof fixed not be delayed!

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  • Ja
    Jack Ferraro Jun 11, 2011

    I have a mortgage with National City since 2005 and was very happy. I have been trying to refinance PNC Mortgage for 9 months. PNC Mortgage loan orgination organization is horrible, don't do business with them. First off, they can't even tell you what your Loan Payment off is even though they hold the mortgage. My LO continuely lost documents, never followed up and kept telling me I am in the queue. Finally after 7 months, the processor called me and ask, what you doing with the loan, we need to you sign disclosures, ah yes, the same disclosures I signed and sent the LO 6 months ago. Scott Russell is the LO and I would not recommend doing business with him. Barry Friedman is his manager, he failed to return several phone calls of mine when I tried to escaluate the matter. The processing group in Pittsburgh seem to held hostgage of overly aggressivve underwriting who want to know how you run your business if you are a small business owner. To top if off, just today, I just received a 2 months past due notice from Travelers on my homeowners insurance. From 2005 to May 2011 I have paid Travelers directly for the insurance . In speaking with Travelers a someone from PNC named Debbie (In Pittsburgh) talked to Travelers on March 31, 2011. One time to get a declaration the other time direct Travelers to begin billing PNC for monthly homeowners insurance out of escrow without my knowledge or any formal notification.
    1. Travelers stopped billing me
    2. PNC never paid it
    My homeowners insurance almost lapsed.

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unethical fees

We are a small business providing payroll services to other small businesses. We opened a payroll tax escrow account at the bank when it was still mercantiles eastern shore bank. When pnc bank bought mercantile, we "wrongfully" assumed that our account would not change... After all, it is an escrow account. Opm: other peoples money. We don't use the account much, and just realized that they (pnc) have been charging us $3.00 per month service fees. The account now has half the amount of money in it than when pnc first took over. I didn't think fee on escrow accounts were allowed. Especially payroll tax escrow accounts! No one ever notified us to tell us that it was going to change. Can someone tell me if I have a leg to stand on with these people?

errant foreclosure

PNC falsely listed my home as foreclosed and turned over legal rights of it to Freddie Mac.
At first they denied making the mistake, and then they were slow at correcting it.
They were very arrogant and disorganized.
And they wouldn't compensate me in anyway for the trouble they put me through.
I would avoid doing business with them.

  • Ch
    chrissychic Jun 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I live in Nampa, Id and since March 2009 i have been dealing with PNC. I was 2mos behind and they tossed me into the stimulus pkg to HELP me. Yeah right...i have been twice denied...they will not accept pymt. Now Months later we have a pymt arrangement dated june 2nd and the very next day we receive a letter from an attorneys office saying PNC turned us to them to start foreclosure...!!!
    What the heck kind of racket is this. They are suppose to help you but really are screwing us around so much that now we are behind again. I have been on the phone for over 40 minutes waiting for someone in the foreclosure dept to answer the phone. This wait time indicates to me that I am not alone in this problem witg PNC.
    I finally after 45 mins on hold spoke with loss mitigation at PNC and they told me we have to start over yet again!!! The pymt plan is void because we could not pull money out of our 401K with in three days. This company is a joke. WOULD WARN EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY FROM THEM !!! I TOLD THE LADY I AM CONTACTING THE ATTORNEY GENERAL IN IDAHO AND IN OHIO WHERE THEY ARE LOCATED.!!!

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  • Pu
    putsy Oct 15, 2010

    yes I do agree with all the above comments regarding PNC mortgage. seriously pnc must be investigated by the Attorney general office in all state. they do not care about any home owner except their greedy wicked company. I had applied for modification work up 4 times after I was told I do qualify, nevertheless, I had been turned down by this company everytime. If you late 2 mths with your payment, they will not take one month if you sent it. Their evil and wicked self will return the money. PNC delight in foreclosing people's homes than assisting them with any alternative work up. May judgement come over the whole company and the foreclosure lawyers. D

    Don, Maryland state.

    1 Votes
  • Ja
    jader1 Nov 01, 2010

    We sold a house in another state and bought our dream house in 2006 in a different state. We were told at the signing with National City that it was a "30 year fixed loan!" The agent also said, "no worries, we can refi in a couple years!" well, we had NO idea it was a 7 year ARM Interest only loan. We tried to do a mod ourselves to no avail and then paid 3, 200.00 to a mod company that was equally unsucessful. We have since filed CH 13 BK, but saved the house. The loan is set to reset in 2013. To me anymore, part of me wishes I could have walked away when the chance was right and left PRIVATE NAZI CORPORATION (PNC) with a -250, 000 bill on an underwater RIPOFF we call our home!!!
    yes, I agree...they could care less. I am hoping more for Kharma!!!

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  • Li
    LIVESTRONG2011 Jan 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    We need to organize and stand together in a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT!!1

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  • Li
    LIVESTRONG2011 Jan 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Mortgage-Related Issues and Home Affordable Modification Program

    Law offices of Strange & Carpenter IN LOS ANGELES is investigating mortgage-related issues and whether Wells Fargo; CitiMortgage; American Home Mortgage; Litton Loan Servicing; OneWest Bank; Aurora Loan Services; Ocwen Financial Corp.; Wachovia; Saxon Mortgage Services; and PNC Mortgage are complying with the loan modification requirements of the federal Home Affordable Modification Program ("HAMP"). Please contact us for a free consultation if you are the borrower of a mortgage loan with one of these lenders/loan servicers who applied for and was determined to be eligible for a HAMP loan modification, but did not receive a permanent loan modification.
    0 mins ago by LIVESTRONG2011 0 Votes

    12100 Wilshire Boulevard,
    Suite 1900
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
    Toll-free: 888-811-3615
    Fax: 310-826-3210
    Map and Directions

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  • Ch
    cheryl 29 May 22, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree that PNC should be investigated for their unethical practices. I have tried for over 8 months to get them to recognize me as a "BORROWER" on a loan that was modified in 2010. I was on the original note in 2004 when the house was purchased. My now ex-husband decided to take his new wife to Costa Rica and stop that house payment. So I fought and fought and FINALLY got it modified in 2009. They took my income, they pulled my credit reports, they asked for my bank statements, I signed documents listing me a BORROWER, it was filed and recorded in our courts. In our divorce I was awarded the house as a "property Settlement" and he was o make the payments until I decided to sell or it was paid in full.Loss Mitigation got copies of my finalized divorce papers during the processing of the modification Now the ex-husband filed for a Chapter 7, surrendering my house, but it is NOT DISCHARGEABLE . Once I found out about the filing I contacted PNC to let them know that i too would have no choice but to go bankrupt since he left me owing bills, BUT I was going to REAFFIRM the house. They told me they could not talk to me because they did not have permission from the BORROWER. I told them i was the borrower, they are not recognizing me one bit. They have given me the run around . one lie after another. I was told just because the loan was modified did NOT overrule the original note and settlement. that I was not on them, but I AM I said. They told me to get the ex's permission and they would talk to me. He is going bankrupt and surrendered the house, he is still ALLOWED information and I am NOT. I have contacted Ramona Dishman, which was told she is the assistant to Bill Cunningham, Senior Vice President. She told me to call Loan Escalations and she would call over and have someone talk to me. i could never get through, by the time I tried her back she was already gone, but she had someone from Customer Advocacy to call me. This was April 23, 2013. i explained everything again. I want access to my ACCOUNT, I want to be recognized as a borrower, the ex-husband is going bankrupt but he still is required to make the payments, but I am not sure he will and I want to be able to have access so I can if he doesn't and then file contempt against him, but she told me this was going to take some time to be patient. She was really good about calling me every other day, keeping me up to date, on their PROGRESS getting to the bottom of this mess. I fax over all the documents used in the modification, in the original loan, the divorce papers, the letter from him notarized in the divorced about the modification, copies of the divorce, everything. It was sent to their legal department to be researched. and a decision. What decision is there to be made? There is no decision. I am listed as BORROWER and that's the end of it. It was sent to the legal department in 2010 when all the papers went back signed and sealed and accepted in the modification, and it was checked and sent to the court house to be filed. Now it is back in their legal department being researched, that is INSANE.. After several emails and phone calls from this person that was taking care of it, it seems now I can't even get a response, and if I do it is just basically another story. As of today, I have emailed 4 times and no response from her. I have talked with an attorney, he researched the paperwork filed and recorded and done it in 2 DAYS, not a month. He has told me that I need to consider filing a motion for a BREACH OF CONTRACT because there is ABSOLUTELY no reason why they are doing this everything is as it should be. I have filed complaints with the Attorney General's Office in Georgia, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, The Office of Consumer Affairs. I received a letter from PNC about the complaint from Consumer Affiars, that states" they have received my complaint and when they respond they will respond to the BORROWER because they don't have permission to discuss the loan with me". ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I am past being pissed with these ignorant people. I am wanting to keep the house, I want to pay the payments if he doesn't, how hard is that. I have filed for a proceeding in his bankruptcy, so i can make certain he won't be allowed to ever have this debt discharged until it is paid in full, and as soon as that is done, I should of heard back from one of the complaints I filed, and then i am going to file for BREACH OF CONTRACT. This mortgage company needs to be held accountable for what they do and DO NOT DO. This is not a hard fix.. Its plain and simple. We got a modification, I am on there as BORROWER, you have no legal right to dispute me as that. PNC accepted the signed, and notarized paperwork back, they signed it and accepted, that makes is LEGAL AND BINDING, . The people that tell you they are going to help start out of the gate great but don't finish and they have no remorse whatsoever the lies they tell the homeowner. What if it were them????
    I would have no problem filing a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against them or being included in one if needed to. I want this mortgage company to abide by the law and do what they should do instead of lying to us all in their favor. NO MATTER WHAT...

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poor / no service

On 2/19/10 redeemed a cd for $40, 000.00 at local Palm Bay branch. It was an IRA CD and since the IRS doe...

false overdraft fees

PNC bank has had a habit of putting transactions through in just the perfect order to get their free money.
I asked to be removed from their "Automatic Overdraft" system so if My wife or I attempted to purchase something and the funds weren't there, it would be rejected.
I went into the bank and the teller said I would no longer be on the "Automatic Overdraft" plan, so I wouldn't be getting any surprises.
Lo and behold, three new $36 overdraft fees!

And what's worse, the thieves grouped the transactions to maximize their free money. Stealing from Hard Working Americans again. The fees were charged against "Pending" items.

I can't believe they aren't better regulated and are allowed to freely steal from our account. We we wealthy, they wouldn't be doing this!

After a testy exchange on the phone, She said the "Merchants chose to do the business that way".

So I also wrote them on their site. They suggested that I get removed from their automatic overdraft protection - which I did!

  • Ca
    Cap28 Mar 11, 2010

    I know exactly what you are talking about! They charge pending items. I got charged for items that I bought when I DID have money in the bank. It is only because they choose to post items in a particular way that I was charged. I was charged over $200 in overdraft fees!

    And for those of you that say all of us "complainers" should take responsibility for our financial actions, I'm sure you haven't been charged an overdraft fee, therefore you do not understand.

    I admit, there have been times I blatantly took money (because I needed it) when I knew I would overdraw my account and I take responsibility for that! BUT, this most recent time, for example, WAS NOT MY FAULT!

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invasion of privacy!

PNC hired a person with a disturbing history background, why you ask?, I have'nt a clue maybe they did'nt do a background check because they knew someone who already worked there. I had an incident happen where the employee of the PNC Bank in (Voorhees or Cherry Hill) area looked under my account and now has private information about me. This came as a surprise when this employee apparently knew many private personal information on me, example- how much money I make, where I use my atm card, where and when I made purchases ...I am extremely upset about how the managers and bosses in this company, allowing there employees to view private information about a customer..

I still have not proceeded to do anything about this incident that now happened 10 times already, but after I speak to the authority hopefulyl there will be changes made to all employees and managers to have their computers checked periodically to examine why and for what purpose they are on certain accounts that do not pertain to them.

Highly Upset!

  • Ja
    jake-tha-snake Jul 29, 2010

    I can understand your frustration and your privacy feels invaded... I think you need to address this to pnc as well as the authority as well if you do no then nothing will get done. If they have employees corrupting information then they need to be addressed but pnc will never know unless you come forward.. so stop being frustrated and do something about it... As far as limiting access to customer information to employees that would kinda defeat their jobs thats like construction workers working with no tools... so good luck and i hope this person is dealt with

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If any other pnc victums would like to take part in getting the word out by holding a sign that says... Are...


After veiwing my account and reilized my account has been over drawn a neg ballance of - 340.00 was on thi...

scam on late fees

Once pnc merged with ncm they are now unable to track the money they collect from the customers and they are illegally overcharging late fees. Twice now, six month apart, I have been charged a late fee for my monthly payment on the first of the month, I have a 15 day grace. When I contacted pnc and asked why I was assessed a late fee and where is the money now since it should not have been charged, pnc refuses to answer I do not have an escrow so I asked pnc that they did with the money they refuse to answer. I sent 3 certified letters they will not touch the subject and refuse to answer a simple question which is where did my money go. If you are having this problem please send an email to [protected] with a short paragraph of your issue. I am gathering info for a potential fraud scam by pnc.