Pizza Hutunsanitary

D Sep 14, 2018

Date of purchase 9/13/18 at Texarkana, TX 7th street location. Customer name Danielle Matthews
We placed an order online for 2 large pizzas, 16 boneless wings and a 2 liter Dr.Pepper. When we received the order, we notice that the wings container was smashed on the bottom as though it had been dropped. When we opened the container there was a lot of hair wrapped around pieces of chicken and hair stuck on top of the pizza box. From the looks of everything, I believe that the container of chicken was dropped and spilled on the floor and then put back in the container for delivery. I don't know if it happened at the store or in the delivery car, but which ever way, it was the most disgusting, unsanitary order I have ever received. It took me way to long to get through to the store manager and when I did she offered to bring a new order or give me a credit in my next purchase, but never apologized for the inconvenience or anything and didn't seem the least bit sorry. I opted to have them bring me a new order and almost an hour later, we received the order. We order from this Pizza Hut location regularly and have never experienced this kind of service. I was extremely disappointed by all of this and felt as though someone higher up needed to be notified of this unsanitary service.


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