Pizza Hutunethical behavior


On the 11th of october I found my receipt from when I ordered the previous night. It said 10$ off your next online purchase 20$ or more. I couldnt find a survey code on my receipt so I called for the store number, since said you could use the store number as an alternative. I called pizza hut to get the store number, then a woman answered, so I said "hi I was wondering what the store number is, I got a receipt saying to enter a survey code online to get the discount but there is no survey code so I was wondering if I could get the store number" and shes like "its on your receipt. Look at it." and I was asking her if it was the "zone f-05" thing or the "18:47:05" thing and all the other numbers and she was like "no. It literally says the store number at the top of your receipt" and I kept looking over it for a moment and im like "I dont see it here though.." and she was like "its there, we've never had trouble with another person saying they couldnt find it so" and I looked more and said it wasnt there, and she hung up... I tried to call back multiple times after she hung up in my face. No answer. Then I called again and a different lady answered and I told her my situation again with the survey number, and she hung up as well.. I do not appreciate such absurd behavior when all I did was call and ask for a store number to a coupon I was entitled to.. And I got snarky attitudes and hung up on multiple times for this. I would like to request another coupon or something of equivalent value

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