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recently purchased puppy

While on vacation purchased a Siberian husky puppy for 2500.00.Louisville Ky. mall rd.Picked him up Saturday...

account assure / comenity

I purchased Account Assure protection for my Petland Credit account. This would pay off the account due to death or permanent disability. I am a recently disable veteran rated at 1005 total and permannently disable.
I informed Petland numerous times of the situation as well as submitting the required forms to the company. This occurred in 2017 with my second submission occurring in early December. I received no correspondence in refer to the account or status of the Account Assure being activated. January 15/17th I received a letter stating that my Account Assure was cancelled as of January 2018. I again contacted Petland who referred me to Comenity as they handle Account Assure. Comenity referred me back to Petland. I requested a supervisor which was not given. The representative said that he would email another department about the issue. Meanwhile I am receiving calls threatening legal account. I would like my Account Assure protection to be granted and not to business with either company again.

Dan Hartman/Acct# [protected]/Last 4 SSN#6825
10821 State Route T Savannah MO 64485/ [protected]

fraud on puppy purchase

Hi everyone - I wanted to post our petland horror story on this site. First I want to say I am credible...


wing trims

This is about an issue I had with Petland in Calgary (Deerfoot Meadows) and wing trims. The Humane Society i...

Calgary Pets & Animals

Rude staff

I want to inform you guys about your store in strongsville oh. Couple of months back me and my wife went...

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We bought puppy, but he was seriously ill

We bought 10 weeks puppy from Petland of Largo. The seller said that the puppy was from reputable breeders a...


Petland is so cruel to their animals they are all sick and they dont even care about them and My friends an I...

our puppy had serious disease and this lady ignored it

We went to Petland Iowa City and here we found the lovely puppy. We bought this female puppy and we spent two...

underhanded sale staff

I paid two thousand for a dog. I was told to leave the dog because I couldn't take puppy home on the weekend...

sick dogs

My name is Ann Moses from Delaware Ohio my husband and I just got a puppy from pet land in Lewis center Ohio...

deceitful practises

I recently bought a 8 week old puppy for $1500 from Petland in Joliet, IL. My vet tells me this dog had...

no warning is super aggressive fish

I went to Petland when I was 9 and I currently had 3 fish in my aquarium. When we got there my mom said that I had three fish and they said I should get a male fantail goldfish and said it would be non aggressive to my current fish. Once I put in in the aquarium I saw it get super agitated when it was still in the bag. After 1 night I woke up and found all of my fish dead. I tried another larger goldfish that wasn't a fanatic and even saw it being beaten even after it was dead! Finally after 5 fish with that thing I finally found out that I needed a female fantail and finally that worked.
They also gave me a tropical pleco fish which is still alive but seriously they knew I had a cold water rant and just wanted to score me over!!!

puppy died 10 days after we brought her home!

I am not one to bash an organization, as I am a successful business owner in the Pittsburgh area with over 20...

poor business

I use to work at Petland in Janesville Wi and I was bullied out of my job the owner and the general manger...

animal abuse

First, I'd like to talk about the condition they give their animals, so I'm a passionate owner of 5 hamsters all with great care. And I went to petland one day came home with a hammie he was 1 of 2 hamsters in the Russian hamster cage. I went back the next week and the other hamster still there, they had put in with the Syrian hamsters! And they already cram 20 Syrians to a cage! This little Russian was scratched up and losing hair! Not to mention my friend had bought a bunny there and I had to! Both our bunnies died. Mine after a month, my friends after 5 days. They gave her another one but I never got another bunny, she now has a black bunny and recently got a white bunny from petland but 2 days ago, it died, she had it for 2 months. They don't take care of there animals and you can aviously see it. So go walk in one day, don't buy anything, but stop and look at the poor animals, the puppy mill pups, sick hamsters and birds, and the reptiles, that aren't getting proper heat lamps.

petland discriminate

Beware petland is not hiring any black employees. I was called in for an
interview on monday. The manager asked me to come in the next day. When I got there I seen two out of shape (it's a europhism for fat) employees, they were both Hispanic. They weren't all that courteous either. I ask the girl behind the
cashier counter if the manager is there she said he just stepped out and she
made a remark to her husky friend in Spanish, about me no doubt. I didn't let it
bother me because I feel I could win them over even if their prejudice. I asked
her if she knew the manager was conducting more interviews, she didn't know and
seemed oblivious. The manager walks in and doesn't acknowledge me. Yesterday on the phone i was called sweetheart and sweetie, but today that stopped. I can see the look of disappointment on his face. He had me fill out the application
again, and I had to sit on a dirty stool. He conducts the interview in the
store. I stood up for half an hour. I wasn't taken seriously, I wasn't treated
with respect. He didn't even ask for a resume. He claims the store is so busy
that he was finding a hard time doing interviews. That was a flat out lie. There
were two other employee there, doing absolutely nothing. There was no excuse as
to why he couldn't conduct a proper interview in the back and we could sit down
at a desk like two civil human beings. He tells me he's not hiring anyone in
this store. Any maybe I will find a job else where. I act surprised, but I knew
the deal. He didn't want my dark skin employed in this store. I shook his hand
and said nice to meet you because I will not stoop down to any of those guys
level. Just before he dismisses me he gave me a card and tells me if i had any
question to call the store's number and not to call the number he called me on for
the interview because that was his cell phone number. It was a dehumanizing
experience but just because I met a few people of any race who chose to
discriminate or be prejudice doesn't mean I have to be. The cycle has to end
somewhere and i'm doing my part. I act professional and left. It's there lost.

  • Sh
    SheilaV Jul 14, 2012

    It's sad to think this type of discrimination is even an issue still

    -1 Votes
  • Ra
    RarelyComplain Aug 02, 2012

    "Europhism?" You callin' Europeans "fat?"
    Seriously Tiff, don't blame yourself and don't blame them. Hiring race carders is a no win situation - except for lawyers who make tons of money on those race-based lawsuits. Write letters to your NAACP rep and to Al Sharpton, and tell 'em to tell y'all to back off already.

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customer service or lack of

Walked in and Don asked if he could help me find anything. I said No, I have a coupon for $5.00 from the mail...

customer reported to aspca

We have 4 dogs, 2 golden retreivers 12 and 10 yr olds, , 1 minature poodle 7 yr old and a tiny toy poodle 1 yr old.
Our boy retreiver 10 yr old has had a hotspot problem for about 4 yrs and we have had him to the vet a half dozen times and tried all the different foods over the years anti biotics and $300 per trip with little help. Because of this he has become an odsesive licker and keeps licking his foot making the problem worst. We tried it all pepper, ointment. bandages etc, , , all the tricks we could find. But the problem was his compulsive licking making things always worse..
So we decided to use the cone on him to keep him from licking the spot. Purchased one from petland was fit by them, but it was one size too small and he could still get to lick his front foot. So we went back to exchange it for a larger size to keep him from licking the spot. The sales girl there looked at his foot and said we should take him to the vet.. We said we had many times and his problem was agrivated by him with his licking it constantly and not letting it heal.
We also had the toy poodle in with us and mentioned she still did not like her food which we were paying the highest price in the store. She is a picky eater and we had tried every food the store had and still she wanted our people food.
Anyway to make a long story short, , we received a knock on our door at home 2 nights later by the ASPCA and the lady said they received a complaint about our dogs and wanted to see our boy with the sore foot and check our other dogs for being under weight. She checked them over and said they all looked fine and said we were doing a great job having them so many years. But she said due to the complaint we had to take the boy in to the vet to have his foot checked again.
We did that and the vet gave us the usual antibiotics, ointment for the spot, and some pills to make him sleep more ( anti deppresents we found out later ) and of course another bill for $360... And he was at his proper weight for his size and age.
We new it was Petland that reported us and gave our names and address from their files. We called the store and the manager said that the employee did it on their own time so it had nothing to do with the store. We said we would be talking to a lawyer, so then she said she would talk to the head office out east and get back to us. She called back 2 days later said head office said it was not their responsibility as their employee did it on their own, , , we said then we would go thru a lawyer.
A few days later we received another call from the store manager and she said she felt bad and since we had 4 dogs and not a high income they would help us by giving all our dogs free use of their vet in their store when we needed it.
Well we called back a few days later and then she changed the story to just looking after the one dog. We haven't heard back from them now a few weeks later, and believe since we didn't follow thru with the lawyer threat they are sweeping it under the carpet... And we find out the girl which worked there and called is no longer employed there..
What shoud our next step be, we would appreciate any help in this matter ?
And now after stopping the antibiotics 4 days after giving them our boy stopped being sick and throwing up all over.And we used the cone for 2 weeks to keep him from licking and his foot healed completly, , , and now with the hot spot gone he stopped licking.. So the vet and the hefty bill was a high cost burden to us like all the other vet visits in the past 4 years due to us going in to shop at Petland.
Our email is [protected]@hotmail.ca

horrible, got a cockatiel for my husband and it died

I bought a cockatiel for my husband as a gift, first off I was told it was a male when I first brought it home, wrong I went to a bird professional and found out it was a female, bought a second one, was told it was a male it too was a female, it was very mean and not hand fed, so took it back, well the grey one I had first seemed ok, but screamed a lot, and just today I uncovered her and she was at the bottom of the cage dead, I will never buy anything from petland again.

malnourished and dehydrated pet degu

Last week me and my boyfriend had bought a pet degu from a local petland in Calgary. For those who dont know anything about degus I'll give you a quick run through.

Degus (octodons) are a member of the roddent family and come from chili. They are cute little bushy tailed brown furred fluff balls. Degus are extremely social and if left alone to long will commonly stop eating and drinking (pretty much commits suicide)

This degu that we got was all alone. had the top of the cage locked off so no one could even say hello if they wanted to. as soon as we walked over to the cage he started meeping. and calling to us. just one look at this degu and we knew if we didnt adopt him than he would eventually pass.

We'd already had a degu at the time which was also purchased from the same petland. They told us that our original degus were males and that if we were to get any more than we should make sure their males too. Well... the new degu we got was 100% a male.. but.. the one we've had for 2 years, turns out was a female.. they have vets? Well shouldnt their vets know the proper sexes? Well.. then came the vet appointment to get our newest member nuetered.

At the vets we got notified that our newest degu (steve) was missing 20% of his body fat, and was extremely dehydrated. So much so that he immidiatly got put on nutrient supplements and antibiotics.

its clear to me that no one at the petland store even cared enough to watch how much he was eating or drinking, and that no one cared to try to make him recover.