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Petland Customer Service


Petland, Inc.

250 Riverside Street
United States - 45601

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 221 5935(Customer Service) 1 0
+1 740 775 2464(Customer Service) 0 0
+1 866 499 4761(Petland Credit Card) 0 1
+1 855 839 0555(Canada) 0 0
+1 866 542 3030(Canada) 0 0
Mon9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tue9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wed9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Thu9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Fri9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Petland Complaints & Reviews

Petland / recently purchased puppy

Linda Newton on Oct 28, 2018

While on vacation purchased a Siberian husky puppy for 2500.00.Louisville Ky. mall rd.Picked him up Saturday oct 6th and headed back to Pa.Monday Oct.8th I contacted our vet for a wellness check .Appt given was Oct 22nd but called due to the concern of constant diarrhea .Vet seen him...

Petland / account assure / comenity

D Hartman on Mar 10, 2018

I purchased Account Assure protection for my Petland Credit account. This would pay off the account due to death or permanent disability. I am a recently disable veteran rated at 1005 total and permannently disable. I informed Petland numerous times of the situation as well as submitting the...

Petland / fraud on puppy purchase

Matjr481 on Jul 25, 2017

Hi everyone - I wanted to post our petland horror story on this site. First I want to say I am credible professional who works in the medical field, and my partner and I are new to the robinson area. We own a rescued greyhound who is 11 years old, and I have always been around rescued...

Petland - Canada / wing trims

jlpaul61 on Jun 12, 2017

This is about an issue I had with Petland in Calgary (Deerfoot Meadows) and wing trims. The Humane Society is investigating and I want this practice to be stopped. Here is my story. I had an incident with petland 3 weeks ago. I took my 2 cockateils in to have their wings clipped. One of the...

Petland Strongsville OH / Rude staff

AnujSrivastava2001 on Dec 18, 2016

I want to inform you guys about your store in strongsville oh. Couple of months back me and my wife went there to check some puppies and wanted to see one, when asked about that puppy, we were told that puppy can't come out because he was out a lot of times that day and was tired. We thought...

Petland of Largo / We bought puppy, but he was seriously ill

Reviewer71855 on Feb 25, 2016

We bought 10 weeks puppy from Petland of Largo. The seller said that the puppy was from reputable breeders as well as they sold us a lot of food and charged for the microchip. We arrived home and couple of hours later this small poor puppy started to vomit and had awful diarrhea. We...

Petland / abuse

Emma Spotts on Feb 1, 2016

Petland is so cruel to their animals they are all sick and they dont even care about them and My friends an I are going to all team up and help the animals and get the money back they have from us because petland pets does not make our life better it makes our lifes terrible becuase they...

Petland Iowa City / our puppy had serious disease and this lady ignored it

Reviewer44181 on Jan 28, 2016

We went to Petland Iowa City and here we found the lovely puppy. We bought this female puppy and we spent two weeks together. However, later this puppy became sick and had strange cough. We called to this company and the lady told to bring her back, and she said that this puppy wasn’t from...

Petland / underhanded sale staff

Reviewer41701 on Jan 24, 2016

I paid two thousand for a dog. I was told to leave the dog because I couldn't take puppy home on the weekend. So I went home. Now I started thinking maybe I should wait till the first week of spring you know just because to train a puppy in the cold isn't fair to the dog. So I go back to...

Pet Land / sick dogs

shame shame on you on Jul 20, 2015

My name is Ann Moses from Delaware Ohio my husband and I just got a puppy from pet land in Lewis center Ohio on 06/24/15 and the puppy is four months old and had been at the store for a month in a half only weighing two and half pounds he is a Pomeranian he is very sweet we named him Andy...

Petland / deceitful practises

Stephen Christian on Jul 14, 2015

I recently bought a 8 week old puppy for $1500 from Petland in Joliet, IL. My vet tells me this dog had hernia surgery which prevents her from breeding, can commonly reoccur, and also usually is spade at the same time to prevent breeding and unnecessary multiple surgeries. At first Petland...

Petland / no warning is super aggressive fish

BWRA2033 on May 23, 2015

I went to Petland when I was 9 and I currently had 3 fish in my aquarium. When we got there my mom said that I had three fish and they said I should get a male fantail goldfish and said it would be non aggressive to my current fish. Once I put in in the aquarium I saw it get super agitated...

Petland - Robinson PA / puppy died 10 days after we brought her home!

Johnny10 on Nov 12, 2013

I am not one to bash an organization, as I am a successful business owner in the Pittsburgh area with over 20 retail stores. I personally feel that as a business owner we have an obligation to the public to be honest and truthful about our products and services so that customers can make...

Petland / poor business

Melissaka on Jun 14, 2013

I use to work at Petland in Janesville Wi and I was bullied out of my job the owner and the general manger sat me down in front of employes and told me that my feeling on feeling I was treated unfair were wrong and I shouldn't feel that way when I was crying because I had every one...

Petland / animal abuse

Tofutaro on May 19, 2013

First, I'd like to talk about the condition they give their animals, so I'm a passionate owner of 5 hamsters all with great care. And I went to petland one day came home with a hammie he was 1 of 2 hamsters in the Russian hamster cage. I went back the next week and the other...

Petland / petland discriminate

Tiffany Parker on Jul 14, 2012

Beware petland is not hiring any black employees. I was called in for an interview on monday. The manager asked me to come in the next day. When I got there I seen two out of shape (it's a europhism for fat) employees, they were both Hispanic. They weren't all that courteou...

Petland / customer service or lack of

sopissedoff on Jun 13, 2012

Walked in and Don asked if he could help me find anything. I said No, I have a coupon for $5.00 from the mail and he just said “Oh”, thoroughly lacking customer service and friendliness. As I moved throughout the store, I was observing the puppies in their cages. Saying hi to...

Petland / customer reported to aspca

DonDee4dognite on May 19, 2012

We have 4 dogs, 2 golden retreivers 12 and 10 yr olds, , 1 minature poodle 7 yr old and a tiny toy poodle 1 yr old. Our boy retreiver 10 yr old has had a hotspot problem for about 4 yrs and we have had him to the vet a half dozen times and tried all the different foods over the years anti...

Petland / horrible, got a cockatiel for my husband and it died

Jommer on Feb 15, 2011

I bought a cockatiel for my husband as a gift, first off I was told it was a male when I first brought it home, wrong I went to a bird professional and found out it was a female, bought a second one, was told it was a male it too was a female, it was very mean and not hand fed, so took it...

Petland / malnourished and dehydrated pet degu

Mario on Jan 29, 2011

Last week me and my boyfriend had bought a pet degu from a local petland in Calgary. For those who dont know anything about degus I'll give you a quick run through. Degus (octodons) are a member of the roddent family and come from chili. They are cute little bushy tailed brown furred...