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Resolved worst company on earth

Two weeks ago my wife and I were looking for a companion for our Yorkie. We found a female and were told a price I felt was a little too steep. So we passed. We returned a few days later a were told she had been sold for a lot less to a nice Hispanic couple. Had we known that, we would have purchased her earlier. We were told another female would be in soon. So we waited.

The female arrived and my wife loved her. The salesman said he didn't have the authority to sell her at the price I want't to pay but come in the next day and the manager would be in and he was sure she would work with us.

I had to work the next day so my wife went in and left a deposit until I could come in and talk to the Manager about the puppy.

After work I brought my wife and asked to talk to the manager about the price of the dog.'She was very rude and said we knew the price of the puppy when my wife put down the deposit and they didn't discount new puppies. And we were told at that time our deposit was none refundable. No prior notice what-so-ever!

I've notified the BBB so it hopefuly won't happen to others.

  • Jo
    Joe Blah Mar 14, 2010

    pet land just simply sucks!

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  • Kn
    knh Jun 10, 2010

    so sorry the petland near me is so nice but there dog are not healthy check out the other stories

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Resolved our puppy died within 7 days, and she was sold with infections.

March 1, 2009 a new fifteen week old yorkie puppy was purchased by my son. March 5, 2009 the puppy was in...

Resolved exposed for selling puppy mill puppies

PETLAND has been exposed for selling puppies who come from Puppy Mills, even though they will tell you they don't. Please do not support these stores by buying pups from them. You are contributing to the demand, which causes suffering of MANY defenceless dogs & puppies in these horrible puppy mills. Go to a REPUTABLE Breeder yourself, or adopt from your local Shelter. Thanks!

  • Kl
    klpattinson Mar 17, 2009

    i bought a puppy there for 1700 dollars and it was very very sick. like a child with whooping cough. we paid for the vet to get him medicine and he got a little better. he then got worse and had lime green all around his nose. we took him back and the people at petland got very mad, accusing us of not giving him enough rest. they took him from us for 2 days and he was a little better. he's a year old now but he still get winded very easy and starts the cough again.

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  • Do
    doglover Apr 12, 2009

    PetLAnd is a joke I bred boxers and they sent someone to my house to buy one, I don't sell to petstores or puppy mills, they told me they wasn't a pet store's the person told me they was a breeder or puppy mill nor did they believe in pet store puppies, I sold them that p[uppy for 300.00 usd and later that week I was close to petland pet store and the lady that bought the puppy from me was working there and the I sold to her was in ther efor 1500.00, its not the fact she bought it for 300.00 and going to sell it for 1500.00, it was in a dirty cage and very sick, I sueid them and got my puppie back and place it in a good home .

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Resolved sick puppies

To all you people who have purchased puppies from Petland, who have become sick or died shortly after purchase...and to all you people who are considering buying a puppy from Petland...have you not heard that they have been exposed for buying their puppies from Puppy Mills!!! This was announced after a 9 month investigation by the SPCA. It was all over the news. Petland, of course, disputes this.
Puppy Mill breeders do not take their pups for the necessary shots (most say they can do that themselves and don't "need" a Vet), therefore putting the pups at risk for the Parvo Virus. In most cases, the breeders' facility is in deplorable conditions, unfit and unclean, and the adult dogs live a horrible life, in cages, used only for breeding. You are unknowingly supporting these awful breeders by purchasing from Petland, and you are paying a HUGE price for these puppies, who, in most cases aren't even purebred! They are crosses.
Please consider obtaining your new pet from a Shelter, but if you insist on a "designer" purebred, please make sure you GO and visit the Breeder's facility to pick your pup. Don't have it shipped to you, or "meet" the breeder somewhere other than his/her facility. That is a red flag if they offer that. Make sure the conditions are clean, the animals are not "caged" or over-populated, and insist on receiving a Certificate from a Vet that shows the proper vaccinations and health checks have been done. EACH pup should have it's own Certificate. Beware! Some bad breeders are very deceptive.
These Puppy Mills have to be shut down! Also, check out Oprah's Show on Puppy Mills, from last year...it will truly open your eyes!

  • Bs
    BSM Apr 01, 2010

    I just bought a puppy from Petland. They promised me almost anything to buy but after the purchase told me he wasn't eating and then slight variations on their promises showed up one for example in the warranty. I have never had a puppy needing a hypoglycemic aid but was almost forced to buy it or sign papers otherwise. I took him to a vet the next day when he would not eat only to find out from her that the store had only just received him.. not had him, socialized him, been combing him etc. like they told me. The vet said he was very traumatized at 8wks. and would need babying. If he is really what they say he is and the adult size I asked for I'll really be surprised now! I'll have had him 5 days tomorrow and he eats maybe a tablespoon of food a day. He is cute and cuddly, only 2 lbs. and is hopping around like a rabbit. I have tried everything to get him to eat that I can think of plus the vet's ideas. Petland has been of no help and I will not approach them having read this sight. I'm not sure what is going to happen. Please don't buy from Petland!

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Resolved poor care of small animals in store

Regarding the care of the rats they sell as pets..
In the store this evening, they have 30 plus rats in a glass enclosure approximatley 3 ft by 3ft...They are all sizes and ages and BOTH SEXES in the same cage!!
When this was pointed out to the employee, she said "oh yes, they know that".."that's how they get more rats".
When it was pointed out that the rats would start having babies at a very early age, which isn't really in the best interest of the rat, she replied that was how it worked "in the wild".
When it was pointed out that this was an unhealthy situation, and poor animal husbandry, she said, "well you're entitled to your opinion."

I do not know who to contact about this situation, but it is totally unacceptable to treat animals in this way...totally ignorant about proper care of these animals.
Just because they are rats, does not mean they should be mistreated. One would hope that people who work there, would have some idea about how to care for these creatures..

I have owned pet rats for many years, and it is horrifying to see them treated like this...if I had room, there were a few there I would have brought home with me, just to save them from this situation...

Please, if you see unhealthy situations in these pet stores, make it known.
I have been in other pet stores and they at least have the sense to separate the males from the females...

  • Jo
    Joe Blah Mar 14, 2010

    i think this is a good place but with somehow a bad employees. they are nice and would be accomodating -- TOO ACCOMMODATING that they have to ask their customers to hold a bag for them when it breaks. and yeah, too accomodating that they push you to buy something... And they act too knowledgable about fishes that they put plastic bioballs in a sack with water -- treating it like it's living! and when i said, this is the type of catfish we have --- she said "no that is a shark" but it was really a catfish breed though it is called iridescent shark which is a CATFISH SHARK! She also said "i love fish, i have gallons and gallons of fish tank at home for 12 years!" who cares? esp if she says "i like platties, i recommend you have that too to make your aquarium colorful" then i said, "we don't like it" then she said with an ugly face "whuuutt???? you don't like it? they are pretty! how could you not like them?" oh well i said, to tell you honestly, they look like they have mouth problems! and they are considered fish food at home! they multiply so easy that they become so annoying! then she said "duh! this gold fish are the fish feeder" (and she sounded pissed that we don't want to buy what she is RECOMMENDING" she thinks she knows so much that she wants us to buy those only that doesn't have colors and that are weakling fishes! she recommends a chinese algae eater than a wonderful pleco! we don't understand why she would insult some customers by thinking she KNOWS IT ALL and by saying "there is nothing that i dont know about fish" but hey, she really doesn't know about BIOBALLS!!! and plus, they just scoop the poor fishes carelessly and pour them on the bags CARELESSLY! we were doubtful if the fish survive long enough even when they are cheap they look so unhealthy! we will never buy fish there anymore --- but i will go back and tell her it is really a type of catfish, and that bioballs need not to be in a bag of water when you buy it! when i asked her what it was for, she said it helps with oxygen, then i said, how does it do that? does it have something inside it or what? she said "yeah"... i think she is really dumb because bioballs are just piece of intricate plastic that roll on the water close to the aerator to bring in some bubbles that carry oxygen!. if she didn't intervene and started catching the fishes we really don't like (we got them for the sake that she wanted to catch them herself and she had a hard time getting it -- she was taking all the decors out the tanks!) we would have got chichilid and other nicer fish! hence, they would have sell much more money! she got blond hair, built big and have a bit big eyes and dirty blonde hair! beware she thinks she knows too much and keeps talking you out of what you want and keep insisting that what she wants is better and before you say yes or no she would start putting them on your bag! --- why can't she just leave people alone and buy what we really want? and anyway, bettas don't aged 12 years!!! she said she have one for 12 years! they only last 2-3 years so that she will know..

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Resolved awful company

I bought this dog from Petland just over a year ago and when I brought the dog home it came home it ended up having kennel cough and then things just got worse from there and I had to take the dog to the animal hospital on an emergency because the dog almost died. When my husband confronted the manager at the store, he was told because we didn't take the dog to their vet, that's why they cannot reimburse us any money. My question is: if the dog was on it's death bed, do you think I have time to drive an hour away to take the dog to their vet??? That's great customer service!!!

  • Lo
    lovemymaltese Jan 23, 2010

    Having bought a puppy from the same Petland myself I think you have your story wrong. You can take your puppy to any vet you want.

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Resolved verbal abuse by store owner

We walked into Petland Sunday evening on January 25th, 2009 to look at a sheltie puppy that we were...

Resolved sold sick puppy

On August 31, 2008 we purchased a Papillon puppy from Petland. It was lethargic on the first day, and we...

Resolved been ripped off

Earlier this year my fiancee and I purchased a puppy from petland in Strongsville, OH. We are happy with the...

Resolved rip off

On February 27, 2008, my parents purchased a dog for me from Petland. He is a mix breed called a 'Cavachon'. He is a joy to have and is a wonderful animal, but he is sick. Petland legally sold my parents a sick animal with kennel cough and blood in his stools. I have documentation from the store where the pets caretakers daily updated how he was doing.

Born in October, Petland received him in December of 2007. Since they received him, they notated he had blood in his stools, in which they gave him 'preventive meds'. They also notated his coughing, but it doesn't appear anything was done. This is just plain stupid since kennel cough is contagious to other dogs and probably spread to any other animal he came in contact with. Petland literally kept an animal in a cage and didn't properly take care of him. When he was purchased, the vet there told my parents that the blood in his stools was caused due to 'stress' and that it was normal and would go away.

To this date, it has not gone away. Not trusting their vet, I took my beautiful dog to my own vet closeby. My vet was very concerned about the blood in his stools, especially since he has had it almost all his life. He ran some tests and sent us home with medication, but we are unsure what the cause is as of yet. All I know for sure is that Petland sold him to us on a lie that he was perfectly healthy at the time of sale and Petland did not care for him properly when they knew he was not well. Petland and its employee's do not care for animals, they are just there to get your money.

  • Ch
    chineseknife Mar 04, 2009

    Ultimately you, or your parents, signed the dotted line. In doing so, you told Petland that you agree with their products and services regarding your new pet. If there was any concern about the health of your puppy, then maybe there should have been some second thought as to its purchase. I find it hard to believe that you, or your parents, were "duped" into anything. What ever happened to thinking for yourself?

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Resolved awful company

I bought a ferret from Petland located at 8800 W. Charleston Blvd., Suite #3, Las Vegas, NV 89117, [protected] because he was on sale. He was absolutely beautiful, although a little bit lethargic.They waved this full warranty crap in front of my face and me like an idiot I believed them.We left Petland and took him directly to the Vet, where we spent an additional $50 having all the tests run for parasites and so on. I woke up the next morning and he was DEAD. We called Petland, they said bring him in and they would make it right. When we got there it was a completely different story. They refused to exchange it for another Ferret. They refused to give us our money back. And then they told us to have the Ferret autopsied and they're vet, at our expense. More than $200. The vet wouldn't autopsy him because he had been dead more than 12 hours. Petland told us we were screwed, and if we wanted our money back to take them to court.

We didn't even have the ferret for 24 hours. He was a birthday gift, and holding a dead ferret for my birthday was NOT my idea of a good time. I was hysterical, they told us they would take care of us then they called security to usher us out of the store. Our entire experience was heartbreaking.

Their warranty is not worth the paper it was written on. I urge everyone to stay far far away from this store at 8800 W. Charleston Blvd., Suite #3 Las Vegas, NV 89117, [protected].

  • Valerie Apr 17, 2008

    They keep male and female hamsters together. when I told them their hamsters were humping the guy that worked there said "oh good maybe will get some babies!" these hamsters were FOR SALE which means some family is going to end up getting 20 hamsters for the price of one yay! (Not really if you have had it happen) also there puppies are all from puppy mills and normally are twice or more the price of the same purebred puppy from a reputable breeder. a lot of the puppies also already health problems and they are still over charging. DONT BUY!

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  • Ma
    Marcus Dec 30, 2008

    On November 30, 2017 Petland sold me a sick puppy. Her first free pet visit cost me $68! She has intestinal parasites. We had to take her back to the vet yesterday because she has severe yeast infections in both her ears and a 'foreign body' growing on her spine -- another $113. We went back to Petland in hopes of speaking to the manager and working something out. When I said the words 'sick puppy' in their crowded store, my daughter and I and three grandchildren were immediately surrounded by five store employees, the vet bills were forced from my daughter's hand by a six-foot male employee and we were pushed out of the store while a female employee called my daughter a ### because she was trying to explain our situation.

    The police were called and the male employee who took our vet bills tried to tell the police that my daughter assaulted him! They viewed the store video and of course no assault was seen. The female employee continued to scream at my daughter calling her a ### and insisting that she be arrested, while my grandchildren witnessed this. They are completely traumatized by the entire thing. My daughter and I had to sign trespass citations promising not to return to Petland under threat of arrest. How sad! SHAME on Petland for this nasty behavior! I am tenacious and intend to pursue this with vigor! Thanks for listening.

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  • Ob
    Observer 2010 Jun 09, 2010

    I thought my experience with Petland was bad. This is HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! How can they get away with that?

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  • Jb
    jb8000 Aug 10, 2010

    I'm sure if you went in the store and acted like a nice person you would of been treated better. I have been in the customer service business for 40 years both on the ground and in the air. People like yourself deserve everything you get!

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Resolved never buy from them

Long story but I learned my lesson. NEVER buy puppies from Petland. Petland breaks my heart for those puppies. They are awful and should be shut down. If you want a puppy please do research of your own. Adopt or buy from someone recommended by a friend. There are so many babies out there that need a good home. Check with your vet they could shoot you in the right direction. Just please take my word on it. NEVER buy from Petland. Well.. Unless you have LOTS of money and can afford vet bills coming out your whoha. PETLAND broke my heart.

Resolved they lied us about ferret we bought

My boyfriend and I decided to purchase a pet. Due to living at home and in an apartment, we decided on a ferret. We read up on them, and my boyfriend's family has a sweet bald old ferret. We checked out a few pet stores and someone said Petland in Monroeville is a good place to go, and that all their ferrets were from that store.

That was about 2-3 weeks before the original purchase. We picked 2 that we liked and asked when the ferrets had come in. The co-manager said that the six had come in the day before, and that they were 3-4 months old.

On the tank for the ferrets it said the were «Up To Date" on vaccinations, guaranteed for 1 year, and healthy. Another sign said "Ferrets $149.99 save $50 Everyday price $199.99".

On 4/9/2008 we went in to purchase our ferret. We ended up with a light sable female, who was our 2nd pick from the two we liked 3 weeks ago. Our sales girl said they were 3-4 months old, and that we had to buy a $25 bag of food to get a 3 year guarantee through the breeder.

She also said that we should buy a "Pet Club Membership" so we could get another $50 off on the ferret. We agreed, purchased our ferret and took her home.

Everything was good for about 3 hours. Then Kikyo became aggressive and bit my boyfriend drawing blood. She also began shaking the cage with her teeth.

On 4/10/2008 we called Petland. The Sales Associate we talked to refused to allow us to talk to a manager, and said we would have to pay 25% to restock her if we returned her, and that we could not have our money back.

We took her up to Petland immediately trying to return her. Her behaviour changed, and the co-manager we had talked to 3 weeks ago passively talked us out of putting her back. They said they would just put her in a tank by herself and "re-sell" her to someone else for $50. Also he then said she was not 4 months old but 5, and teething.

He convinced us to buy "Grennicks Bitter Apple" and to spray it up her nose and in her mouth. That it would keep her from biting due to the bitter taste. Another $12. 83 and we were on our way home with Kikyo.

The Grennicks worked for about 2 hours then she started biting through the taste. She bit my mother, and drew blood.

On 4/11/2008 I woke up to Kikyo coughing violently for about 15 seconds. I figured she maybe ate too fast or just needed to cough. My boyfriend then heard it later again that day, and it continued all day. At 10:00 P.M. we were instructed by an Emergency Vet to bring her in.

We brought her to the vet, and they both said she had her adult teeth and that she was not teething. They also said we should have received vaccination records and to quarantine her for 10 days, because we were not given them.

They diagnosed her with an upper respiratory infection, and prescribed Amoxicillin (which we are both allergic to). They said ferrets don’t show signs of illness until its in an advanced stage( so it was in her system for about 2-3 weeks), and that she could have died if left in the pet store or untreated for a few more days. We acquired a $105 vet bill, on top of the original $245 purchase and Grennicks for $12.83.

4.12/2008 We registered our ferret online at the breeder's website at about 2 AM. Ten minutes later we received the Guarantee in an e-mail and it stated the "seller" was responsible for everything. We did research late into the night, and found out numerous problems with Petlands all over the country. We returned to the Monroeville store and showed them all our bills and receipts.

The manager, wouldn’t even let me say what was wrong with her. As soon as I stated that Kikyo was sick, she blurted out "OH she has a URI, most of our ferrets develop them" She also stated that they know their animals are sick and sell them with medication.

She gave us a $20 check for the Amoxicillin, and said they won’t cover vet bills because we should have called the store, that even though the store was closed the automated message had her cell phone number on it (I called later that day and it was not on there). Also we were supposed to take her to their vet. We were never told they had a vet. When we asked for the vaccination records they said we can’t find them come in Monday. They were rude took the box the Amoxicillin came in from us and pretty much hurried us out of the store.

4/13/2008 everything seemed to be going fine, we were researching a small claims case against the store, and Kikyo seemed to be coughing less. Well late that night while we had her out to socialize, she bit my boyfriend on the thumb, sinking her teeth in shaking her head aggressively.

Because she was still under quarantine, we called the Emergency Vets and were instructed to go to the hospital. We did and my boyfriend ended up with a band aid, Neosporin, and a quick dose of anti-biotic. We received our bills and it was $304.32 for the ER, and $263.75 for the physician.


We once again returned to Monroeville, to demand the vaccination records. The co-manager said pet stores don’t keep those, and began getting very short with us. We walked out and said see you in court. Not even five minutes later down the road they called saying they had a paper. It said Kikyo was one of 8 ferrets she was born 1/14/2008, and was vaccinated at 5 weeks old on 2/22/2008...which is way too young for a ferret to be vaccinated.

Also Triple F Farm's called me. We had been calling them since 4/10/2008. He said it wasn’t their problem but that the guarantee card should have had her age, and shot record on the back.

During the next week we called everywhere, and ended up finally being able to contact corporate, after days of trying the week before. A sales associate in Athens Ohio Petland put a call through for us. While waiting for a contact from corporate, we found out she should have been vaccinated at 8, 11, and 14 weeks old, and that the vaccination used on her was for MINKS ONLY ( DISTEM R TC).

We talked to everyone from the American Ferret Association, The USDA, the Vet that supposedly vaccinated Kikyo, and anyone else we could get a hold of. Another vet said that she would need 2 shots at her age of 5 1/2 months to 1 year old ( because her adult teeth are in) which will run us about $100 if not more.

We are currently in the process of getting our case together, and filing a law suit for over $900 against the PetLand in Monroeville. Corporate called us back and said that the owners of the store refuse to refund us any money other than the $20 check for the amoxicillin (which we haven’t cashed yet). We got the names of the owners (which the last name was wrong) and that corporate cant do anything more because this Petland is a franchise.

We are just now one of the 1000's of people who have been ripped off from another Petland Store. We have a good feeling we may win our case and get most if not all of the money back considering we have the backed into the wall so to speak.

Anyway I just want to warn anyone looking into Petland for an animal. You will just end up amongst us all who are out hundreds if not thousands for buying a sick animal from their horrible store.

  • Zo
    ZOMG Feb 25, 2009

    You are both ###s who know nothing about ferrets. You should not have been allowed to purchase a ferret in the first place.

    Had you done any "research" as you claim, you might have noted that buying ferrets from a pet store is a big no-no, and you should have found a reputable local breeder.

    Not only are you supporting the stores mistreatment of the animals, but indeed, the animal testing mills that turn out these animals.

    The ferrets behavior is standard stress behavior having transferred to a new home. If its biting the cage, it wants "out" accommodate it. You have to train *all* ferrets not to bite, it is part of *standard* training.

    All ferret owners must maintain a $1000 emergency fee for vet visits. Surprise, they aren't free, they are expensive to own... More of your "research" i guess..

    You went to an ER, because your boyfriend was bitten by a ferret with a respiratory infection? >.< That's on you, no ones fault there but your own. Were you afraid his thumb would come down with a respiratory infection?... Those are spread by airborne pathogens, yet you are apparently unafraid to breathe the same air as the ferret... ?

    She told you to spray Bitter Apple ****IN THE FERRETS NOSE AND MOUTH!!!****??????

    I would bite the hell out of you too, you are supposed to apply it to things you don't want the animal to bite, ###.

    Honest to god, truth is stranger than fiction, sometimes.

    Roll up your lawsuit into a tight roll and take turns beating each other in the head with it. Maybe next time you will use some common sense instead of being stupid and then proceeding to blame everyone in the world for your complete lack of knowledge and understanding on the subject.

    Oh, by the by... If your boyfriends ferret is *BALD* it is most likely suffering severe adrenal disease and needs a $1200 operation to remove the cancerous gland...Already too late probably, if its COMPLETELY BALD YOU ###S>...

    Might want to start fixing the one you have before getting another

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  • Ch
    christy Feb 25, 2009

    I think you made several mistakes with your ferret.first the behavior that you have describe is completely normal behavior all baby animals need to be taught not to bite.second NEVER spray anything into the nose of an animal or he will get a uri(as you know now) If you are having trouble with your ferrets behavior feel free to email me ANd I will be happy to help you .I have 11 ferrets .I find allot of people misunderstand ferrets because they weren't taught well.I can teach you what you need to know to curb her actions. It takes time but with proper guidance you can have a wonderfully behaved ferret.
    email me @[email protected]

    2 Votes
  • Wi
    WienerCat Feb 26, 2009

    Please buy Ferrets for Dummies... please. No judge should let you win a case about this. It's your own fault for not researching and learning about these precious little creatures.

    Spraying bitter apple up the nose and mouth of this ferret is abuse. I'm disgusted with what you're doing to this little girl...

    But it's not too late to learn and do this right. RESEARCH, learn, and most of all, stop treating her that way!

    1 Votes
  • Ed
    editor1010 Mar 16, 2009

    I cannot believe what I just read. Save yourselves the legal fees as you WILL LOSE, you CAUSED the ferret to get an URI and if you didn't get it then you should get that now. Save the fees, and instead you should pay the 25% rehoming fee to Petland and give her back. She deserves a better home then this.

    You and your boyfriend are ###S.

    1 Votes
  • Gl
    Gludipow May 23, 2014

    Poor Kikyo! To have a pair of bakas like you two as her owners. I am still new to the world of ferret ownership and even I found relatively quickly that Bitter Apple is to be sprayed ON things you don't want them to bite. Not IN their nose and mouth, baka yaro!
    And 300 dollars for a thumb bite that got a bandaid, neosporin and a little AB? That seems like a bit much, was the bandaid sewn together by hand with gold in the stitching? Jeez.
    Furthermore, you realize that nipping and biting is a common behavior in baby animals? Puppies and kittens both nip, bite and scratch and both require training to stop that. If you had done the research you claimed to have done, you would know ferrets require more responsibility than pups or kittens and would know how to train biting out of them. When you decided to get a kit, learning proper care for her and proper training should have been step 1 for you. It should come as no surprise that your mistreatment of her has led her to become agitated with you and to bite more frequently.
    Next time you want to get a pet, get a tamagotchi. Give this baby a proper home, because you are just another ferret owner who dove in before checking how deep the pool

    -1 Votes

Resolved petland is horrible

I bought 4 fish at Petland on April 12. They went belly up within hours of going in my tank. When I took them back with a sample of my water, I found out my water wasn't so good. Jim told me that my water wasn't habitable for "Any animal". Yet, I've got 3 fish that have lived for more than 2 years! When I began to complain about their "48 hour fish guarantee" he said "It's not my fault you killed your fish". When I offered to follow his suggestions and then return in 1 week’s time to get my water tested again would he then replace my fish? He said "Sure, I'll put your dead fish in the freezer and give them back to you next week!" No joke! He honestly said that! Then when I suggested I would write a complaint about him and this 'customer service" and "guarantee" he said I was threatening him with 'extortion". When I mentioned he didn't care about my "fish" because he already got paid, he actually told me he didn't make any money on my 4 fish. I said "well you sure didn't pay what I paid for them" and he MOCKED ME! I've reported Petland in Westland, Mi to the BBB. I refuse to allow someone to get away with that! I think everyone should chime in with their horrible antics and customer service skills. I can't wait to see what will happen now!

  • Je
    Jennifer Anderson Dec 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello, my name is Jennifer Anderson and i am writing to complain about Merideth store #49, Staten Island, Forest Ave. plaza. I was waiting on line with a purchase in a slightly empty store while the employee ringing us up held a phone conversation for approximatley 5 min. While doing so she was making several mistakes causing a delay for the waiting customers on line. When i finally reached the counter i needed to ask a question, when i began talking the employee had the nerve to hand gesture me "one moment". I was so angry!!! As a result of that i then left my items on the counter and said "one moment? now you can put my things back... after your phone call of course . I have been a customer in that store for 15 yrs. and never ever had i felt this way! I hope that someone who could do something about this woman reads this letter and adresses this matter propably!!!

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  • Al
    Allison May 14, 2009

    Hey!!! I am so sad right now. I have had my four comets for over 5 years and recently decided to get some plecos to clean my tank. I was concerned about disease so I asked them and they told me to treat the tank with Noxich and that there fish didn't have any illness. They also told me I was taking care of my fish all wrong. When I brought my plecos home I did what they said, after a week I noticed my comets laying on the bottom of the tank and they seemed sick. I called Petland for advice and they told me to put salt in the water, which I did and to my dismay it did not help. I took a water sample into the store which is two hours away and they told me my nitrates and ammonia were high. They sold me two bottles of treatments and said this would definately help my fish. I treated my fish with this and now they are losing there scales and one is dead. All my plecos have died. My biggest comet was 6 inches long, I grew him myself and when I bought him he was about an inch. THANKS PETLAND!!!
    Allison, SK

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terrible experience!

Applied and was hired at Petland, and after only one day on the job, I wouldn't go back for a million...

kitten rescue died next day!

Bought a "rescue" kitten from this petstore. Was suppose to be healthy, $33.00 first shots,worming and seen by the vet. In good healthy. played around sweet thing. next morning it was horribly sick,sneezing and shivering. Off to the vet to find out the kitten was only 4 weeks old. couldn't eat and was more then half starved and was sick. We gave the vet free rein to save her. $500. later that day our kitten Boots has a sezuire and dies. Went to the store with info in hand from the vet about her and they told us the kittens weren't under any warranty and so we were out of luck. and walked us out. Run from this place it's bad. We just wanted another kitten a healthy. Now we're heading to court.

  • Ki
    kimberley ferry Jan 17, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Petland if sold you a kitten by Law it must be "fit for sale"/adoption They are liable for that kitten & vet bills, They should of given you paperwork suggesting the kitten be seen by a vet within a certain amount of time & if found "UNFIT" or Sick you had/have the option to return said kitten or Care for kitten with Petland picking up the cost. Some places if you decide to keep & care for the pet will reimburse you the cost of the animal plus vet bill you substained. Hold your ground if they gave/sold you a sick kitten you are in the right to take them to court to recover your costs. Unfortunately the courts can't put a price on the emotions / heartbreak we go thru when we lose a pet.

    Good Luck hope the court sides in your favor!

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petland killed my chinchilla

We bought a treat for our chinchilla at Petland this weekend. It was pointed our and suggested to us by one of Petland's so-called "Pet Counselors". (Sunseed Apple and Papaya Treat for Chinchillas, Rabbits, and Guinea Pigs). We bought it and fed it to our chinchillas. The next day they were all sick . One was so sick that it fell off of its hammock and couldn't move. We brought it to the emergency clinic and the vet said the treat made it sick and that she had a 20% survival rate IF we got her temperature up to normal, really we had no chance with her temperature so low from being in shock. The vet gave us antibiotics and orders but ten minutes after we got home, our chinchilla Crazy passed away. All we asked was that the treat be removed from the shelf. Petland took responsibility and paid for our vet bills and gave us a giftcard for their store in response. The treat that killed our dear pet??? THEY ARE STILL ON THE SHELF BEING SOLD TO UNSUSPECTING, TRUSTING CUSTOMERS!!

  • Ec
    Ecco Dec 26, 2007
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    Did you ever find out what the actual cause of death was? Allergic reaction, bugs in the treats, or what?

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they tried to sell me an ill puppy!

Petland in Chicago ridge was the place when it all started...me and my mother walked in just to look around before we went home... there was a tiny female chihuahua puppy in the cage.. A man took her out for us, to see her. She was shaking of fear, her eyes were runny, and she was trying to get away. We were very close to getting her but... $1300 and when we saw her vet report, she was bred by omish people?? in a mill??

We didn’t get this puppy... it was probably sick... the man was very pushy "awww she really seems to like you" "ive never seen a dog like someone so much" " 1300 dollars is the average price for a dog" sure, that we didn’t get her, but we advise u not to get puppies from the pet stores only puppies from mills go there…

  • Ki
    kimberley ferry Jan 17, 2008
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    UNFORTUNATELY many people do buy from petstores & honestly you DON'T know what you're really getting. & YES 90% of puppies in petstores are from Puppymills. I don't understand the logic... Go to petstore for a pup & you pay outrageous prices, Find a reputable Breeder & you get a great healthy pup for half the price. They just closed a puppymill down in Virginia over 1000 puppies were taken, many extremely sick,others just really scared & dirty. Thank god shelters took them in & were up for adoption within weeks of being rescued. (these were Yorkies) These animals never see or feel the warmth of loving hands until someone buys one. They are kept in small cages with no social life. I have stepped into many petstores buying a puppy to save him from being in a cage, then I find a loving home for. I can't stand seeing these helpless critters behind glass in freezing cold conditions. NOW I stay away,I turn the other way and don't go near the pet aisle. It only makes me cry. & yes I own a zoo here at home & I wouldn't have it any other way! As I write I have 4 chihuahuas curled up along side me. Please if you want a dog/cat/puppy/kitten check your local shelters & if you feel the want for purebred Please search for a breederwho specializes in that breed & you get ALL your questions & concerns answered. If you don't like the breeder for whatever reason or won't answer your questions..MOve on to someone else & always request to meet the parents of the animal you're buying.

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