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PetSmart / chinchilla food

hshdjjames on Jul 18, 2017
You refuse to stock the same type of chinchilla food. The last three times I went to get food it was a different brand every time. Chinchillas need the same brand of food otherwise they get sick. My chinchilla got vary sick the last time I was forced to change the brand because you...

PetSmart / grooming - unethical behavior

Tdzurick on Jul 17, 2017
July 14, 2017 1130 AM/ 2430 Walnut St. Cary, NC 27518 I brought my dog in for grooming as I have done several times before. tofu has been getting groomed his whole 5 years of his life. We have never had a problem with grooming. He was brought in in his normal happy go lucky mood. As soon a...

PetSmart / grooming

MelissaAWheel on Jul 14, 2017
A butcher ruined my miniature schnauzer's hair, shaved her face including eye lashes, beard, and hair on her ears. We specifically asked the "groomer/butcher" to leave her ears alone, because we were going for the pom-pom hair style. This is unacceptable. Before and after photo'...

PetSmart / grooming

laurie pfisterer on Jul 12, 2017
My 11 year old Labrador dog had a grooming appointment on July 4th, 2017 at the Petsmart location in Westminster, Maryland. We just wanted her hair shortened, her toenails cut and a bath. She was not even there an hour, got the call to pick her up. The groomer cut her toenail too short...

PetSmart / sold a sick animal

zwiama90 on Jul 11, 2017
After reading other reviews it seems my complaint must be common! I bought two very young guinea pigs about a week ago. They have been sneezing non stop. Now they're rattling and congested. I'm going to take them both to see a vet today since I suspect its a URI. I hope they both make it...

PetSmart / banfield pet hospital

jakezoe on Jul 7, 2017
I had my dogs teeth cleaned April 22nd...when I got him home I noticed his teeth did not look very clean at all. I am a dental hygienist so I probably notice more then others would. I called and asked to talk to vet and was told she would call me back...however she never did. I just took...

PetSmart / grooming salon - east point ga

Maria Blackwell on Jun 26, 2017
Good morning... I'd like for this information to be passed onto the Owners, General Manager, and or anyone that honestly cares about this location and its customers! I have had several issues with this location, but choose to patronize it because it is the closest, and carries every brand...

PetSmart / snail

David Bonney on Jun 25, 2017
Hi my name is Dave Bonney, I purchased a tank and all the supplies to make it a beautiful habitat and one day while picking out some more fish for our tank, your associate suggested a snail And I figured one snail can't hurt. She said it would be a great addition to your tank but this wa...

PetSmart / store manager kicked us out of the store for bringing our sick dog to banfield

Noe Gonzalez on Jun 21, 2017
Last May 19th at Mc Dill Avenue Store in Tampa, my wife, son and myself brought our Dog to a Dr.'s appointment and because the Dogs condition the Store Manager(Named Pat, long hair, white hair) started mopping the floor because our Dog have a skin condition that can be contagious. This guy...

PetSmart / kayla former groomer

Ramos Esdrehany on Jun 15, 2017
I booked an appointment to have my yorkie by the name of mosha groomed on june 16th, 2017 around 1:50pm. The petsmart location is in hamilton, Ohio on Princeton rd. I dropped my dog off and returned 15 minutes . As inwas sitting outside the grooming area I overlooked how Kayla, a former...

PetSmart / grooming services

Ceiley' s Mom on Jun 14, 2017
This complaint is about my dog's grooming experience at the Petsmart Store at Brickyard 6655 W Grand Ave., Chicago, IL. 60707. I am a Long-time Petsmart customer approximately ten years or more. I have had my dog, Ceiley groomed at Petsmart since she was a puppy. I had been fortunate to have...

PetSmart / sale deals

Donna Guyer on Jun 2, 2017
Being a breeder of purebred show cats I have spent a lot of money over the years at PetSmart. I know better than to use their Banfield Veterinary Service from many who lost beloved pets at their hands. Pages and pages of stories on the internet. This I can promise you, if you receive a 15%-25%...

PetSmart / purchases

dead hamster on May 29, 2017
I purchased a Hamster for my granddaughter with the new cage and everything else for it. On the 15th day it died. They said it would have a 1 yr+ life span. I called the store and they said they would offer the second one to her and no charge even though the 14 days had passed. So...

PetSmart / not complaining about what I couldn't by complaining about what I could have bought today bad customer service

Hinesville ga on May 28, 2017
I decided today to buy some fish for my aquarium willing to spend up to about $250 I entered the store which wasn't busy and Hinesville Georgia one person at the cash register purchasing one cashier blondish brown mail look to be early twenties did not bother to greet me or be bothered...

PetSmart / festival raffle

Michelle Trogdon on May 23, 2017
I attended Pet Palooza 2017 in Charlotte, NC roughly a month ago. I entered a raffle for a $250 gift card. The brief survey asked if I cohabitated with someone which I responded "yes". About a week or so ago, I was notified that I had won. When I spoke with the representative, they said I...

PetSmart / pet update shot record.

raggajrmon on May 22, 2017
Two weeks ago my wife and I was told that our pet Bordetella shot was due, by Petsmart Doggie Day Camp staff member. We appreciate the notifications. My wife physically handed the updated shot record to a Petsmart staff member at doggie day camp. My concern is the second time we had to...

PetSmart / grooming

Wendy D Singleton on May 20, 2017
I originally scheduled a grooming appointment for my dog at the Petsmart located at 3183 S. Veterans Parkway Springfield IL for 5/6/2017. There was a three week wait to get this appointment and I had to cancel and request another date due to an unexpected business trip. I called and...

PetSmart / management

Leigh1211 on May 17, 2017
I arrived at the 1102 Bolingbrook Petsmart at approx 850AM. I made an error thinking the store opened at 8. I came in, grabbed 3 bones, and asked a lady walking out of the office if I could check out. She referred to the manager, Kendell, who was sitting in the office. I walked up and she...

PetSmart / checkout

Julie D'Alessandro Norris on May 14, 2017
One line at Petsmart on 12100 Inwood Road, Dallas, Tx on 5/14/17 at 515pm. Waited for over 15 minutes after backup was called. Finally, Julian, who said he was the manager came out of the back area near where the banfield area. He was rude and unapologetic. When I told him how long we had...

Pet Smart Fort Smith Arkansas / the store manager lynn and her little black girl buddy very rude and cursing

sportram on May 9, 2017
This complaint is about the store manager lynn and her lil buddy girl i guess an assistant manager i think for lack of i better term and i hate to use this term the black girl i dont know her name. About a month ago my wife was in there shopping for our dog and cat as always and asked the...

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