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PetSmart Complaints & Reviews

Petsmart / royal canin dog, food mini special

Ronnie12345 on Aug 9, 2018

I shop at pet smart for all my things, cat / dog. I spend a lot of money there. I also take both of them to your vets, I get a coupon that says I can save $8 on the dog food I get. Of course that made me happy, so I went in today to get a bag. It says 10 pounds or more, ok so I look for it...

Petsmart / grooming

Stacy KA on Aug 8, 2018

I took my 3 month old Shih-tzu to Petsmart for a 9:30 am appointment with a groomer that I thought I could trust. I had asked to pick her up as soon as possible(before my other Shih-tzu) since she was so young. Around noon, I decided to call and check. I was told they had some trouble and...

Pet Smart / excessive cost of two batteries

Mrs.Z on Aug 8, 2018

Two days ago my husband went into the Pet Smart in Sahuarita, AZ with our dog trainer, which is a collar (he didn't take in the collar) and a battery operated remote. He asked how to get that apart without damaging it (lost the paperwork since moving from Texas) so he could find out what...

Petsmart / Betta Fish

ashley rosales on Aug 7, 2018

I went into pet smart yeterday on my day off to buy my betta fish some water and while we were looking for the water we stopped to see more betta fishes and it broke my heart the way they care for the bettas is so sick the over feed them and they struggle to keep floating i'm so livid they...

Pet Smart / a baby kitten

Lisa Goiriena on Aug 6, 2018

I'm so pissed im beyond livid and I'm going in There tomorrow and raising hell and my dct today told me they sell sick animals they are known for this well here's my little story of your negligence and horrible evil cruelty of caring for these animals who are creatures of Christ and I've...

Pet Smart / customer service

AGrillo on Aug 1, 2018

I went into pet smart in Odessa tx. My daughter was squeezing a dog toy and the lady that was checking me out said can you stop! I said is it bothering you she said ya! I said she just 6 she said well it's a dog toy. I told her she didn't have to be so rude. And she asked another employee...

Petsmart / stop attacking moorestown store

JuggaloJohn on Jul 29, 2018

Enuff is ENUFF. There's not NOT gonna be a movie "The Expendables 4 : The Bully Boss" (sorry movie buffs), there's not gonna be a grievance nor a petition filed on the behalf of the Moorestown employees and managers from September 2017 on. I know this because I was one of those people...

Petsmart / tragedy at store

Joe teddy smith on Jul 25, 2018

Alot of employees and managers lost their jobs at a PetSmart store in Moorestown NJ. It all started in September 2017 when a store manager was put in place there. This store manager in question caused issues with employees at another location. He was transferred to Moorestown with a...

Petsmart / grooming/ft myers

Pet Abuse on Jul 24, 2018

I had my Australian Shepard Romeo full groomed 10 days ago at the Ft Myers location on 41. I paid Lindsey extra for the oatmeal shampoo & round nail cutting. His skin was perfect before he went there. He started scratching immediately afterwards and is now full of bleeding sores and ha...

Petsmart / denial of halfway to home rescue palmdale rancho vista facility

Teri Boyle Baskette on Jul 21, 2018

I have recently learned that Halfway To Home rescue foundation has been banned from our local PetSmart on 10th Street West in Palmdale, CA. This rescue has been coming to this PetSmart for over a decade. Many of us that live in the community and the surrounding area have adopted our fur...

Petsmart / grooming

beanerlady on Jul 19, 2018

I had a 9am appointment this morning, 7/19/2018, at 9am at Ward Parkway location in Kansas City, Missouri to have my 10 year boxer girl groomed. It was truly the "blind leading the blind". The young girl at the counter said she would be grooming my Bella. WOW-talk about Stupid!! She could...

Petsmart / corporate and moorestown, nj

Screwed employees on Jul 15, 2018

Employees and managers were terribly and horribly bullied out of their jobs since September 2017 when a certain store manager was transferred into the Moorestown, NJ store. This took place over several months where dozens of employees and at least three managers lost their jobs due to him...

Petsmart / my dogs grooming appointment

ElizabethHowlett on Jul 12, 2018

I brought my dog in for his grooming appointment a week and a half ago. When I picked him up he came home with a sore paw and kennel cough. so I had to bring him to the vets to be treated and he's on three antibiotics. I was very heartbroken and very upset that he went through that. I want...

Petsmart / rude store employees

Anne Moriarty Ruybal on Jul 9, 2018

7/9/18 approx. 10:00am, PetSmart Brier Creek, Raleigh NC. Went to this location to purchase bird toys. Was waiting in line to check out when a male employee walked up behind me, reached directly across/in front of me to pick up something off a shelf, picked it up, and put it back...all...

Petsmart / poor grooming service at petsmart, lufkin, tx. on 7/1/2018.

Marlis on Jul 7, 2018

I recently took my 2 year old male Bouvier De Flandres in to Petsmart in Lufkin, Tx.. to be groomed at an 8:30 am appt. The groomer (Carmen) did not show up unti 9:30 am. And had no idea how to cut and groom a Bouvier. My husband spent 10 minutes explaining the proper cut. 4 hours later we...

Petsmart / management

j917 on Jul 6, 2018

I worked at the Petsmart on Muldoon for up to two months and the reason I quit was because Lori, the store manager ridiculed me in front of customers as well as former employees. The amount of unprofessionalism working for this peticular location ruined the company for me as a whole, as a...

Petsmart / grooming

bjbjbj on Jul 3, 2018

MISERABLE - UNPROFESSIONAL- BRAZEN ATTITUDE experience. Been long time customer with regular groomer and on arrival at appt time Nicole (Salon Mgr) told my groomer was sick and could not take my dog. This was done in very unprofessional threatening manner argued in threatening manner...

Petsmart / petsmart shopping carts blocking many of the parking spaces.

Helio Fonte on Jul 2, 2018

On Monday, July 2nd, 2018 I went to the PetSmart located on 82 Ave and West Flagler St in Miami and attempted to park but many of the parking spaces were occupied by PetSmart shopping carts, upon entering the store I complained to the manager which agree to bring them in but one hour after...

Petsmart / customer service regarding purchasing a hamster

Toy318 on Jul 2, 2018

On 7/2/18 I went into the Alexandria store to purchase a hamster, cage, and accessories. I also purchase a parakeet bird. I return later with my other child who wanted a hamster I was not familiar of the animals habitat requirements and when I asked a staff "vita" she responded that...

Petsmart / corporate and store

Moorestown NJ on Jul 2, 2018

Soon a petition and grievance will be filed against PetSmart on behalf of over a dozen former employees of a PetSmart store in NJ. Back in September of 2017 the Moorestown NJ store on Nixon Drive (store in question) came under a new store manager (L'erin Gaines and assistant store manager...