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Complaints & Reviews

wrong price for additional luggage

My name is Juan Eusebio Campos, I had my tickets set up to leave Peru with my family on January 16, 2020.
On January 15, 2020 I'd called your Customer Service and asked the question for a price of an additional luggage ( we already had 2 luggages per person, me, my wife and the child, total of 6 luggages). I talked to Charla Sharma at [protected], help center, she made me wait for few long minutes because she was asking somebody higher than her, then she came back and told me, I can't purchase this online, so it had to be done at the Jorge Chavez Airport. So I asked for the price, then she said $150.00.
I thought it was fear to paid that amount since we already had 6 luggages already with us.
On 16 January we were doing our check-in, and they told me that I had to pay $236.00 for the extra luggage, I told them what I was told the day before by the Help Center, but they didn't want to hear me. Since we already had some necessary items that we had dispersed in different luggages, I was obligated to paid the whole $236.00 that it was not in the plans. So, please check into this situation and try to fix the problem. It seems to me that the Help Center is not syncronized with the Airport counters.
our flight number was 2392, from Lima to Bogota
The airline confirmation was: WNEBTL.
Thank you,
Juan E. Campos
email: [protected]
Attached is the booking sheet with the receipt payment made at the airport.

wrong price for additional luggage

unethical behavior by santiago, chile airport employee

My husband and I were traveling to Easter Island on Latam Air 844, January 24, 2020 departing IPC at 11:55 am. We are from the United States and do not speak Spanish (although we try our best). We arrived to check in at the airport and a badged airport employee (not a Latam employee) stopped us, pointed at a sign saying you needed certain documents to fly to Easter Island. He spoke only Spanish and he insisted that we follow him, in spite of my saying I just wanted to check in at the ticketing desk. He kept shaking his head and motioning us to follow him. He was very persistent. My husband and I felt vulnerable and confused. He brought us to a kiosk quite away from the ticketing area (where there was a computer). He filled out a form, asking us for our passport #'s, name, etc. The form was all in Spanish, so we weren't exactly sure what it was. After the form was filled out, we had to pay the clerk (a young girl) at the kiosk for the copies. He then wisked us away to the self ticketing machines, in spite of me constantly saying I wanted to go to the ticketing desk. He shook his head and said NO. He printed out our boarding passes and printed out baggage tags, even though I told him we were carrying on. He shook his head and said "free". He insisted we follow him to an elevator where we went down to the lower level (near car rentals?) By this time I knew we were in the wrong location, and he pointed up a long staircase to a departure sign, and then turned to my husband and said "Tip"...we knew we had been scammed. My husband gave him a tip, and he said "That's not enough", so my husband dug in his pocket for more. We climbed up the stairs with our luggage because we were afraid to get in the elevator with the same man. We ended up not having the immigration form we needed because we didn't know about it. We had to run to immigration just prior to boarding and barely made the flight.

My name is Deborah L. Piwoschuk
email: [protected]

rude and not well informed agent

I was traveling back to United States with my daughter who is American and the agent lady said I needed to...

I am not able to get into my lan pass account.

I was NEVER given a secondary ID account number or password. SO, I am not able to get into my account to make a reservation or to receive or use my miles. I tried to solve this problem online with a LAN PASS agent. NOTHING was done even after I sent a copy of my passport and gave the agent my LAN PASS number after the case was opened.
The personal ID that I was given for this case is N6423568. My LAN PASS number is [protected].
Please send your reply to [protected]

agents applying rules

I came back today for a round trip to Mendoza Argentina. We all know that rules are necessary but that we need a clever person to know how to apply them.
On my way to Mendoza from New York, we took 2 carryon bags with no problem.
In Mendoza on the way back an agent I believe Raul Salinas took on himself to apply the rules. As a result, I (85 yo) was left without medications and many of the necessary things for the trip. According to him, the two carry on bags were outside the limit for 1". As a result, they were sent as baggage.
No person (police) with more than 2 neurons will give a ticket to a driver because was driving at 31 miles in a 30 miles limit speed.
I and the rest of my group, 5 in total, suffered during the trip because of the lack of judgment by this arrogant agent.
LATAM is a good company but, because agents like this one make a great trip a calamity

luggage delay and consequences of delay

Below is the letter originally sent to United, who are saying that by "global agreement", this needs to be directed to you, and ultimately compensated by you:

November 20, 2019

To: Customer Service at United or Latam, or whoever is in charge of travel problems
Re: Complaint regarding Passenger Alexander Uhls

I am writing this to you regarding a serious problem with United and eventually Latam airlines specifically related to luggage. I had limited ability to communicate once in Bolivia, so my parents dealt with the problem from the US - but I now have all the details. This complaint not only involves the almost 4 day delay in retrieving the luggage, but the terrible experience in working through the problem with United and Latam personnel and the consequences that arose directly and indirectly because of it.

Flight Info: Alexander Uhls: 11/1/19 - UA 121 Denver to Houston; UA 854 Houston to Lima; LA 2400 Lima to La Paz Booked through United (confirmation: LPBLA19453). Luggage tag #UA [protected].
Latam info: Reference #LPBLA19453 new tag number: #[protected]
(another reference # [protected])

Day 1 : Luggage did not arrive with my flight. I reported missing in La Paz. Later learned that the luggage had been left behind in Houston, despite being checked through in Denver. 24 hours later, no luggage and find out it is still in Houston. No one at United has any idea: spoke to several personnel located in India, who simply look at computer and gave wrong information until I would push further. United person (Cortek) claimed it was Latam's responsibility, even though in Houston. Eventually they reported that luggage was going on next flight to Lima, that night at around midnight. Never happened.

Day 2 : Called and called this day, and assured by United it would get on flight to Lima this second day, flight 854. Said it was being treated as "priority" and being expedited by luggage people. Not to worry, plenty of time to get on plane. Called at end of day, and still in Houston. Spoke to "Gurbreet" after numerous calls to people who had no idea. Missed first flight out.

Day 3: Luggage gets to Lima but speak to Latam (Raphael) who says United, who report having the luggage, didn't release it to them to fly out. Everyone is blaming other people. At 10 AM they email United to do so immediately so they can send it on. Latam never hears back despite several attempts. Next flight to La Paz leaves without his luggage. Conversation with Andres Chanci, from Latam (baggage?) who says he is personally trying to get someone to obtain luggage. I call United and speak to "Kokab" who promises to look into it and call back, but of course never does. According to Latam (Andres and later Daniel Garcia in luggage), United doesn't respond to their "SOS" as they called it.

Day 4: Speak to United person named "Fariful", who blames mistake on Latam airlines. Find out luggage gets to La Paz at about 2 AM. Latham notifies me that it will be delivered in morning, but by afternoon, it hasn't arrived I make a trip to the airport, but unsuccessful in getting luggage. Luggage finally gets delivered at 5:30 PM - almost 4 full days after arrival.

The reason I am asking for compensation, which United admits is appropriate from you:

1. Because I didn't have my luggage, with all my gear, I was unable to take the guided trip/trek I was to make in Bolivia - the whole reason I traveled there. I was stuck in a town waiting for my luggage and had to cancel. Once the luggage arrived 4 days later, it was too late.

2. The country of Bolivia came under civil unrest and the day after I arrived, the US State Department declared it a Level 2 State of Emergency. As a result of the rioting, shops were closed, streets were barricaded, and it was very difficult and probably dangerous to purchase items to exist on until the luggage came. MORE serious was I could not get out of the city, which the State Department was recommending, because I did not have my luggage. This shows how negligence can lead to very serious consequences. With one day delay, I might have saved the trip - but 4 days ruined the whole itinerary. I believe that the State of Emergency was later raised to a level 3 or 4 while Inwas waiting there. Ironically, the delay in luggage had nothing to do with the unrest problem - that just made it harder for me to be without luggage.

3. The costs as a direct result of this were outstanding. Not only this flight to Bolivia being a waste, but because I couldn't make the planned hiking trek, I had to fly from La Paz, to Santa Cruz, Bolivia, to Belo Horizonte, Brazil to Rio de Janeiro to get home! I also had to take many very expensive and unnecessary taxis to get to the airports. Because of the rioting, ground travel was impossible and the Embassy was urging Americans to get to airports and get out. All more difficult because I did not have my luggage!

What am I expecting by writing to you? I believe it is fair to expect either a refund for my flight, or a full credit on an airline ticket. Because it is unlikely that I can fly with Latam any time soon, United said that you have the ability to make this happen on United or another American-based airline.. It was not only was a failed trip due to what happened, but it used up all the vacation time I had with my job - something more valuable than even the money. The confusion by personnel with United and Latam aggravated an already bad situation.

I know this is very lengthly, but we kept a log and thought it was important to tell you details. The information online says that I will hear shortly from you, and gave advice where to go if I do not. But I don't want to make this any more negative than it already is. I hope you respond soon and do the right thing. I am glad to furnish any necessary corroborating information on all of the above, but I am sure you can easily research this too.

Thank you for your attention to this.

Alexander Uhls

  • Updated by alex uhls · Dec 02, 2019

    where do I go further to speak to someone about this complaint?

negligence in ticketing and refunding

I need help getting the money charged to my credit card account and have rejected the refund and have not given me new tickets. They owe me $2, 229 for three tickets at $748.03 each. On July 11, 2019, I purchased tickets. I called on October 29, 2019, to get my flight changed. I received an email with a case number, #[protected]. I still had not received a phone call about rescheduling my flight by November 7, 2019. On November 7 I asked for a refund. They told me it would take up to 20 days to refund the money. On November 21, 2019, Latam airlines emailed me saying my request for a refund was rejected. According to agent Andrew Josephina and his supervising agent Gapol Leon, the information was input incorrectly by Latam and it was somehow duplicated. They owe me $2, 229 for three tickets at $748.03 each.
Agent Andrew Josephina created a new case #[protected].
Angela Bennett [protected]


Not a good experience. Had to pay over $140 round-trip on baggage fees for 1 bag, on an international flight. They have no warm food at all. Cold chicken & potatoes, while on a 6 hour flight wasn't tasty at all.

No in flight entertainment! No screens anywhere. Better have some movies or good games downloaded on your smart phone.

As world traveler who's consistently traveled for over 2 decades I've never had such an experience where none of the above-mentioned is offered. Every international flight I've embarked in has never offered charged me for my first bag, given me freezing cold food and no in-flight entertainment whatsoever.

Based on my experience I don't believe this airline qualifies or meets international flight status from the US. It's too low of a budget airline and doesn't offer enough perks to maintain such a status.

I recommend for this airline to change its policies.

senior lady with limited mobility left alone after arrival latam orlando, fl

To Who my Concern,
Yesterday on the flight JJ8186 coming from Sao Paulo to Orlando my mother Maria Cristina Rodrigues Pedrozo 70years old was lost after she left the airplane Latam airlines alone with no wheel chair porter to guide her thru customs and safely to me.
My mother have heart problem and could had a heart attack after the panic moments walking alone on the Orlando airport with bag of medications looking for me with no English. Its her 4th time in USA always come with Azul airlines and NEVER i had any issues, she always come with someone in the wheel chair for me. When i saw my mother on the medlle of some many people coming in direction baraly walking shaking and crying my heart hurted and my bloor boiled. Who does that??? airlines tickets its no cheap, what type of training you give to your flight crew? How inresposable was that? thanks God my mother is with me now but could happened the worst with the scared moments of lost she had. I called customer services today to report this horrible situation and the awnser was no complains acceptable over the phone and I asked for a superviser and the person said not one to speak with me. I dont have words to discribe how Im feeling about this situation. I will wait for someone to call me, but if this company dont care about this type of situation I will do everything need to the world know how you guys treat Senior traveling alone.

broken luggage (second time)

My luggage got broken during a flight between Lima and Trujillo on October 14, 2019
In the last august another one was so ripped that I had to put my belongings inside a garbage bag, the lady told that those kind of duffel bags are not good in another words they are cheap. Latam wanted to return 20 dollars for it I paid much more than that for my "cheap " duffel bag when I got home I realized that pieces we're missing. Someone at latam told me that they were going to do nothing about it so I just decided to don't follow up just to don't get more upset

Before I took this flight I wanted to be able to avoid Latam but unfortunately American Airlines has an agreement with you. I bought a more expensive luggage everything was ok until I got to Lima, at the airport they kept changing gates, overcrowded lobby and not air conditioning!
Arrived Trujillo and my luggage was broken, the lady again was going to give me only 20 dollars I was very upset that this was happening again, after complaining to the supervisor he gave me a voucher for 50 dollars which I still think is not acceptable

My complaint is that latam should talk to the luggage handlers and make them realize that need to be more careful
If this happens to me in less than two months not wonder you are giving only 20 dollars to people. Latam was such a great experience flying the service was great and enjoyable now they even charge for a cup of coffee. What happened? You got big and can't handle it?or you just don't care about your customer satisfaction?

I'm sure you can do better than that !
My name is Carolina Miller 22607 linden street Hayward California my passport [protected] USA
My vouchers number is [protected]

cancelled flights

We have recently travelled from Sydney Australia on a code share (Qanats flight) LA800
We departed Sydney on Friday 11th October after a considerable delay and managed to land in Auckland at a reasonable time to transfer to the continuing flight to Santiago.
As we were about to disembark we were advised that the next flight had been cancelled. No instruction was given on what to do and we had to pick up our bags and complete immigration into NZ to get to the Service desk to arrange a new flight It was only after some pressure that we were allocated to a new flight (LA1164) and we were advised that we would make our connection to Sao Paulo.
Upon arrival in Santiago we were told by the onboard flight attendant to go straight to the departure gate for our flight (QF3915 - LA ??) but despite runnng through the entire terminal. No service was offerd to tellus where to go or to advise the next flight we were on our way. On arrivel at the departure gate we were tole the flight was closed and to go back to the Service desk
There was a significant queue at the Service desk and it took us 2.5 hrs to get seen. The scenario could only be described as chaotic.
Eventually we were rebooked on flight LA8143 to Sao Paolo which has resulted in us having to travel all night and lose a hotel booking in the process.
The key points are -
It was clearly known before we departed Sydney that the ongoing flight from Auckland had been cancelled
No assitance was provided in Auckland to facilitate transfer
It was evident that we would not make our connection in Santiago, but ongoing biarding passes and luggage transfer were made
No support staff were provided in Santiago to facilitate connections or rebooking
The sevice desk was under staffed and overwhelmed by a situation that had been going on for the previous 24 - 30 hrs. Why was no provision made for the ensuing chaos.
We are Life time Sapphire members of One World and paid a significant amount of money to fly Business Class on your airline. Yet the poor service (aircraft breakdown) and chaotic service support is just not good enough.
I will leave it to you to consider what recompense we should receive, but urge you, for the sake of myself and many others to get your act together or you will be losing a number of customers

  • Updated by Dave Daines · Oct 12, 2019

    Flight LA 8143 that was the alternate booking for the flight we missed as a result of the issues noted previously - was a joke!
    Allocated Premium Economy seats ( as we paid for) the plane was set up for economy only. The crew were unaware of the seating arrangement and ticketing numbers, I has Seat 2 K which did not physically exist it was labelled 2 E (My wife had 2L which was actually 2 F)
    The seating was below normal economy standards with my knees hard up against the seat in front and little room to store carry on. In my 40 years of flying I can honestly say this was the worst seat configuration I have come across) and totally unacceptable for the money paid.(refer photos)
    Upon arrival in Sao Paulo it was evident that my bag was missing (although my wife's bag arrived) -I registered for lost luggage and was told it was still in Santiago (despite the fact that I had checked and confirmed with the service desk there prior to leaving)
    Due to the delays in waiting for baggage that did not arrive and registering it as lost we then missed our connecting flight with GOL to Vitoria.
    The earliest replacement flight was with LATAM in the afternoon which we had to book and pay for ourselves.

  • Updated by Dave Daines · Oct 17, 2019

    The bag that I reported missing on the Saturday evening (12th October) has still not been found as of Thursday 17th October and despite registering it and contacting via their WhatsApp service - no update has yet been provided.
    Again - another example of poor service

malfunction electronic device on board

Estimado Sres El 27 del presente mes, los pasajeros Cindy Izquierdo miembro Ibera Plus [protected]- Directora...

LATAM Airlines / LAN Airlines

voucher not paid into bank account

I received a voucher for $100 and my bank details were requested by Bryan Agudelo G. I provided this information on the 7th of August but NO ONE has responded to me.

I received extremely poor and rude service from your airline when I was denied boarding on the 21st of June 2019 and this service I have received for my complaint is just as bad.

I want this $100 paid so I can finally stop dealing with the incompetence of LATAM. This is the poorest service I have ever received and I WILL NOT recommend this airline to anybody in future.


20 hours flight delay

We wish to inform about the delay of our flight from NY JFK to Guayaquil Ecuador. The flight No. XL-1439 wa...


To whom it may concern,

I'm wanting to share my grievances my 8 year old (solo flight) encountered. As you well know the flight from São Paulo to Heathrow had major electrical faults which was diverted and crash landed in Belo Horizonte, We has very little communication with your airline at some points my only way of talking to my daughter was a fellow unaccompanied minor. When my daughter finally arrived in the UK she was shocked and hadn't eaten for a number of days. This problem has caused my daughter phycological issues which she is now seeing a therapist! Therefore her solo return flight had to be changed as I needed to take unpaid time off work to accompany her which costed me £1500, I had to change my return date to the UK which I was charged a further £1200. I believe this is horrendous and I believe some form of compensation is due I've tried speaking to people in Brazil to no prevail. I would appreciate some form of communication asap

dubai customs

We had taken the 3D scanning machine owned by M/S Aries marine & to chile (Antofagasta) for the purpose of survey onboard the ship BOW ANDES. The return flight from chile to DXB were connected through Antofagasta - Santiago-Sao paulo (Latam Airlines) & Sao paulo-DXB (Emirates). All the baggages were checked in Antofagasta(Chile). Th machine was placed inside the trolley bag which contained tripod & the FARO machine . Upon arrival at Dubai international airport and after collection of the checked in baggage at Dubai international Airport, understand that the 3D scanning machine is missing from the checked in trolley bag.

dubai customs
dubai customs
dubai customs
dubai customs

duplicate fees

On a recent trip from Santiago, thru Lima and continuing on to Los Angeles all passengers were required to disembark and proceed through a security screening check and then re-board the same plane to continue on to Los Angeles.

I was legally transporting a firearm declared and stored in the hold of the aircraft. LATAM was aware of the paper work, item and destination when I checked in for my flight to Los Angeles.

During the security check of the plane the local officials became aware of the item being transported and requested to check it for proper documentation. This process lasted long enough to cause me to miss re-boarding the plane for Los Angeles. It was finally determined that all proper notifications and paper work were in order.

LATAM told me that not only would they not protect me for the next available flight but that there were no LATAM flights available for 36 hours.

I then took upon myself to find a solution to my flight situation. Within 20 minutes I purchased a business class ticket back to Los Angeles on the very next LATAM flight.

My complaints are as follows:

1 LATAM sold me a ticket that included a leg from Lima to Los Angeles. I was forced to purchase another one way ticket Lima to Los Angeles for more than my entire original trip.
2 I was told there were no available flights on LATAM for 36 hours and in fact the very next flight was available.
3 I filed complaints with LATAM and they began the process and then deleted my complaints with out explanation.
4 LATAM did not properly inform the local authorities of the item being transported even though I had reported it to them.
5 LATAM has the ability of waive their own restrictions if they choose. They chose not to waive or assist a long time client. I have made more than 10 trips in 15 years to south american destinations.

  • Complainant20091 May 03, 2019

    The author misunderstood, this is not the site of the LATAM Airlines / LAN Airlines ("air carrier" ).

    1. The author did not state your name, contact, address for viwers.

    2. The author did not present the ticket, which includes PNR .
    E-ticket and PNR are mandatory attachments to each complaint, upon it is in the posesion of the reponder,
    in order to verify the facts and to conclude, preliminary, the addressee, whom you complaint can be directed to.

    3. Your loss is not seen due to "legally transporting" as no evidence, a reason and the addressee, whom you had made a call, are cleared from your text.

    Probably, you need to contact the local lawyer for the agreed fee, if you have enough in your possession.
    Alternatively, you can hire a legal professional in the civil aviation (twise cheaper option in comparison with US lawyer), who is able to submit the lawsuit and presnet yourslef before the US dictrict court.

    We can assist effectively for charge for the passenger in the complaining before the authorities of the European Union (all countries), US and in most of Asian countries, which used "major" air carriers, effectively.

    The passenger can expect payment from USD 200, if you he/she is reday to put own efforts in minimum.
    It is not difficult for the educated person.
    The fair cort must award the fair compensation + expences by the judgement.
    Usualy the "passanger" case related to cancellations and delays can last
    from 4 months (all objects and subjecvts are undesrtood and simple)
    till 18 month in the complicated circumsatnces.

    The above is just for the brief imagination.

    OLEG G
    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregularity matters (Asia and Europe)
    Aryan engineers Ltd, UK
    electronic address for request with documents in .PDF or .JPG format:

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Dear Latam Customer Service Team,

I am writing to let you know about an unfortunate event that occurred which has given me a bad impression of your company. I wish to let you know about my experience so that I can somehow be recompensed and so that similar situations can be prevented in the future for the well-being of other customers.

My flight on Saturday 30th March was from Santiago de Chile to Castro Chiloe. I attempted to check in online prior to my flight and was unable to do so because the website was down and failed to load multiple times, telling me to attempt later. At my arrival to the airport I went straight to security, as it was a domestic flight, and I explained my situation. The assistant diverted me to another agent, who diverted me to another and finally after 10 minutes of being diverted to different assistants, I found myself at the Latam desk where I was told I was too late for checkin and would not be allowed to board the flight.

I was shocked by the lack of possibilities that I had been given, especially considering that the lamentable situation had been triggered by a fault of the company and was not of my own wrong doing. I was advised to buy another ticket, with no benefits from the company whatsoever, paying a considerably higher price for a route which was much less than desirable considering my final destination. The new route was to take me to Puerto Montt, and I would have to organise my own way to Castro by bus and ferry. This would take me the entire day and would be expensive.

I took this option, although reluctantly, as I knew I would have been able to undertake my original plan had it not been for a more cooperative attitude from the staff and a more helpful policy from the company, and ultimately with a lack of faults of the website.

As I was travelling for work, the costs and delay had a particularly high impact, for which, along with the negative experience, I would like to be recompensed. I would, this time, expect a proactive response to my complaint and I hope to this time be satisfied by the services of your company.

Thank you in advance for your response,
Blanca Valdes

special meal request - not available

I am unable to book a special meal (vegetarian) from Lima - sao paulo - lima.. They say that this service is not offered for flights of 6 hours or less when the website they say it can be booked for flights longer than 3.5 hours.

Lima - santiago has the option to book and also serves vegetarian food as an option.

I am very disappointed with the service being offered by Latam.
I am flying business class and on the way to Sao paulo there were only 8 of us on the flight and they only offered one drink and didnt even collect the glasses - which crashed to the floor on landing..

special meal request - not available

  • Complainant20091 Apr 02, 2019

    To anonymous

    Nobody has a duty to reply to anonymous public complaint or to indefinite complaint.

    Please attach
    1. e-ticket / boarding pass

    2. Reply of legal representative of LATAM Airlines regarding service of the food for the flight of 6 hours

    in order to conlude on the future actions, here.

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delayed flight

My flight was delayed almost 5 hours, while travelling from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado, on 24th of December 2018. It meant I had to spend christmas Eve partially in the irport and in the hostel in Puerto Maldonado. Latam destroyed my plans, and not even bothered to inform me early about any changes. I have find out about delay around 1h before planned flight (one I ave shoved up in the aiport). They have send me an email after 4 pm, while the flight was scheduled on shortly before 12pm! They didn't inform about any reason and didn't provide any information.
I request a refund of that flight, or any other resolution from the company to recompensate my wasted time and money I had to spend on extra taxis and hostel.
Lost time won't come back ever.

  • Complainant20091 Apr 02, 2019

    The flight is a propery of the air carrier.


    1. Attach- e-ticket or boarding pass,

    2. Explain,
    - wheather the additional services were provided for you due to delay or not?
    - have you attempted to contact the air carreir in your contry in the language, which you undertsand
    - have the representative air carrier replied or not? If yes, please atatch the reply.


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