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February 11 I purchased a brand new refrigerator paid $800 in June I called for a replacement my fridge wasn't cooling, the freezer was freezing to much. I have not had a refrigerator in two week all my food has gone bad I have two infant I have two year warranty on my fridge and P.C. Richard doesn't want to replace my fridge. I just brought this fridge it wasn't for free I want another brand I need my god damn refrigerator

PC Richard & Son
PC Richard & Son
PC Richard & Son
PC Richard & Son
PC Richard & Son

Aug 17, 2019
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  •   Aug 17, 2019

    Did you try calling the company or the store??? Really, if you just had a baby you should be more focused on sustaining daily life, not wanting a good damn refrigerator!

    So this complaint was on the first page which means you just posted it. So this refrigerator is from Feb. Now it's not cooling properly and the freezer was cooling too much. So since you haven't had a refrigerator for two week(s), I assume it's now dead???

    As soon as you noticed a problem you didn't think of calling the Maytag people??? Have you NOT seen those commercials? Their repair people are what their company is all about!

    You really just came on here after all this time to whine??? God I hate millennials.

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